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02 Jul 2021 15:01:51
It is suggested that Traore may be available for c£20m because of Wolves "financial woes". What " financial woes"? More journalistic twaddle or am I missing something?

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02 Jul 2021 17:30:20
Twaddle mate already been said no less than £40million for Traore.

02 Jul 2021 17:36:06
Traore on the bench this time for Spain.

02 Jul 2021 18:21:07
Yeah lazy ass journalism I could write a better story than that 20 million sounds more like his salary for 4 years lol if he goes it will IMO ( back to Barcelona) with players coming other way but rest assured FOSUN have always said if players go it will be for 3 times what we payed for them so rest easy any go others will be coming in.

02 Jul 2021 18:27:19
I am sure someone posted for us to sign sakiri he just scored gor the Swiss.
1a piece you never know if stays a draw we may see Traore come on and cross into row Z lol only joking we see Traora play a blinder and score the winner after an amazing dribble past 7 Swiss defenders.

02 Jul 2021 18:54:59
Nah phill this Spain manager has not got a clue soon as Swiss went to 10 men I said perfect TRAORE will come on and smash the winner but no it just ain't going to happen.

02 Jul 2021 19:29:49
Spain just put their 5th and last remaining sub on.
I agree Giants the Spanish manager a joke.
Spain striker couldn't hit a barn door Spain don't score many goals lacklustre in attack a perfect perfect setting for Traore to get out there a do what he does best attack and drive forward.

Doesn't look likely Coady will get a look in.

But I read that Belguim are accessing the fitness of de brunya and hazard so our best bet to see a wolves is dendonker. He did come on last match but only for a few minutes.

02 Jul 2021 19:51:40
I agree GAG, where a bloke like Traore can commit a couple of defenders that really opens up the spaces (especially with a tiring team) for a slick passing team like Spain. It seems like Traore isn’t an option for the Spanish manager where they’re pressing for a goal. That’s a shame but they got through and (hopefully) Adama will get to warm another bench.

03 Jul 2021 09:52:16
If I had been a Croatian or Swiss defender after just playing 90 minutes, having heavy legs, with 30 mins of extra time to go against a Spain side pressing for a goal, seeing Adama coming off the bench feeling fresh with pace, power and crosses would be the last thing in the world I'd want to be dealing with.

I don't rate Luis Enrique's decision making and Spain have been riding on a knife edge all tournament, but somehow they're only 2 games from winning it now.

Phil - there are a few players who've stood out at this tournament who could potentially be good signings at a good price. Doku for Belgium stood out last night as a good young player who could hold down a first team spot. Went missing for a bit of the first half, but was looks to have something about him.

03 Jul 2021 10:38:53
Morning Alex,
Yes Doku looked a decent player very quick feet and pacey.
Disappointed about Traore and dendonker not playing.
A bonus outcome is they not injuried through not playing if they are still both with us and not sold.
Traore the one highly likely to leave us Dendonker if Lage plays him in his prime position midfield I think he could be a lot better in his performance.
Some don't rate dendonker but I see dendonker always making lung bursting runs into the box but goes unnoticed as the service into the box last season was very poor.
I have high hopes with Lage more attacking approach.

I'm itching for the new season to start.

03 Jul 2021 11:03:14
The rest will do them both good. Dendonker is a good option to have in the squad. Last season his lack of goals was the biggest issue when he played in midfield. He missed a lot of good chances, but did get in the positions for the opportunities.

Traore not playing for Spain may work in favour of him staying for one more season, as he isn't being displayed in the shop window so to speak. It would be interesting to know whether Lage has spoken to him at all over the past couple of weeks. I'm sure all will become clear within the first couple of weeks after the final has been played.

I'm cautiously optimistic about next season at the moment. It's an unknown with new ideas and hopefully new players and existing ones in possible new roles. I'll be ignoring the friendly results as they'll be meaningless, then taking it a game at a time until Christmas so we can see what players we have and how they settle in and how Bruno sets the team up.

03 Jul 2021 11:04:20
Doku was certainly a livewire and has massive potetial however I am not sure that WF is a priority unless you think Troare is going to leave.
If that happened though we'd need more than a few promising youngsters as you would be ripping out he heart of the team and (with Neto injured and Jimenez coming back from injury) the bulk of our attacking threat.

03 Jul 2021 11:35:38
Hi Thefutureisoldgold,
I think Traore highly likely to leave purely because he hasn't signed the contract wolves have had in place for him.
I here rumours of wolves having to sell to generate funds and Traore is our best asset but I think with Lage different attacking style to nuno Traore maybe a better asset for us I'd he signs contract and remains.
It's all guess work from me.
Doku as all possible signings come down to how much money.
We do have some quality youngsters in the u23's maybe with the new manager in Lage we will see more of them.

{Ed002's Note - Wolves have shown no interest in Doku.}

03 Jul 2021 11:37:57
Agreed. Our attacking side may need some strengthening though as we don't know how Jimenez will perform next season and the numbers from the other attacking players were poor, although some of that could be down to formation and team set up under the previous regime as well as other circumstances.

Priorities for me are an experienced attacking midfielder with a bit of pace who can run between the lines, and a strong right sided centre back who can play in either a 3 or a 2. Both aged between 25 and 32 and played at a reasonable level. Next priority is replacing anyone who leaves.

03 Jul 2021 22:37:04
Alex - I agree. For me it is a dominant RCB so that he and Boly - who would switch to LCB - could protect our area from aerial threats. We conceed far far too many from corners, free kicks and crosses last year.
We were also far too nice and were out muscled far too often.

With Tarkowski now in the last year of his contract will his price have come down to a level we can afford - although I suspect there will be many contenders for his signature if it has and sadly after last season we are no longer the next cab off the rank after the big 6 with Europa challenger credentials but a side that Burnley may well view as a peer. The win at Wolves might be pointed out to him if he suggested a move to Wolverhampton?

Sadly if we are playing a flat back 4 this would mean no place for Coady.
However as we have Semedo and now RAN - both players unsuited to a 4 you would hope that Lage will be smart enough to assess the squad and flexible enough to realsie that it can't play his way and therefore he has to change. We can only hope.
Second would be exacgtly as you say a CM who has legs.

I would hope we would find a younger and bigger version of Moutinho - Lingard?
However after the big spend last summer we almost certainly can't afford both now even if they were willing to come so we might need to be less ambitous or more creative than I am and find players others haven't seen yet?

04 Jul 2021 11:36:58
Actually instead of Lingaard who is probably now beyond us (fee and wages) RLC - who I suggested this time last summer - is being touted according to MSN by Steve Bull. He had a poor ish season at Fulham but may now be an option - assuming he is willing to leave London (qs have been raised about his commitment to his career before! ) as his stock must be at an all time low - with ramifications for fees and wages. However his potential is surely still massive even at 25 and if he gets back to where he was he does fit my younger and bigger version of Moutinho quite well.
Also as a v minor side point he would help with home grown quotas if that ever became an issue as well.



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