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19 Jul 2021 16:24:34
Our change of Head Coach and signings so far aren’t impressing the bookies, in the last couple of seasons we’ve been quoted at a similar price to Leicester and Everton to win the League, at the moment we’re 12th on the list and quoted at the same price as Brighton (250/ 1)- on the plus side they did get it wrong a few years ago.

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19 Jul 2021 16:49:25
Be honest oxley would you bet on us winning the league. OK why not at these odds? But seriously? Then again weren't Leicester at 1000/ 1 before they won the title? We don't even know the players we'll be starting with yet, and the odds will always be shorter on the s**t 6.

19 Jul 2021 17:58:01
I think the point Oxley is making is the change in our propsects not the absolute level - where even the biggest fan doesn't really think we are actually going to win the league this year (nor did they at our best in 2019/ 20).
Perhaps a better guide would be where do bookies see us re relegation.
What were the odds at the start of 2019/ 20 cf now.
I don't know and haven't bothered to look up but would have casually assumed we were considered highly unlikely to be relegated in 2019/ 20 when we were serious challengers for Champions league football although in the end we fell short of even Europa.
Now the bookies have us a slight relegation prospect expected to finish in line with last season.
This matches up to my 2 reason to be cheerful posts - we are nowhere near as good as we were in 2019/ 20 but are probably slightly better/ as good as last season. Note however that might not be enough to keep us 13th as we had a 2019/ 20 start with 17 points in the first 10 games before Jimenez was injured.
Clearly we are dependent on him coming back and Trincao hitting the ground running particularly if Lage is going to try and shoehorn our squad into a 442 system without serious further additions to it!

19 Jul 2021 18:11:28
Teams I think without doubt we should finish above,
Crystal Palace

Teams we have a good chance of finishing above,
West ham

Teams we have no and little chance of finishing above
Man City
Man utd

I'm missing one team got mind block.

19 Jul 2021 18:13:17
Lol I got it the villa,
A good chance of finishing above them.

19 Jul 2021 19:05:13
But my point is, and with all respects tfig, we don't know who we may have come in or leave yet to fully compare against previous seasons and with new tactics. Basically it's too early to call. But I do agree with you phil on the teams we should be topping.

19 Jul 2021 19:17:25
Remember the season when Nuno took over? We were favourites to be relegated to League 1. Don't pay attention to the bookies. If you did, then we'd be signing Daniel James, Leao, Ramsey, Ramsdale, McNeil, Ings, Tarkowski, Pope, Coutinho and Johnstone. So 3 more goalkeepers along with the 1 we've just signed. Pay mo attention.

19 Jul 2021 20:08:52
The bookies once put Leicester at 1000/ 1 to win the league, that same season they won the league.

19 Jul 2021 20:44:25
Abbey of course you are correct. If we sign a couple of established players who can clearly add to the first 11 we will be stronger if we don't we wont!
Naturally as the other 19 sides are also only half way through their summer windows as well you are absolutely correct to say it is far too early to say how we will do this season
However time is ticking and with a new strcuture to bed down as well you would hope we get whoever is coming in, in pretty soon so that we can actually be ready to play on opening day.
Phil can't disagree with the order you list the other clubs in.
I was hoping at the end of 2019/ 20 we'd have been competing to drop in somewhere like between Chelsea and Spurs last year, (Witton will tell me off for too much optimism again), but fear we might be more in the Southampton space now sadly.
But as Abbey points out we have a pre season and few weeks of the transfer window to change all that!

19 Jul 2021 23:30:24
Just my thinking of course but not sure why so many people think we are worse off now than last season, we have lost patricio but gained a younger keeper who could easily be as good and possibly better considering Patricio’s age, don’t think we have lost any other first teamers yet? we have gained a potential Portuguese wonder kid who Barcelona liked as they paid big bucks for him and he played plenty of times for them last season but with the attacking players they have it was going to be hard to play more regularly, we have got our main man back up front, admittedly no one knows if he will be the same but the fact he is back already to me means he wants it and Mexicans are generally tough bunch so no reason to doubt him yet
I think Silva will be twice the player this season now he has a bit of prem experience under his belt, he’s a year older plus apparently has put a bit of muscle on which is needed in our league.
Personally would rather be positive and think we have a decent chance of top 7 again 🐺.

20 Jul 2021 11:06:55
Wolveswinorlose - I said something pretty similar in my post Reasons to be cheerful - see below.
I'm not sure that is enough though to get us back to 7th - see my post Reasons to be cheerful part 2.
You have to remember what has happened over the last 2 years - mainly the horrific injury crisis that is still hugely impacting us- Otto and Netto - 2 of the best players in the first 11 are still out long term at best.
Also despite the passage of time hurting some players, the aforementioned injury crisis and the paucity of the squad (as per Nuno's comments) in the last 4 windows (including this one to date) we have only bought 4 senior pros and one of them, Podence is now injured.
Sa is a replacement for Patricio and will be an upgrade (we hope) on 20/ 21 Patricio but is unlikely to be as good as 2019/ 20 Patricio.
Marcal is not a patch on Otto and although Semedo is a v different style of player to Doherty and of good quality he is yet to show that he is as efficient in the system as Doherty was.
So not surprisingly, as I state in "Part 2" we aren't as strong as we were 2 years ago.
However I guess it may be that last point that worries some people.
The system was worth countless points to Wolves as shown by Nuno in the later part of last season when, despite a v weak injury ravaged squad, he was able to grind out some v ugly points for us.
Given that Lage will have had access to all of the games we have played over the last 4 years as they are all filmed you would think he knows exactly what he has got and if they can play the more open style that saw us ripped to shreds by teams such as West Ham or not.
I bow to his knowledge and experience as a football manager and hope that he and the club makes the correct decisions on further additons to the squad and the system we play and rapidly as once a team starts to struggle it is v hard to turn around.

20 Jul 2021 13:41:43
I wouldn't like to predict anything at this point other than I can't see us facing relegation. Though if by any chance that happens it will have been totally self inflicted.



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