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04 Jul 2021 13:17:05
Will we ever sign a player from a Premier League Club, with Premier League experience, whose fans would be disappointed to see him leave and definitely wouldn’t want to see him playing against their own team, or is that just a one way thing exclusive to Wolves, we seem to have ex players playing against us every couple of weeks and now an ex manager with a point to prove as well, if we’re going to sell players can’t we at least make sure they go abroad.

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04 Jul 2021 16:53:31
Whatch this space pal 👍👍👍👍👍.

04 Jul 2021 19:16:53
Re watching space. Oxley don't hold your breath whilst waiting! 😀😀😀.

04 Jul 2021 21:22:47
Beeeeeeeee patient
All will come to he who waits
We will be standing on the shoulders of giants
Look at the wolves mamma were on top of the world
Great things are going to happen
Strength is in the pack
Together we shall conquer
My friends, we will prevail
Have faith.

04 Jul 2021 22:00:34
Greyleg - great post!

04 Jul 2021 22:11:14
Greyleg - whatever you're drinking, pour me one please pal!

I love your optimism, I believe in being positive maybe we will get an English old school centre back. can but hope!

05 Jul 2021 06:48:25
Cheers guys. can't wait for league to begin
Firstly let's get the euros won 👍👍
Coye, coyw,

05 Jul 2021 07:43:52
Oxley Moron, sell at home buy abroad = money!

05 Jul 2021 07:46:30
I'm with you Greyleg mate,
Itching for the new season to start.

The euros I dream agaisnt the Danes luke Shaw 2 or more assists and Harry Kane hattrick they both be top assists and top scorers.
Come on England
English and Wolverhampton proud.

05 Jul 2021 08:03:53
Ditto 👍👍.

05 Jul 2021 09:30:49
MikeBayleaf, that makes total sense, real adding value, if it works and lowering risk if it doesn't.

05 Jul 2021 23:05:58
Bayleaf, thought the aim was to challenge the “big boys” not sign players with the prime intention of making money, selling your best players to Clubs in the same league improves their teams and weakens your own, makes no sense, shows the rest of the Clubs you’re not a threat and are quite happy to finish in the lower reaches of the league, then one season the inevitable happens and there’s not three worse teams. If a few more players leave as expected in the coming weeks we’ll be very close to fielding a team with no Premier League experience between them, no doubt we’ll enjoy giving our ex players (and manager) a warm welcome when they return to play against us for their bigger Clubs. Some of us will feel let down, while some of you will think it’s great as we’ve made a profit on the ones we’ve sold.

06 Jul 2021 06:48:04
Oxley I like to see us make a profit but only happy if we use the money to invest in the right players.
I see that the big boys come calling they usually get what they want.
I see it's really difficult for clubs like us to break in the top 6 and needs time for us to grow.
Yes if we had added quality and not sold jota and Doherty we could possibly broke into the top 6 last season But players want to leave there is nothing you can do.
Traore hasn't signed the contract that's been in place for him so I believe his heart isn't with us.
My opinion is Traore thinks he's better than he is going on that he only has end product in flashes, so if Lage can do what nuno and all the other managers Traore has played for couldn't and Traore fulfills his world class brilliance regularly and signs new contract then I would be over the moon.
If Lage and the club think its better we sell Traore then I would have no problem with that.
If for example coady goes to spurs we replace with dunk or tarwoski (sorry spelling) I would have mo problems with that.
I think there is no surprising to me doubt by certain fans we will struggle but to me I think its best to just wait and see and 100% believe the unhappy wolves fans will be pleasantly surprised.

06 Jul 2021 18:45:34
Id be happy with dunk, (we've already got the Colombian remembet) I don't know if coady will fit with lage style. It rather looks like we need some cash in, so big sales of coady adama would off set buys. I'd like adama to stay tho, we keep on about the end product but his presence alone unsettles the opposition and the free kicks we get alone may be worth it. Played directly he's got goals in him. Only bruno knows what he wants, but youngsters alone won't keep us in prem.



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