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06 Aug 2021 20:48:07
Was watching St Johnstone v Galatasaray last night and Ali McCann was certainly impressive. The type of brave intelligent playmaker we could do with.

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07 Aug 2021 15:51:35
38 games to go and the script is already written. Wolves are going down. New coach hasn't a clue-certainly not defensively-I expect us to be -12 goals after the first three games. Fosun spending pennies in Poundland. Injury after injury. Dreadful pre-season performances. Total lack of communication between Fosun and the fans, yet prices have gone through the roof.

07 Aug 2021 16:17:28
You keep on saying the same things week in week out. Why don't you give some suggestions on who to buy, who to sell, how the players you want are to be financed and how you are going to market the players you deem not good enough to other teams to buy.

07 Aug 2021 16:27:05
Need a goalscorer or we will go down.
Manager will be gone by the end of September.

07 Aug 2021 16:33:20
Looking at the pre season we don’t look anything like a Premier top 6.
Same problems up front and in defence as last year. The pressing is better when we lose the ball but tats about all the improvement I can see.
It remains to be seen what reinforcements are brought in during the next few weeks but I must say how disappointed I am at the lack of progress under the new regime.
I really hope things improve but I can’t see us doing much in the first few games .
If think we could have a difficult season.

07 Aug 2021 16:37:09
Those questions need to be answered by Jeff Shi the executive chairman of the club.

07 Aug 2021 17:43:44
Jas M-Why should I suggest who to buy, how to pay for them? -that's the jobs of the so called people at the club.

All I know is this is the same ownership that spouted off about Champions league football and who, at the moment are gearing us up for Championship football.

The team has got weaker and you can't deny the recruitment has been poor-again. If you want a suggestion then how about stopping pratting about with both Cutrone and Mir and make them feel as if they can significantly contribute to the team!

07 Aug 2021 18:03:20
Because all you ever do is slate everything and everyone at the club. Plain and simple. You've never said anything positive.

07 Aug 2021 18:16:06
Not sure that recruitment has been poor, Ait Nouri, quality player, Jose Sar, quality keeper, Yerson Mosquera, quality youngster, Trincao quality loan to buy.
It takes time for things to gel and this group has only been together for three weeks.
Plus we have Boly, Jonny and Neto to return, again all quality players so not sure that it is about the players we already have.
I would expect two or three additions before the window closes and it will take time for them to integrate fully so I won’t judge the team and manager until we have played a number of games and certainly not before we have kicked a ball in a competitive match.

07 Aug 2021 18:33:35
Typical default setting for many Wolves fans, unless we're caning sides 'wim gooin down'
A mixed bag in pre-season where invariably 7, 9, 11 subs are made, players getting up to speed, youth being introduced and today a ref who gave a penalty from 45 yards away with x-ray vision.
What do people want Shi/ Fosun to say every day?

Shi already hit the nail on the head with his 'Wolves fans are very negative with their attitude. I don't know what they want' - he's 100% correct. The most depressing people at times.

Season hasn't even kicked off and folk already slating the non-finalised recruitment and predicting 4/ 5 losses straight off.
Let's get a grip please and get behind Bruno and all the boys.

07 Aug 2021 19:47:09
Well said italia, I couldn’t agree more. I believe positivity/ negativity from fans plays a massive part in how well or badly a team plays. Just hoping the majority of our fans in the stadium have a positive outlook.

07 Aug 2021 20:38:17
I personally thought that 2nd half we were given a taste of what we can expect, I'd like to see a more direct root to goal area and bods a little more in the 6yd box, we still play around it. Dunno why samedo wasn't in squad today. SQ you said we have no idea defensively, how many times was Sa/ ruddy troubled? How many corners did celta have? A dodgy penalty gave them the goal, and kilman seiss marcel hoever not our first choice in that set up. We hit post brought saves and we're unlucky, whilst also being wasteful. It was only a friendly but I saw a lot of positives to cliche others. Admittedly next week will be a different type of game and bruno and players are still finding their feet in the 'ideas', because of this I will repeat what I've said before, well most prob lose 3 openers but then I think things will come together. Of course a lot can happen transfer wise in 7 days and we might be a different outfit but I still believe the future will be enough to consolidate this season. COYW. It was nice to see Leicester win today and remind us 100mil dosnt guarantee anything. Jeff and fosun and team may find cheaper options to bring success.

07 Aug 2021 20:56:46
SQ you are so negative it’s unreal, things ain’t been great pre season but that’s what it is pre season and it’s there to get fit and we do have a tough start but so what? Hardly a reason to say we are going down is it? And to say give Mir and Cutrone a chance is laughable to be honest, firstly neither want to be here and secondly very much doubt either are good enough for the English prem anyway as past performances have proved, don’t forget Mir failed miserably at forest when given a run and that was in the championship, have a bit of faith man, not saying we are top 6 with current squad but would put money on we ain’t bottom 6 and with a few new faces and injured players to come back would think we can somewhere between mid table and top 6 for sure.

07 Aug 2021 21:09:39
Just in case you missed this communication from fosun. I suppose it was 2 months ago so maybe they’ve lost interest.

07 Aug 2021 22:12:58
Abbeywolf, Semedo is self isolating due to being pinged as a close contact. Should be available for the season opener.

07 Aug 2021 22:13:47
Stopped logging into this site around March last season due to the boring negativity and criticism from the same monotonous voices. Thought I'd have a look today to see if anything had changed. No, the same personnel spouting their negativity and moans. Not prepared to read the same ones week in week out spout their garbage. I'll just enjoy myself in the South Bank supporting my team week in week out and leave the sad ones to wallow in their bitterness.

08 Aug 2021 06:54:18
Thanks Jas, sevlow1967 we are not all doom and gloom and if we all stop posting it'll only give the moaners more groaning room. Trouble is with the doom merchants is they can only pick out the shortfalls and don't recognise where we are now in comparison to pre fosun. We hit the barrier with injury and cv and like everyone else we've suffered financially. We havnt got the commercial income to afford silly monies, and were not bright lights big city club, so to attract some of the players we had and transformed is commendable. Transfer fees (as we've seen with greasy boy) have gone stupid but keep the elite 6 in place. That's why I was glad Leicester won yesterday, money dosnt guarantee anything. The moaners are bad losers who like the sad England players couldn't wear a runners up medal. Be grateful for what we've got and do the best we can. I sure we'll give teams a game this year.

08 Aug 2021 09:35:36
Not for this season but maybe next. All three Grasshoppers goals scored by Wolves loanees. Two for Campana and one for Gomez. Worth keeping an eye on Grasshoppers results this year, as we appear to be using them as a nursery team and they are now in Switzerland top flight.
We have quite a few players out on loan. Shame the club website doesn’t do an on loan weekly feature.

09 Aug 2021 14:27:51
Italia wolf-If Shi has said that then he needs to wake up and smell the coffee and try to understand that the reason so many fans-including me, are negative is because people like him change the script, the plan and the original objective. Shi and his counterparts wanted Champions league football-absolutely no way getting that anytime soon. We have never had an answer to why they got rid of Dalrymple and still appear to have had no ressonse to the request for fresh investors.



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