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29 Jul 2021 20:47:47
Phil. On the off chance that you may still be reading stuff on this page I hope thing s will get better for you and yours quickly and you will feel able to join a lot of us on here who care about you and wish you well.

future. I notice that you haven't posted for a while now and you were isolating so I very much hope that you and yours are well and not struggling with the horrible C.V.!

For Wolves three weeks to go until we meet Leicester, the noise from Jeff is deafening in it's intensity! Loads of PR and speculation but very little in the way of increasing our squad. Time to get on with it I suggest!

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30 Jul 2021 11:41:14
Ken - v v kind of you to ask. We are all clear of the C.V. and I have even been working - twice this week which I am loving. I take people on walks. Its going really well. Yesterday, my client, a mum with 4 teenage boys bought the drinks at our coffe break and then handed me a wadge of cash (it was embarrassing to count it so didn't) it was obviously more than was agreed and it turned out to be considerably more than double so v v happy! .
I have quite a few walks booked over next couple of months including some corporate bookings where I can charge a lot more. All come via word of mouth and repeat bookers - people come once and then come back with other groups or colleagues or clients - many of the walks are team building exercises/ marketing events that end at the pub!
Stopped posting (and even reading as often) when I saw Phil's note. Realised that although I liked some of the posts - yours always and there was for example also an excellent one a few days ago by Abbey wolf on the need to build our commercial actiivities - I find most of them v depressing and they just make me angry so not good for my mental health.
The thread on Neves - where many of our fans stated that they thought he was rubbish (as of course was Nuno) - added to the posts over the last few months where amongst others Doherty, Saiss, Boly, Podence and of course most regularly Traore were also decribed as rubbish and should be sold for pennies so that we can reinvest pounds in a kid from somewhere exotic who they had probably only heard about before on some computer game did it for me.
I know its all about opinions but I really care if Wolves do well or not and it seems to me that places me at odds with many of our posters.
That or their opinions are wildly different to mine - guess it is the later as many are seemingly blindly loyal to Jeff Shi (NOT WOLVES! ) .
Actually I suppose it is obviously the latter. For example I said last August when it becmae crystal clear, to those able to see, that we had a bad transfer window and Moutinho's legs had gone but virtually everyone else thought we had had an amazing window - many seemingly incredibly still think that we did.
Unless things change dramtically this will be the 4th window where we have had a v modest net spend and consequently the squad is now far far weaker than it was, whilst other teams march forwards and beyond us!
I read regularly that people thought [given injuries and C.V. (? ) ] we were ok last year as we came 13th - but obviously, despite it being regulalrly explained to them, they still don't understand that for a long period of time we were clearly the worst team in the league (5 points from a run of games of over 25% of the entire season! ) and survival was due to a great (pre Jimenez injury) start, Nuno's loyalty ( how he didn't walk when Jeff publicly humilitated him last Jan is a real credit to the man) and Traore's brilliance - yes the same man that although he virtually single handedly saved our Prem place over the last couple of months of the season and is seemingly wanted by most of the major super powers in Europe is rubbish and should be sold for pennies?
I will post again once the season starts but unless we as you say "get on with it" I fear that although the squad (even the pale shadow that it once - just 18 months ago - was) should be far far too good to go down your other comment about it being self inflicted still frightens me and the fact that only you and I and to be fair a few others see that or are willing to acknowledge it frightens and depresses me even more.

30 Jul 2021 12:26:49
future. Since when do you have to apologise for telling the truth! Agree with you as would probably expect. Very happy that you are ok and your venture is going well, nice to hear positive news! I stop reading if stuff is negative on here now. Having been a fan for many years and having heard it all before I would just like a bit of old fashioned honesty from Mr. Shi. Tell the truth as we actively looking for players to both improve the team and squad if not say so. Silence on the subject doesn't usually prove to be positive. I was talking to a guy I haven't seen since the start of the C.V. who said he's going to try and get us some tickets for the Leicester game. What a wonderful gesture he's about the age of my eldest son and I only know him as he sells the tickets at the station and knows I'm a Wolves fan he is obviously a Leicester fan. What a nice thought as he knows it would be difficult for me anyway but with his help I could do it. Human nature, all is not lost!

30 Jul 2021 15:57:55
Tfig glad to hear you're all well after your cv problems. It does get depressing and infuriating at times I agree. If we all saw Eye to eye and had the same levels of experiences we wouldn't be on the site. I regard myself as a passionate ardent wolves fan, other younger wolves 'fans ' I know who've followed us and travelled in Europe don't even bother to watch pre season friendlies, they only sing when we're winning and may find other things to do if we start falling off. But that's always been the case with youngsters. We as the elder fans care more about the club and set ups I think, we've been through the highs of 50s/ 60. The almosts and the lows and highs of league Cup success and the very lows. We saw what Sir Jack gave us and the mismanagement but financial security to make fosun see us as a financial prospect. Now we find ourselves in transient times but without a positive lead from our owners. As someone else posted the silence from Jeff shi is deafening. Is it because they have a big surprise for us? Is it because they don't know where they're going? The ground extension can be explained with costs cv etc, but we need to know the commitment to the main aspect of the club to which we subscribe, the team and aspirations.
We watch for the enjoyment of the game and victory. Some see the running of neto the passing of neves, they're thrilled with the running of traore. But one small slip and they're useless. The GK gets slated for letting one in at the near post but not applauded for the blocked shot with his leg. Its subjective to the viewer, subjective to the occasion. As such please don't despair with this site. Losing phil was a sadness for he no matter what was wolves through and through and his, yours and everyone's else's posts unite us as fans, educate amuse and rile us. Stick with the pack tfig. This season to be will be memorable (for what ever reason) and opinions, yours are very much valued, will help make it so. Onwards and upwards. COYW.

30 Jul 2021 19:04:01
Abbey. Good post I enjoyed the read, not many that enjoy reading these days, even less that I want to respond to. I particularly like the one mistake and they are useless, quite agree. I have no idea what some people want tbh. We have international players who become hopeless with minor errors. I wonder how these people deal with everyday occurrences? How if they have children do they cope with a parent who is so perfect that minor mistakes must be met with the wrath of god! Anyway on the main subject of soccer. After 54 years as a fan of Wolves (before that I lived in other parts of the country and supported the local team, normal then) I think I've seen enough ups and downs to know which I prefer! Now I just feel endless frustration because it is still so close to being very very good that the thought of it being ruined by recent inept decisions or lack of them simply does my head in. End of sermon, sorry if I've gone on a bit!

30 Jul 2021 20:10:32
I think we're all getting abit frustrated by the silence and not knowing what to expect in the next 2 weeks and indeed the season ahead. Whoever stays, whoever arrives we need to find that confidence and family pack togetherness. Bruno maybe technically minded but bonding maybe outside of him. It's at the mo.



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