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13 Jul 2021 10:03:52
Interesting posts re the England Team guys!
Having officiated in front of large crowds and understanding some of the pressures it’s not easy sometimes. However, the players and officials choose their way within the profession and most use the pressure to spur themselves on to greater performance. We all make mistakes in this great game of ours!
As far as the yobs and the abuse is concerned it has obviously a different level with social media where the idiots can hide behind a keyboard. In my time you got abuse on the field and there were cases of officials cars being damaged etc. When a football league linesman and nearest the crowd I was subject to spitting all over my back and on one occasion several sharpened coins were thrown in my direction narrowly missing me. The latter incident at a very well known club.
Unfortunately there has always been idiots who spoil it for others and it looks like the current episodes will affect the World Cup bid according to reports.
We were all disappointed with the way things turned out, no doubt, but the abuse and racist remarks together with the breaking into the stadium and injury to police and stewards is a disgrace!

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13 Jul 2021 17:01:13
I thought the refs in the euros were excellent.
Players diving feigning injury the refs a lot of the times just said to the player get up and get on with the it.
It's been getting worse and worse players feeling contact and dropping to the ground as if they have been poleaxed. I found it good that the officials were doing something about it.
Hope what I saw in the euros happens in the premier league in our case and all the leagues below too.
There were some mistakes with the var imo but on the whole all the games I watched were entertaing and enjoyable
Wales Portugal and obviously us England were the stand out games for me.

13 Jul 2021 17:18:22
ExRef. My youngest son qualified as a Referee aged 18 after getting injured playing. He was a goalkeeper coached at a Premier league club until the injury so understood the game well enough. Refereed junior football for around 4years until it became a thankless task. Parents mostly plus some kids, coaches were in general were OK apart from the odd one. The abuse became intolerable plus threats that were getting ridiculous! He walked away quite rightly, the parents wonder why its a struggle to find referee's. Answer stop telling your kids they're Rinaldo let them play football for fun the chances of the kids making it are so slim that your kid is 11 or 12 and playing local kids football he's got zero chance its too late!

13 Jul 2021 18:10:54
Well said.

13 Jul 2021 20:21:22
Agree the standard was good and VAR was quick not showing every check was also good kept the games flowing.
With regards to players cheating let’s hope this filters through to the Premier?
I remember one well known coach who’s son played being upset with me after a 50 50 tackle put his son on the floor writhing about and I played on knowing there was nothing in it! The cry from the dug out was “ Glad you’r not my doctor! ” 😂.

13 Jul 2021 20:38:51
Ken 68
What a shame this happens to young up and coming referees. I came up through Wolverhampton Works League, Wolverhampton Amateur, Brierley Hill League,
Festival Sunday League. West Midlands League the Alliance then on to Football League. Never any real problems apart from occasional abuse . Been shouted and sworn at by some of the greatest 😂
It helped when I was on the higher Leagues and occasionally called for crunch matches locally because many recognised me even the most difficult games where problems existed became easier.
I was also involved with my local Referees Association where training took place.
As an aside discipline was imposed by some great managers during my time. The most organised and respectful dressing rooms I’ve visited were those managed by a certain Mr B Clough where players had their specific place in the dressing room and were sitting respectfully waiting for officials to enter prior to kick off to inspect studs etc.
In other dressing rooms players would mill about making it as difficult as possible.
We soon got to grips with them.
Great times enjoyed every minute!

13 Jul 2021 21:46:51
ExRef happens far to often. Parents should face bans not kids I've noticed that starting to happen. Moaning and be sarcastic etc is all part of the game but threats and physical abuse is bang out of order.



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