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04 Jun 2021 13:57:23
I thought we’d need 4 additional players in the summer. If 4 leave we will need 8! Getting 8 “upgrades “ does not look realistic and is very worrying.

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04 Jun 2021 17:55:33
Neto and Jiminez we must keep. not fussed about any others tbh.

04 Jun 2021 21:58:04
Macro view of transfer policy.
Clearly what we can pay for any player is determined by two factors; What we need and how much we have to spend.
If you only need 1 player you can spend your entire budget on that player or perhaps more wisely spend what you think the player you want is worth and save the rest for later transfer windows when you may have further needs. But if you need more than 1 player you have to allocate your budget according to your needs and their relative importance.
So, what do we need?
Well, we struggled greatly for goals last year and have lost our main goal threat, Neto, from last year for the medium term at least and the 2 main goal scorers from the previous season, Jimenez and Jota, have either been sold or have been out long term with injury. Jimenez must also have major question marks about the timing/ success of his return.
Consequently, I think it is fair to say we need a first 11 forward and one for the bench.
In midfield we were both defensively over run on a regular basis and missed out on any sort of creative force/ goal scoring threat so again it is clear that we need a first 11 player and one for the bench
At the back we conceded far too many goals particularly from crosses/ set pieces and with our best CB, Boly, both aging and likely to be absent for AFN we need again 1 for the first 11 and possibly one for the bench.
In goal Rui had a less than stellar year and with the way time works he won’t be getting better and is a free agent next year anyway so we might well need a new GK as well – although a lower priority than the others above.
With Otto out long term (if not forever) and Marcal seemingly unable to stay fit we need a first 11 LB.
So, partially as a result of the on-going injury crisis, we need as many as 5 new first 11 players and possibly 2 or 3 for the bench.
How do we allocate our budget?
Well, a goal scorer is absolutely paramount so perhaps 35% of our budget needs to go on that.
The CB and CM are also v important 25% each?
This leaves v little left for anything else so we probably need to get free agents/ bargain basement players for the bench.
But GKs are v important so perhaps 10% needs to be allocated there.
However whilst RB is the least important player in the first 11 and your weakest player can be hidden there LB is undoubtedly your 2nd least important position – a strong spine is essential and you can’t sacrifice that for the fringes so i'm afraid we can only allocate the remaining 5% to LB
So if we have a budget of say £100m, which looks on the high side, that means £35m for a forward, £20m for a CM and a CB, £10m for a GK and £5m for the LB.
Is that reasonable?
Of course, if we are paying £20 for a LB in RAN that intimates that we have a transfer budget of £400m
How many of you think we have?

05 Jun 2021 07:41:12
Excellent post TFIOG, thought-provoking for sure and highlighting the problems that multitasking Jeff Shi is encountering. I think it’s critical that some of the young lads rise to the plate during the summer and at least present themselves as the worthy bench options you refer to. The loanees may return and present as further options. However hugely important is that Lage does what Nuno did so well and that is to recognise fringe players who can do a job for the first team even in a different role. If we can reduce the number of players to be bought we can focus on quality.

05 Jun 2021 09:09:22
NES - thought provoking is exactly what it was meant to be. In case people misunderstand the surface story, I am not against buying RAN, even for far more than the £5m suggeted above - he is worth it - although obviously not anything like £20. But what I was hoping people would start to think about is the scale of the problems we now have and possible ways forward.
It seems, both in the press and on other sites and (sorry Phil) even on this site, to be fashionable now to simply blame Nuno for all of the issues we faced last year. As if he headbutted Jimenez, kicked Neto, started C.V. and was responsible for the debacle of last season's transfer windows.
We don't know who has been responsible for the transfers over the Fosun period, (The manager, Mendes, the club - Shi or others maybe Thelwell or Dalrymple) but after a v poor first year before Nuno arrived the next 3 were an almost unadulterated succcess until this season when they were an unmitigated disaster.
However whilst we don't know who was, all the evidence would point to the fact that this season, at least, it wasnt Nuno. What he publicly asked for and what we did in both August and January were wildly different.
Also on a even more basic level the fact that despite all the problems we faced - often not having enough fit senior pros to fill the bench he still didn't play 2 of them (Hoever and Vitor) at all and the other 2 only played when all other options were exhausted RAN when both Otto and Marcal were injured and Silva only whilst Jimenenz was injured and before the deeply unimpressive Jose arrived.
Nuno was however undoubtedly the one who put in place the tactical system that allowed a team that came 15th in the Championship to rise to 7th in the Prem in 2 years with decent but not outrageous spending over the period. He was also the one who coached players who had previously been regarded as average Championship players to become international stars - like Coady and Doherty.
So the disrespectful comments on here and elsewhere are to say the least disappointing.
Finally it is also surprising/ disappointing to see so many people failing to recognise the background to the shortcomings of last years performances. Not only do they ignore that we still came 13th as Nuno and the team battled against them but now amazingly many people are still happy for those seeming failings to be repeated.
Unless you beleive :
A) We have a transfer budget of well over £400m or
B) We don't need to buy a new CF, CM, CB etc
then for example merrily suggesting we blow £40m on 2 players who wouldn't/ won't be in the first team is madness.
Greyleg in a thread below suggested what the first 11 next year would be with only the 2 loanees and the reserve CF from spurs being added to our squad - a reasonable assumption once you buy the 2 loanees unless you think we have a lot more money available than I do.
Even with his assumption that Otto, Netto and Jimmenez are fit - which they aren't and ignoring Boly's abscene for AFN then this side is a bottom 6 side at best.
Given that the injuries and the AFN do exist it is a side that will be relegated.
Perhaps therefore we need a slightly more joined up approach this summer and a coach who can be as good as Nuno! Fingers crosssed that Fosun have learnt their lessons, (because yes ED002 they are to blame - management is always to blame/ resposible that is the nature/ definition of the role in all cases! ) and that what sadly looks like a real mess can be sorted out and sharpish!

05 Jun 2021 09:34:29
Some really good points TFIOG. I expect a lot of clubs will adapt their transfer approach this window. Possibly making better use of loan with option to buy and, player swaps. Also think we may see more structured deals such as paying for a player over monthly instalments for the duration of their contract, to try and work around FFP rules until stadium revenues increase again.

It's also possible that clubs especially in the lower leagues will accept lower fees for players to ease their own financial burdens - something more financially sound clubs may be able to take advantage of.

05 Jun 2021 10:03:34
Great posts Thefutureisoldgold.
I believe fosun and nuno's management team were in tandem regarding transfer windows.
Silva had been scouted and watched for over 2 years.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing fosun nuno us fans had no idea of Jimenez injury boly Jonny neto too. The cv.
Nuno did a great job for us but he no longer a wolf so for me its history and gone. The future is what's important and relevant for me.
Whoever the new manager is he is inheriting a good ambitious premier league squad.
Until we know what players remain and what players are bought I can't judge where we are, but I feel that fosun are the kings not the manager, fosun have turned our great club around made us a competitive premier league club.
Nuno deserves thanks and gratitude but he for whatever reason his time came to an end with us.
If it's a mistake from the owners fosun will put it right.
Fosun wants maximum return on their investment and the big big returns are in regular European football. that's what I believe is where the club is striving to get to the 10 year plan. If other fans on other sites this site feel different then that's fine along as it's not nasty disrespectful or insulting.
But that's always going to happen when wolves is always everyones big love/ passion.
I'm tending to be calm and passive reading posts I find ridiculous or I don't understand.
A learning curve in life for me the same with fosun.
ps I did post on other posts yesterday I got second jab today, the time has been speeded up as at first jab I was told 10 to 12 weeks for second jab it's been 4 weeks since first jab.
pps I like all the posts views thoughts aspirations on here whether they are different to mine or not.

05 Jun 2021 10:50:42
Players in for me,
A top top quality c/ b and c/ m are top priority, others will follow striker, l/ b, goalkeeper.

There is plenty to be optimistic about but the intensity of how our season will go has been multiplied by nuno departure, the worry concern of how we get on the coming season is immense, I favour to embrace it with an open mind that we will be awesome it's how I roll.
I would rather risk having a great fall of disappointment and enjoy the frill and excitement rather than be reserved thinking not to get too excited anticipating failure.
Each to their own.

05 Jun 2021 11:57:42
Phil - had my 2nd jab last week as well. Hope it went well and we won't need a 3rd?
Re Fosun - yes of coure they have been amazingly good owners! They recognised the mistakes of year 1 and whoever did the transfers in years 2,3 and 4 did a great job. They backed Nuno with money in the market - although not a much as people tend to think - we were only the 3rd biggest spenders in the championship the year we got promoted by a mile - so Nuno undoubtedly added value!
Then in our first year back we did spend big although over the 2 year period (champ and 1st year in Prem) it was only a v modest average and we started with a side that came 15th in the Championship ie over the two year period we spent a lot less than many of the Prem side we overtook due to Nuno's tactics and coaching - which are now incredibly being dismissed in many places as substandard
We were once again slightly above average spenders in 2019/ 20 so yes Fosun have been magnificent!
However not everything they did was great. Away from Football we haven't grown commercial revenues as we should have and therefore last summer 2020/ 21 our spending was constrained by FFP (effectively net zero! ) .
Also for what ever reason the summer 2020 transfers, which were not a success, (and we can only postualte as to why, but the abscence of Thelwell/ Dalrymple and the change in Shi's role looks like a smoking gun! ), did not take into account the possibility that we would have inuries - I agree that it is only with hindsigt you know who will be injured - but you should have had the foresight to realise that after 3 years with no injuries it was highly likely that someone would be!
So sadly I am not a convinced that the Fosun of 2021/ 22 is the same as the Fosun of the first 3 years of the Nuno era. Nor am I as convinced that the squad is as good as we hope - I fear that Nuno's tactical brilliance and motivational skills masked some of the shortcomings. You saw what happened when we tried to play a more open game - we got ran all over and destroyed by average sides like Burnley and WH.
So whilst I hope Fosun have learnt their lessons I fear not as it seems the wrong person left with Shi remaining and Nuno gone.
Lets hope the new manager is at least half as good as Nuno was and the injured players get back (to their former glories? ) sooner than anticipated and we make far better signings this summer both for the first 11 and for the future.
I don't know if you noted but Liverpool just signed a young lad - I have never seen him play so can't vouch for him - but he has just as good a pedigree as Silva being a Full Ghanian international and was voted only this year as the best player in the AFN U20 tournament - for £1.5m ie less than 5% of what we paid for Silva.
Buying Siva wasn't a mistake - he may become a "good player" - but paying unconditonally up front the fee for a good player was a mistake particularly when that transfer stopped you buying the players we actually needed for this year.

{Ed001's Note - why do you keep saying Fosun learn? They own the club, but they do not watch over it and run it, they leave it to the guys they put in charge. Very few owners are that hands on.}

05 Jun 2021 12:52:04
-----------abuse from a clearly pig ignorant troll removed-------

05 Jun 2021 12:56:45
Went ok Thefutureisoldgold thanks, I done my garden after jab will do my brothers tomorrow 2 gardens in one day is too much as I've been off work all week and lost my oomph.

Regarding fosun learning from mistakes I think every good business or person takes stock of the consequences of their actions whether they worked out how they wanted or not.
I think if Jimenez injury jonny injury we would of finished the season higher than 13th, which would then not of been as much focus on fosun or the clubs actions which are construde as mistakes ie transfer windows.
I am very positive mostly about where our club is since fosun and maybe don't see what others do.
I do see I haven't seen wolves as good as we are since fosun and I love posters who have and understand them, I believe I do.
I remember my dad telling me he had loads of friends who would never go to watch wolves when we got relegated from the old first division in the 80's.
Lucky for me and bro my dad still carried on watching wolves right down to the 4th division.
I remember andy Mutch before bully came and my dad saying to us Mutch isn't much good. We were the worst we could be then, alas the best player I will ever witness till I die the famous steve bull.

05 Jun 2021 13:56:31
Phil don't get me wrong you are absolutely correct both to say Fosun (or Shi if you view that differently) will surely take on board what has happened and will respond accordingly AND of course if we hadnt had the injuries we would have finnished higher - maybe even 7th or better!
Consequently again you are correct that we wouldn't notice the things that weren't perfect so much then.
Further I have been going since the late sixties including the dark days of the mid 80s and I actually agree that these last 3 year have been as good as any ( maybe McGarry's team of the early 70s? ) .
So sorry maybe I am being too harsh on Shi but I realise that as you get older you don't have as much time to see yet another rebuild/ false dawn.
Nuno got us - with Fousn's help - so far and so close but we fell seemingly for no real reason at the last step.
PS No one can ever disparage Bully's record and loyalty to Wolves but in my time Robbie Keane is the best with.

05 Jun 2021 13:57:28
with John Richards a close 2nd.
I am hopefully however the Traore could become the best of the lot - ending on a highly controversial note again - sorry!

05 Jun 2021 14:56:58
Everytime Bull had the ball the whole crowd was as to put it as a pun off their seats.
Me squashed in the mosh on the southbank.
Robbie keane was the same but Robbie keane was only with us a short period of time.
No one has come close to these 2 for me.
Bull number 1
Keane number 2

Jota was in the running for me,
I thought Jota was/ is a much better footballer than Traore but to be honest Traore has more potential to be the greatest of all, for you I hope he does fulfill his potential you never know with new manager Traore could become our star performer week in week out.
Like all I'm itching for new season to commence.
We may sell and buy players which some fans may not like but the proof in the pudding will be when the new season gets underway.
England play Croatia a week tomorrow 1st group game in the euros I'm going for a Coady bullet header at the back stick after kane wins a foul by diving lol.

05 Jun 2021 17:07:46
futureisoldgold and Phil as ever I pretty much agree with all you've said so saves me repeating it!
Out there are many players being released by clubs that could get into our first team. The club will have access to them as all clubs do. We could sort our team out relatively cheaply on saving transfer fees obviously we still have to pay them. Balbuena is out of contract at West Ham just one example that comes to mind. Not too class but I'm sure would fit our defence. Whether he'd come or not who knows. There will be quite a few around Europe looking for a new club. Will be an interesting transfer window. I'm sure they will do it better than last year, we can but hope!

05 Jun 2021 19:03:06
Thefutureisoldgold and older than me fans,
I do read and listen that it maybe running out of time for you guys to see wolves win something again and I I sincerely hope we do.
If we do it in 20 30 years time all you guys will be within me as is my late dad.
When sir jack took over my dad told me son the sleeping giant is awaken we are going places. it was only a year or so after Sir Jack took over my dad suddenly passed. we failed under Sir Jack and now with fosun we have our best chance in my lifetime.
I hope we do it.

05 Jun 2021 22:05:25
Phil - v sorry to hear about your dad's seemingly premature passing albeit a long time ago now. I am sure he is however looking down v proud of you - and not just for carrying on his love of the team - but because you do seem to be a truly good guy and your comments above are genuinely touching!
Whilst the league may be a bit of a challenge in the near term you are correct that we really could win something - the FA cup two years ago was close and Europa last year was perhaps only a missed penalty away - who knows!
But with fans like you the club will always be in good hands and even if we don't win anything this year we just have to believe don't we that "the future is old gold" and one day we will see what our parents/ grandparents - dependong on how old you are - saw in the 50s!

06 Jun 2021 08:11:50
Thanks mate.



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