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10 Jul 2021 21:09:34
Been doing my final preparation and limbering up before the big game tomorrow. (Pint of McEwan's Champion obviously! ) Not to much movement, need to save it all for 8pm tomorrow! So looking forward to it. With all the press and social media coverage it feels more exciting than the World Cup in 66. Maybe its my memory playing tricks. I remember that obviously but media hype is so much more these days.
I will be watching on my own as I have the whole way through can't change now, too superstitious for that can't spoil it! Just hoping for a good performance win or lose they have been very good, its great to see most people so excited after the last year or so. Good luck England, bring it home if you can!

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10 Jul 2021 21:38:06
Enjoy the build up the match and the day tomorrow mate.
Fingers crossed we will see history in the making.
I think the crowd will lift us to victory.
Come on England.

10 Jul 2021 22:15:02
Will be cheering them on Ken but IMO opinion `66 was more exciting and challenging. It was the WORLD cup, Brazil etc. Was in the RAF at the time and believe me the NAAFI TV room was manic!
Unlike my lounge where the good wife has no interest in football.

10 Jul 2021 23:20:22
Cheers Phil enjoy the match with your brother!
Wombourn I watched 66 with my Dad. The build up was good and the celebrations afterwards. More hype now though. My wife isn't interested both our sons are in London so very much on my own for it.
I'll enjoy it anyway.

10 Jul 2021 23:22:03
The Italians are pumped up for Sunday night.
It's on the TV here every other minute and the sports pages are already priming the ref and UEFA to watch for England players diving.
Italians asking for another team to be watched for diving. The irony!
Yes the moniker tells you I live out here, I have their blood via my mother BUT I am 100% a Wulfrunian by birth and upbringing and my heart beats England.
Tomorrow will be tough for both sides, my heart screams England but a nagging voice in my head says them, which will be intolerable come Monday.
Come on England.

11 Jul 2021 05:35:20
Ken68 believe me whilst I empathise with you watching the match on your own you should recognise how lucky you are, my missus ( who will be watching because "one of so and so's friends is Italian at yoga") will be sat with me commenting on " how pretty" the girls hair in the crowd is, and "what a nice boy Rashford is, why didn't they let him play after what he's done" etc. And to add the biggest insult she hopes Italy wins because they make the best Coffee. 55 years of pain is nothing to what I've got to endure tonight. Whatever, I hope we all enjoy it in our own ways and win the b****y thing if only to stop having to hear skinner all over the place. Come on England, 'this time, more than any other time, this time.

11 Jul 2021 11:34:34
Italia it would be great if the final is not decided by a controversial officiating decision today. Two fine sides should be separated by a piece of brilliance and hopefully one generated by an English man.
However the inconsistencies in officiating only appear to have been muddied by VAR and it’s inconsistent application. Compare the tackle on Sterling on Wednesday with the United penalty in our last game of the season. If the referee was asked to look at the monitor in the United match to check the decision why wasn’t the referee asked to check the Sterling tackle? Add to the mix a clear hand ball decision at Everton where 2 hands (both in unnatural positions) were used to usher the ball out of danger.
I can get on board where VAR intervenes on a clear error but the decision depends on which clown is on VAR duty in any particular match. It is time to mic up refs and the VAR controller so they can properly be held to account.

11 Jul 2021 12:24:39
Abbey you made me chuckle with that! My wife wouldn't do that, well not any more she used to comment! She loves Tennis I am not bothered, we have a deal I don't comment about female tennis players with nice boobs/ bum etc she leaves me alone with football! I miss having our boys to watch with though, both in London that's my one regret! I watched the Scotland game with my wife in the room, clearly an error on my part. No chances tonight on my own for sure with my McEwans Champion!

11 Jul 2021 13:12:44
Lets just hope for a good game and a result one way or another as speaking personally seeing penalties doesn't do anything for me. These young kids have had a great tournament and have gone 3 rounds further than a fair few (me included) thought they would. Should we lose let's hope the daily rags don't start looking for villains and scapegoats.

11 Jul 2021 16:13:29
Sorry to labour the point on VAR but the solution to me seems very simple. Where an onfield decision is being challenged either eminating from the VAR team or the referee asking for a check there should be a time limit (maybe 1 minute) to decide to overturn an onfield decision.
This is entirely sufficient to gauge whether a clear error has occurred and facilitates the flow of the game.
Forget the need for any further review at the side of the pitch. If they then get something wrong at least it wasn’t clear and obvious.



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