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22 Jul 2021 21:55:57
Not happy about the loyalty points system being dropped. Loyal regular fans should get some priority.

Those that go once in a blue moon or just for the big games can't really expect to get any preference. And what really pees me off is STHs who don't bother to turn up half of the time.

I know a family of 3 STHs who have barely seen a game in the past two seasons. They give their tkts away and quite often the seats are empty.

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23 Jul 2021 09:46:48
Agree sharesum I am too disappointed about the loyalty points though a ST would not benefit me I try and get to the molineux as much as possible if it's only 6 games a season I'm happy and when I go its surprising how many empty seats around there's a lot of people who would love to see wolves play there's nothing like a live game with the atmosphere I drive up from Somerset which is pretty straight forward but fear now without loyalty points it will be hard to get tickets I've paid for my membership like every season to get the free 100points to build on now can you imagine the rush on line to get tickets now it is first come first served system I'm afraid Fosun have got this one wrong loyalty should be honoured I've supported wolves for 50yrs don't fix it if it's not broken 🧡🖤🐺.

23 Jul 2021 10:09:57
I have been a loyal Wolves fan since 1966, not missing a home match for years, plus some away and I am effectively locked out by the loyalty points system.

Work commitments in more recent years meant I couldn't attend matches so I couldn't have a ST or generate loyalty points.

I am a Member and I am 5,780 on the ST waiting list, but with little sign of ground expansion that's a blind alley.

I think ST useage should be monitored to weed out misuse, I do feel they should be on a first come first served basis to give everyone an equal chance.

23 Jul 2021 17:04:55
Hi longmyndwolf
Are you saying ST holders who have been going for years should have to fight for a ticket with people who only interested now wolves are in the premier league? where was the full houses when we were in league 1 not long ago.
The one issue I have with the club is if I don’t go to a game and sell my ticket back to the club I get £11-£12 back the club sell my seat and get full amount for seat plus made money from me that needs sorting as not worth selling back to the club
I think they missed a trick not building ground bigger but time will tell what they do.

23 Jul 2021 19:01:12
It's a good point Johnnyk, I'm a member and never been a STH but I did come up regularly in the past. Since the 'success' I've had no chance and the one benefit for me in lockdown was being able to see every game home and away on tv (subscribing to sky bt and amazon to do so) . I purchased a buy back ticket for our first match back in 2009 v West ham. Got it on the Friday before the game at full price, I assumed the STH on hols at that time. But now I have a chance which I'm reluctant to take in case it deprives local more regular folk. But it does p me off to see empty seats at supposed sell out games. If you as a STH can't make it then the sell back makes sense and remember there is a certain amount of admin costs involved for the club in reselling, profit of course goes into club, and, STH recieve a discount against normal tickets to begin with. Loyalty points should be recognised but attendance at games considered as well.

23 Jul 2021 21:13:00
I agree it would be harsh on STHs who have been going for donkeys years to have to enter a balot to get a ST every season. By the same reasoning it is harsh on members, who go every game, to have their loyalty benefits discarded. I've been going down the wolves for over 50 years and have had season tkts in the past. But the truth is, until recently there wasn't really ever any need to have a season tkt.
Anyway I've just had an email from wolves saying they've scrapped the £20 charge for membership plus. So I'll now get a refund. First sign that they know they've got this wrong.

23 Jul 2021 22:38:13
I rarely get to see Wolves now as I live some way from the Mol and can't make it regularly, so don't build the points. But. I have no issue with locals and regular supporters getting preference, it is nonsense to to do otherwise. I have to accept that.

24 Jul 2021 09:26:22
I'm sat very firmly on the fence with the dropping of the loyalty points system. Loyalty should always be rewarded where possible, but I suspect the realisation is that those coming to Molineux for the first time or not as often spend more on a match day as they probably buy more merchandise on the day than regulars, which improves the clubs revenues.

I'm by no means saying it is ethically correct, but with FFP in place, to compete with the more successful clubs in the division means being able to pay top wages and competitive transfer fees and the revenue has to come from somewhere. The fans make up a share of that revenue the club can control.

The long term answer has to be a larger capacity, but that won't be achieved overnight. It would be good to hear from the club what the revised plan to the ground expansion is post C.V., as we all know a season with no fans and other disruptions such as increased building costs at the moment was never part of the original plan. This will have had some sway on what is happening with the expansion plans as to whether they are delayed for a little while or have been shelved indefinitely.

24 Jul 2021 09:51:39
Hi Jonnyk, sorry, reading my post back I realise that it reads like I was referring to ST's.

Actually, I was referring to matchday tickets not ST's. The real solution is for Fosun to crack on and rebuild the Molyneux then this conversation would not be necessary, as we could all get tickets of one sort or another.

24 Jul 2021 10:29:57
Hi Longmyndwolf
No worries I agree stadium needs to be bigger but in the mean time I get stopping points as fans are getting tickets and selling them on only going to games they want so that’s stopping other fans from going so that’s a major issue in my opinion hopefully they get something sorted as a full ground is something I can’t wait to see again.

24 Jul 2021 13:39:26
I'm sure you're right jonnyk, there's always someone who will abuse any system.

It's hard to understand why Fosun doesn't push on and pay for the redevelopment because that would add to the asset value of the club as well as the additional revenue generated from ticket sales, catering, club shop, corporate hospitality, etc.

The reality probably is that the cost will be dumped on the club, not Fosun themselves.



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