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01 Jul 2021 21:04:51
The day Nuno left he was immediately linked with the Spurs job, he was their number one choice, everything else has been a farce with Spurs pretending to look for big names to fool their fans, they got their man, arguably the best manager outside the top six ( 2 7th places) and without having to pay compensation. Daniel Levy 1 Jeff Shi and Co Nil.

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01 Jul 2021 22:08:36
Id love it if the whole ground, just before kick off gave one massive Nuno had a dream rendition. He deserves it. Then 90 minutes of behind the lads only.
What's the chances?

02 Jul 2021 09:51:33
So much for Nuno being homesick.

Speaking to a Fosun employee, All their staff are given a specific contract's and are expected to perform and deliver to that contract,
The terms and conditions of their contract are quite rigid.
As with most Chinese firms they do not tolerate poor results.

So Nuno had very little width in what he could do, apart from coach, which in the end he was so relived to go.

Jeff Shi will be in the so position if the club performance is not up to expectations.

02 Jul 2021 10:39:23
Oxley if that was true then Spurs would have done themselves and Nuno no favours at all! They've basically spent a month trying to give the job away to anyone else (supposedly even Graham Potter turned them down before they went back to Nuno)! If he was always there first choice then why did they sit by and watch him go for the Palace job and then the Everton job?! Oh and then gave their number one pick just a two season contract, doesn't add up does it?! No Spurs did an about turn to Nuno when literally everyone else declined the job! Take nothing away from Nuno cause I still think he was one of the best candidates but any belief that this has been played out for fans is nonsense, cause realistically most Spurs fans have been pretty embarrassed and miffed by the whole process!

02 Jul 2021 11:05:48
Nuno was told by the hierarchy to play a more attacking style and when results went against us they began to question him. He then went into a sulk and started putting two keepers on the bench to make his own point.
He could have moved abroad but wants to prove his doubters wrong.
He has inherited a better squad at Spurs than he had at Wolves and it makes the forthcoming season more interesting to be able to compare the two teams progress.
I believe in Fosun and think they made the right decision.

02 Jul 2021 11:27:00
Sometimes I do ask the question do Fosun know what they are doing? Usually the answer is yes but they learn when they get it wrong. Maybe Chinese business culture played a part in the parting of the ways, I don't know enough about it to make an informed comment. However maybe they just came to the conclusion its better for the club in the long term to be seen to be parting company in an amicable way. let's face it the shelf life of a managerial appointment is short, that is reality and mistakes will be made by both parties with appointments so better to have an easy get out pricess ththat suits both parties than trying to hold someone whise heart may not be in the job or creating a ruthless "Deadly Doug" or Chelski style of image that may put off potential talent from wanting to work for you in the future.

{Ed002's Note - I have previously explained Nuno Espirito Santo was offered to two other Premier League clubs by Jorge Mendes who said Wolves cannot match his ambitions. Spurs were always going to be an option.}

02 Jul 2021 12:45:50
Uncle Jorge is hardly going to say to Spurs, Everton (and Palace) that Nuno has taken us as far as he could and the board have reluctantly decided to terminate his contract.

{Ed002's Note - You don't understand.}

02 Jul 2021 13:53:15
How I look at it nuno has gone I appreciate all has done for us but he is history.
You are only as good as what you do today, if you was brilliant yesterday in my eyes it counts for nothing if you are not brilliant today.
A bit to the point but what ever the reason nuno left it was that his time was up.
I believe nuno wasn't good enough for fosun- his employer.

I think how the team does first match will have a bearing on the crowd at home to Tottenham and nuno.
We play well agaisnt Leicester and everyone is buzzing fans will forget about nuno/ fosun at tge match agaisnt Tottenham.
Nuno now is our rival and enemy in football terms.

Wolves the club players the FANS are of prime concern to me.
NOT nuno Jota Doherty they all history.

02 Jul 2021 14:29:41
Having read most of the comments on here for the last few weeks, the current situation and the past scenario with Nuno is ambiguous and dark to say the least, but it can be at least summed up with the following fictional dialogue, albeit with a modicum of truth:

Fosun: 'We don't like the football you are playing, we need to be more adventurous. '

Nuno: ' Then I need at least 200 to 300 million over the next couple of transfer windows to take us to the next level and break into the top 6'

Fosun: Nah! forget it . Firstly there's a C.V. on, secondly we secretly don't have the money any longer-don't forget we asked for further investment from other sources and that hasn't happened-and thirdly we are Wolves, we have to stick to the three steps forward and ten steps back strategy in terms of ambition'

Nuno: 'So what's the next step? '

Fosun:'Well you can go-thanks for everything-we'll be getting rid of our playing assets too. Probably bring in a lesser gifted manager and take our chances that way'

02 Jul 2021 15:51:55
Doesn’t look at all fictional to me Phil, Fosun came in all guns blazing, bought a team to win the Championship and started “the project” to set about challenging for the top positions, after two unbelievable seasons, as we all know, you have to strengthen on the back of success, selling two key players at completely the wrong time was bound to have the opposite effect, Nuno might as well have left there and then, that’s when his head went down, he knew the writing was on the wall and “the project” had been terminated, fans put it down to him being homesick. Fosun haven’t and won’t sign any players they don’t think they can make a profit on; there’s no sign of the promised stadium improvements and we’re no further forward now than we have been in the past, as Mick McCarthy used to say “I’ll be happy with seventeenth”.

02 Jul 2021 16:11:50
Yellowstone. If what you say about specific contracts is true I wonder what is written in Jeff Shi's!

02 Jul 2021 17:02:53
Said it before Oxley and I'll say it again-predicted we would go down last season and I got it wrong-this season, however there is no escape-I can't see us surviving to be honest.

02 Jul 2021 17:20:42
Mendes is a shrewd guy for sure and good at what he does but there were always going to be a limited number of positions for NES in the Premier League. Everton always wanted Ferguson heavily involved and that didn’t suit Team Nuno. Palace was probably his best bet but he came with too much baggage. I worry for him and finishing Top 10 in a transitional year, seeking solutions, in my opinion is as good as it will get for NES and Spurs. I’ll give it 12 months and the natives will turn their noses up if it’s not entertainment personified. He will then find a coaching role in Europe possibly at a club like Sevilla.
Time to put the crystal ball away and get the cider out!

02 Jul 2021 17:31:17
See where you coming from oxley and SQ. But Oxley if you see my view as fictional then your view must be fictional too as neither of us knows the true facts of what fosun are doing only can have an opinion to what we think is happening.

02 Jul 2021 18:20:12
If I've had the wool pulled under my eyes from fosun and all that I believe is the opposite. I will take it like a man and say Oxley SQ you were right graciously.
I always want us fans on the same page but when the team plays really poor from usual standards like last season fans are all not of the same thinking.
One day one day I will see wolves win a major just like you elder guys have, that's why I believe in fosun as its the best chance to see wolves successful in my lifetime.
The cherry on top of the icing on the cake would be for to be at Wembley and win the fa Cup in a few years time for my big "five o"

02 Jul 2021 18:24:04
Oxley- what about Partrico then?! You reckon they intended to make a profit on a 30 year old keeper did they?! Behave! These Fosun conspiracies are laughable. No further forward now than we were in the past, where you not here for the League One season then?! I love that people are writing off a new manager and the clubs entire transfer policy before giving either a chance! I've said it before, sometimes you get the club you deserve and if peeps have already written us off before even seeing what the window brings then they need to give their heads a wobble! 🤣.



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