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18 Jul 2021 14:35:31
Reasons not to be cheerful part 2 - Ian had 3 but you will be delighted to know this is the last in the series.
Curent first 11 v first 11 in 2019/ 20
Taking into account age then and now plus the systems we are allegedly going to play versus the one we did
1 Sa v Patricio Many think that Patricio today is just as good if not better than Sa (I don't ) but there is no doubt that the Patricio of 2 years ago was someway better than the Patricio of today so surely a wIn for 2019/ 20
2 Semedo is a solid if not good prem RWB but a weakish RB whilst Doherty was an exceptional RWB and in 2019/ 20 we played RWBs. This year apparently its RBS so clear win for 2019/ 20
3 Otto better by a country mile than Marcal or RAN so win for 2019/ 20
4 Boly today v Boly 2 years ago. Age and CV/ injuries hurt today. 2 years ago he was imperious. He needs to do a lot to get back there. Win for 2019/ 20
5 Coady 5 or in a 4. Coady reads game v well, organises and picks a pass - all perfect for a 5. He is slow, not good in the air and (even taking into account his v strong game against Spurs at their place last year) is not a strong defender. All bad news in a 4. Easy win for 2019/ 20
6. Moutinho today or then - easiest win of all for 2019/ 20
7. Neves - draw good then good now.
8. Silva or Saiss - different posistions, different players, different systems. Saiss is a competent premier league player Silva to date is nowhere near that level. Big win for 2019/ 20
9.Jimenez then or now. Major injury means 2019/ 20 hands down
10 Traore - draw both brilliant.
11. Trincao v Jota/ Neto/ Podence. tough on Trincao but he hasn't kicked a ball yet and the 2019/ 20 guys were great so win for 2019/ 20
I make that 9 -0 with 2 draws
Witton is that more to your liking?
PS still time to stengthen and remember the 2019/ 20 first 11 was v v good and could have played Chapions league football so the drop off does not mean it is going to be a total disaster.
However hopefully it puts to bed the highly disrespectful stuff we have all seen on both this site and to be fair more regulalry on others that Nuno failed last year
The squad for a number of reasons including a series of horrific injuries got a lot worse! Indeed only 4 of the above 11 weren't affected in sone way last year [Coady, Neves, Traore and Saiss] and it wasnt Nuno's fault.
Ps still waiting for views on our best players in order.

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18 Jul 2021 16:55:24
Hi Thefutureisoldgold,
My list
Jimenez Neto Traore neves coady jonny dendonker.
Note Traore only 3rd due to his 4 goals and 9 assists season 19/ 20 last season 2 goals 2 assists from 37 games played was not good enough, but we all know he has it in him it's just him doing it regular.

18 Jul 2021 17:13:44
Phil - no Boly? Our best out and out defender in my view. Interesting that you have Dendonker - for me he is a great squad player but his lack of pace or quality on the ball make him a bench not starting player but its all about views isn't it.
V glad to hear about your night out even if you are suffering as a result - at moment I am self isolating - untill mid next week assuming all tests remain positive.
Fortunately loads of sport on telly - watching England cricket today having watched Lions rugby earlier on - in between cleaning weeds out of a cobbled path in the garden - boring and fiddly job!

{Ed077's Note - get well soon tfiog

18 Jul 2021 17:39:38
Oops I forgotten about Boly yes obviously he on my list.
Dendonker does the ugly un noticed stuff.
Like you say mate it's all opinions.
Hope you are not too bad and hope you get better soon.
It was a day and night out my brother wanted a curry and I think that's what made me ill. lol not supping pint after pint in the red hot sun.

18 Jul 2021 17:51:43
Phil thanks i'm fine one of the kids tested positive so whole family is in prison here - had PCR and am doing lateral flows regularly so far all clear!
Ed 077 tks!

{Ed077's Note - so you aren't in isolation but rather in quarantine?

Anyways, send my wishes to the kid. Wish the kid a swift recovery from me. Hope neone else gets a positive test tfiog. Vivid can be a horrible horrible thing to tackle

18 Jul 2021 19:00:14
I too mate hope your kid and family are OK.

18 Jul 2021 19:50:50
Ed 077 - you are corect!
All well here - just boredom and as you sat ED the worry that we pass it between outselves!

18 Jul 2021 21:00:59
future. Hope you and yours stay well! Its good to see that you are currently OK. Like most of the population (I think and hope! ) you are following the rules. I won't make any comments that could involve politicians, probably best not to!
Take good care of yourselves and hope you don't get bored too much.
Mind you its to hot to do much anyway.

18 Jul 2021 21:02:41
All the best on that Future. No 2 son got it, so had to isolate until a row of clear tests. He was a gym bunny, fit and 17 stone of muscle, he lost 2.5 stones in 10 days and for 5 days could walk no more than a few paces. It is not to be underestimated, good luck, and I love your posts.

18 Jul 2021 22:05:16
My thoughts as well tfig, I hope it all turns out safely for your family. Its an unknown worry never knowing if it'll pass or how it'll develop. You take mate and hope you can find something to occupy your time.

18 Jul 2021 19:02:20
Get well soon tfiog mate.

19 Jul 2021 09:16:41
Future- hope all turns out well for you and your family, you must be pulling your hair out in this weather 👍.

19 Jul 2021 17:43:21
All many thanks - negative lateral flow again this morning so only 2 days to go!

19 Jul 2021 19:23:27
Pleased to hear it👍.

19 Jul 2021 21:22:08
tks Wimborne. 17 stone of muscle is pretty impressive but I guess it proves no one is immune.
Delighted you approve of my posts - suspect we might be a v small club though!
I do try to be unquestionably loyal and positive but realism and balance keep stopping me from agreeing that everything is perfect all the time.
My view is that I am a critical friend - like when I was a governor of at my kids school- I really want things to go well but if the school/ club are doing stupid things then it is surely only fair to say so otherwise it might be assumed that you don't care!



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