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07 Jun 2021 15:27:55
Perhaps I am being naive but it appears that our heir apparent manager/ coach is not specifically involved in Wolves transfer policy?
Rumours and press speculation abound about our players being available for transfer etc.
Perhaps with Bruno Lage experience with younger players the strategy for Wolves is in bringing the young guns forward to break into the first team?
It’s concerning that the announcement of the new manager is taking so long whilst all this speculation continues to get into the mindset of players and supporters alike.
Or maybe Fosun are trying to get the malaise suffered by many of the top players last season out by actually making them realise that no one is indispensable and the club is bigger than any one players ego?
Personally I think it’s about time for steadying the ship and to prove that the club is moving forward not backwards towards their ambition!
Let’s hope the current risks are worth taking!

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07 Jun 2021 16:46:24
I would have thought that the new manager was given certain assurances during the contract discussions. I can't imagine Lage agreeing to come to the club whilst the assets are being stripped before his very eyes.

07 Jun 2021 17:03:40
I think fosun never let anything out until it happens or its happening.
Nothing can happen until Wednesday.
I think major transfers will happen after the euros which is about roughly 3 weeks time.
So I think us fans will be waiting with baited breath for a while and if that is case all we can do is trust our club are doing great things behind the scenes.

07 Jun 2021 17:22:50
This is why the silence worries me, is bruno not getting what he was expecting? Will we be searching elsewhere? Definitely agree with you exref and jasM.

07 Jun 2021 17:58:52
I just had a thought Abbey when the new manager is revealed it imo is highly possible the club fosun/ lage give an appeasing statement to the fans.
It does seem the right thing due to nuno's shock exit.
I like all of us want to hear a statement of intent. I believe that fosun mean business and want to progress higher and become better and better, think we just need to hear it.
I the same I agree with ex ref jas and yourself on this feed.
I also think every fan is thinking pretty much the same.
It may at times come across from posters different but I see we all the same the Wolfpack.
We all want to see wolves do well sign better players compete like the first 2 seasons in the premier.
At least by not knowing we have something good and exciting to see in the non to distant future.

07 Jun 2021 19:09:25
The reason I worry phil is that Jeff shi was talking of fan communications on the questions forum, he said he couldn't vent his upset if we lost, couldn't be over exuberant if we won etc. Which I understand because it canbe misinterpreted and spoken without due considerations, but as you say after nunos departure and the many question marks, surely a statement as you say of 'appeasement ' is fully warranted. Fosun keep things under their hats but when lage is banded in the media as our manager in waiting and Fosun say nothing there is either something wrong or they're going to drop a bombshell (good or bad) . Is lage a decoy with someone else in the wings? Is lage unhappy with fosuns constraints? Where are we as a club now? Tell us that it's only paperwork, tell us all is in hand, reassure us we won't be asset stripped. Whatever we the fans, the paying customers of fosun and supporters of Wolverhampton wanderers deserve something. Jeff mentioned that you don't tell your wife you love them everyday, well I don't even feel respected as a loyal supporter of my beloved Wolves.

07 Jun 2021 20:49:59
Hang in there Abbey mate I'm sure we will be assured at some point hopefully sooner rather than later.

07 Jun 2021 21:42:10
Hope your right phil. I always look on the bright side but I don't like being kept in the dark needlessly and all fosun have to do is reassure us that things are in order. Anyhow phil I hope your feeling better with the warmer weather and easing of restrictions, it's helped me to get out and about abit. Keep the faith.

08 Jun 2021 04:39:01
I feel great Abbey thanks,
I bet its beautiful down south your way.
I was back at work yesterday after a week off and work is ok and getting more and more back to normal after a horrendous year.
I got 2 weeks off the main 2 weeks I fancy a short break away somewhere in the uk but a bit apprehensive with the c. v. so undecided.

Glad you are getting about a bit mate.

Yes mate I keep the faith.

Us fans will always be.

08 Jun 2021 10:49:11
Bedroom smells like a burger van phi, folk having BBQs every night! Yea we've had some decent weather and took a walk around Oxford Saturday nice to actually see people and chat again. I've now almost finished my wolves shirt collection (costing a fortune) trying to get a purple away from 13/ 14 (I think) in my size. They all S or M that I've found so far. Good hunting them down tho. Let's hope we have a good Euros and we learn soon what way wolves are going. Cheers Phil.

08 Jun 2021 12:57:37
Great stuff Abbey,

I know I have posted a few negative posts regarding our chances in the euros but if we get past the last 16 match which if we win our group will be France Germany or Portugal I think we will have a chance.
Up the mighty wolves.



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