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31 May 2021 19:31:00
Having read a lot of the posts from the last few days/ week it seems that the default setting for any Wolves fan of a certain vintage is doom and despondency.

True enough we've had it tough, certainly I first started going in '78/ 79. We haven't had much to cheer overall and the previous 3 seasons before C.V. hit were, well, exceptional let's be honest.

I don't particularly like the fact Nuno has gone I think he deserved a break and a pre-season with the idea of fans coming back BUT I also understand why he's gone.
The football was very poor, the mistakes were game after game and a lot of the line-ups baffling.

For me Nuno looked lost in January/ February time. The smile had gone. Arms folded on the touchline, sucking his glove in one game really got to me!
Post match interviews were a chore to listen to, painful.

Rumours are rife that this happened, that was said but only Nuno and Jeff Shi will truly know I guess.
People complaining of price increases but now it's time to put our money where are mouths are - again - to try and get those golden days back once more.

I believe Fosun still want this and they do care, 100%. That said the more bitching and moaning they are exposed to will only suffice to cause problems - for us.
It's a huge time for the club now and we HAVE to move forward.
All together.

We have the nucleus of a great squad and whoever it is Fosun employ to take us forward we have to support them.

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31 May 2021 20:21:17
What makes me laugh is all the fickle fans. All last season, it was abundantly clear that we would usually have 1 good 45 minutes per game and so a lot of fans were calling for Nuno to go as he had taken us as far as he could and was unable to implement a different tactic. Now that he's gone, these same fans are despondent and saying that Fosun need to leave as Nuno was a god.

Personally, I think that Fosun have taken stock of everything from missing players, to performances and decided to act. Yes we had a number of players missing and this was always going to have an effect on our performances, just like it did at Liverpool, but I truly believe that Fosun must have grilled Nuno about why some of our performances were so abject (West Ham, Burnley and Baggies) and in others we only performed for either one half or against 10 men. Maybe Fosun thought Nuno could not move us any further forward and decided to act sooner rather than later.

31 May 2021 20:44:22
I've noticed this as well Jas, half those posters now shouting Fosun out were the very ones shouting Nuno out three months back! You couldn't make it up, sadly we seem to be well into troll season it would seem! 🙄.

31 May 2021 20:45:08
I think you're completely right Jas M, I've no doubt it wasn't a knee-jerk reaction.

31 May 2021 22:35:13
So do you think Fosun made the right decision with regards to Nuno then Jas M.

01 Jun 2021 00:33:14
E, I'm not saying that so don't attempt to misconstrue my words. I'm saying that Nuno and Fosun have had a conversation which we all know and it had resulted in Nuno going. Whether that is because Fosun don't like the way the playing side is going or whether it was Nuno who wanted something, we'll never know. All I know is that I'll always back whoever the manager is and also believe the owners have our best interests at heart.

01 Jun 2021 07:39:55
Jas M, your comments reflect well the situation.
Clearly things began to unravel between Nuno and Senior Management months ago.
Right or wrong, my view is Fosun wanted Nun's exit to be civilised and orderly, hence all the rumours about Nuno taking other jobs as far back as January.
My concern is not Fosun, but the local senior team. A disastrous transfer window last summer and now the handling of a replacement manager, which is making us look very silly.
If Lage is being appointed, how is it we didn't about the W.

01 Jun 2021 08:55:21
Jas M - There are a lot of fans who do seem to either always need a scapegoat or have short memories. Casing examples, Kevin Thelwell was criticized during several windows, but now it's seen as a mistake to have let him move on. Nuno was lauded as our saviour then after a bad spell seen as not good enough. I remember the slow start to the 19/ 20 season sat in the stand against Reading in the LC. Someone then said Nuno should go and Benitez should come in. That season we got to a European QF and finished 7th.

And players in recent times like Adama, Coady, Dendonker, Semedo, Saiss, Danny Batth (our championship winning captain and one of our own who wore the shirt with pride) have all felt the wrath of the fans to name but some.

I think we'll have to wait for Nuno to write a book before we found out what happened, but I don't believe it's a decision either Nuno or the board would have made lightly.

01 Jun 2021 10:45:30
Jas has alluded to the fact that it's not all black and white with Fosun/ Nuno. Clearly results were disappointing even when taking injuries into account. I personally would lay the blame 50/ 50 between Fosun and Nuno. I wonder if Nuno's attitude was fatalistic acceptance of poor results, because Fosun had made the mistakes? Maybe Nuno expected Fosun would take the blame and back him fully in the next window?

01 Jun 2021 12:58:39
I genuinely think nuno had had enough after the fa cup fiasco. He concentrated on prem survival but got the wrath of practically all supporters. He looked drained and at a loss at the time. Cv injuries poor results with tinkering of line ups didn't work out and I think those knock backs contributed to the mutual parting. The timing however is the interesting bit, Friday before last game, but it did give us chance to show our appreciation and for nuno to thank us. A mutual situation if ever there was.

01 Jun 2021 13:08:47
Don't forget that even though we finished 7th the season before last, our first-half performances would have seen us relegated.

01 Jun 2021 21:31:39
I see it this way it started going sour between nuno and fosun when the transfer window shut and someone brought in Jose in and I don't think nuno thought that much about him certainly not good enough to cover (jimenz) so in defiance he decided to use silva that Jeff said (is the best young player for his age) to show Jeff that he is still just a kid and needs a lot of game time to progress and that will probably IMO end in the championship for a season to gain the game time.



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