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29 May 2021 09:06:17
You know I read other sites and often get "mad" at the comments due to the inaccuracies in the arguements, well the Patricio "sale" thread on another site is a great case in point.
It is argued that we shoudn't sell as we would make a loss on the deal.
However he has completed 3 years of a 4 year contract and was signed for circa £18m. This means he is in the books for £4.5m and the postulated sale price was £10m ie we would be selling for a profit!
What it shows is that people don't understand depreciation - although most of us have cars and it affect them just a much a it does football contracts- and are therefore arguing with inaccurate/ downright wrong "facts" and that is what drove me to my somewhat uncalled for caustic remark last time!
Perhaps if it was explained that we had bought 4 cans of beer for £1.80 and had drunk 3 of them and were being offered a £1 for the last one it might be easier to understand.
Personally if Patricio can be sold for £10m - he will leave on a free next year I don't think that is a bad deal. With the potentially huge savings in wages taken into account as well I imagine we could buy a well established but younger Prem quality gk and still be "up" on the deal!

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29 May 2021 11:58:44
Hello Thefutureisoldgold,
Firstly you always got a friend in me to say anything you want same with every poster on here.

Secondly as you know I don't go on any social media sites other than this one. One of the reasons is what you are saying.

3rd, I should not of doubted you when I got it wrong and your post upset me. You and SQ are my wolves banter friends and I have got mad with your posts but thanks to posters like bullysboy and Rated you and SQ are my wolves nuts friends still.

The last month or so I have been stressed to breaking point with a multiple of personal things which is when I'm at snapping point I apologise.
All is good I got a week off work paid whitsun holiday.

Now the most important part my reply to you about Patricio.
I think Patricio has served us very well and was a major coup for us when we signed him.
I think if we release him the club will have a just as good or better replacement already lined up.
Goalkeeper to me is one of the 4 major positions in the team along with c/ b c/ m and striker.
I think every team needs these 4 positions to be the best players in the team the spine of the team.
If Jimenez is the same player before skill injury that's the striker sorted, Patricia or as I said above a replacement just as good or better tgats goalkeeper sorted. C/ b could argue Coady is or not and c/ m we need a top top midfielder.
I add we need a quality c/ b to accompany Coady.

I'm in the garden its starting to spit/ drizzle I got roughly 1/ 8 of the back lawn to finish cutting lol.
Must dash.
Up the mighty wolves.

29 May 2021 13:00:16
Well said both of you. I think there are quite a few of us on here that can express an opinion without falling out. Let's face it I'm sure we all want the same thing tbh. Goalkeeper, if he goes it's time to sell or give a new contract. I'd sell personally, we can get as good or better for less money imo. Centre mid attacker we very much need that can release our pace. We're not shot of holding/ defence there. Good centre back and subs are also needed. Salary from that we're ok ha ha! Have a good sunny weekend peeps!

29 May 2021 13:22:06
phil - v v sorry to hear that you have not been on top form this last month. Hopefullly the better weather and the end ( please) of C.V. will make some small difference and help you get back on top.
Completely agree that the spine of the team is vital and that is where Nuno had it so right - Patricio, Coady/ Boly, Neves/ Moutinho and Jimenez was a v strong spine. Sadly injuries and time have hurt the team but i'm still confident we can get back on track
I got up early to mow mine and now have the cuttings ready to take to the tip - wife tells me it will be heaving on a saturday and as I am retired I can go in the week after the bank holiday!
Actually watching the big match revisited at moment Arsenal v Liverpool at Highbury in 74. Your lawn would be a lot lot better than the pitch - how did they play on these mud pies!

ps in all seriouness Phil you are right about the good guys on here. I don't know any of you - although it turned out I actually ued to work with a chap on one of the sites but unlike you he used a moniker like me so it wasn't till we were chattting I realised who he was - but chaps like Ken, Taff and many many others seem genuinely good chaps, even those whose views on football I don't always agree with!

29 May 2021 13:52:51
We don't always have to agree to get on. Being married tells me that! It's good we agree to disagree without falling out. This is a good well moderated site I'm glad to say and most of us think first!

29 May 2021 14:11:20
Thanks Thefutureisoldgold and Ken.
I done all chores done I just been to the tip.
I imagine these other sites there are lots of wind up merchants who just post to get a reaction.

Regarding the summer transfer window it would be nice to know how much transfer kitty there is but imagine we will never know.
We must be getting a big wedge of money off the premier league.
The money generated from the commercial side too.
We lost on gate receipts due to no fans.
A quick rough workout (I'm not at work and haven't my calculator at hand all me head)
Round off each home game in the league to 30,000 multiply that by say average ticket price £30 equals £900,000 multiply by 19 (home games) equals £17million plus all the food drinks programmes club shop merchandise we roughly lost out to over £20million.
Which taken off the other main streams of revenue to me isn't as bad as I first thought.
Will be intriguing to see if we replace our number 1 goalkeeper (Rui) and get a c/ b midfielder maybe a striker.

29 May 2021 14:43:58
I've no idea what the accounts are phil, but we've also got to take the expenditure out. Loan repayments, staff, transport, extra testing facilities, even the electric bills. Whatever we are in a worse financial position than we would have been. I don't know if we got extra TV payments from being live every game ( I would image we get a cut) there must be loads of permutations involved so it's anyone's guess where we are. I think we're going to be on a tight budget unless we get £'s and £'s for a big name, possibly two. But as ever I'm going to be behind my wolves whoever is at the helm and whoever wears the shirt, (even jose if it comes to that) . So chin up mate, it hurts me to think of people having bad times, I've had my share too, but as always out of darkness etc. Your a good well opinioned chap I can tell so to quote again, don't let the ******** get you down.

29 May 2021 15:07:00
Phil as long as out doesn't equal incoming it would help with numbers on the bench. In the three good years with Nuno I was always concerned about what happens if our main guys get injured! And boy did it come home to roost this season. I hope Shi gets it and addresses the problem. You can't be a success with a small squad unless you are very lucky and we were for three years. Can't make that mistake again!

29 May 2021 15:29:53
Cheers Abbey👌
Ken I agree we need squad depth, I'm wondering if loan players like Sanderson giles will be recalled and given a chance plus we have other young players out on loan,2or3 of them will bolster the squad, that's if they are good enough.
This player on loan at spurs vitishi sorry spelling maybe wrong I'm sure I read his parent club wants viangre and we get vitishi in the deal.
I like you Abbey will get behind the new manager and the players who ever they be.
We all will have our day with wolves I'm sure of it.

29 May 2021 19:50:03
Same as you Phil will support whoever comes in as I have since 67 when I moved to Wolverhampton. I have never changed since then, ain't changing now!

30 May 2021 10:23:45
Hi, i'm a first time poster on here, Jeff Shi talks a lot of boloney if you ask me. Firstly saying that they want Wolves to be amongst the elite clubs in the Premier League, this just isn't going to happen mainly because of the Chinese governments interference in overseas investments. FFP is a joke, if clubs can't manage their own finances then that's tough on them. As for a new stadium in my eyes the current stadium is unfit for purpose, i've been at the old Molineux when there's been 50, 60 - 000 people inside, with the fanbase we have surely a new stadium to accomodate these fans is a must, but I guess that will never happen as it seems to me that Fosun don't have that kind of money to invest. Maybe they should sell up to someone who does. I'm really dreading this upcoming season if rumours are to be believed that to buy players we have to sell first, looks like we could be in for a relegation dog fight.

30 May 2021 10:26:24
Agreed whoever comes in has my support as we all want to see the club doing well. A few seem to forget that with financial fair play there is a limit to what Fosun can invest, so they have to trade players (buy, develop, sell for profit) to give the club more money to play with. Unfortunately we don't have the revenue generation of the top 4 challenging clubs at the moment and so when a transfer doesn't work out it will hit us harder than it would them.

Leicester has to be the model we need to look to, and they've had bad seasons mixed in with good, it hasn't all been an upwards trajectory for them, just as it won't be for Wolves or any other club with similar ambitions.

For some perspective our one bad season has been finishing 13th in the best league in the world during a C.V. and injury hit year. We could be unlucky and have owners like Albion, Birmingham, Newcastle, Blackburn to name a few. Despite some of the criticism they have I think Fosun have served us well over the past 5 years.

Regardless of what happens it will be an interesting summer window.

30 May 2021 11:46:13
Karlis, welcome to the site. I get your frustration and I understand that there are many who went to Molineux when 50k+ attended. If I had a choice, I would much rather Fosun upgrade the playing side first rather than the ground.

30 May 2021 14:08:22
Karlis welcome. I think I am one of the more conservative/ bearish posters on here and consequently totally understand your fears. However if you read posts such a Oxleys further up the page and Alex's excellent and balanced post just above this, I think you can see the scale of the issue.
FFP does exist, so Fosun can't just throw money at it, as Chelsea and City did, to bridge the gap and become part of the " Elite", even if they had the money - they probably do - and wanted to spend it - they probably dont!
It now requires us to build commercial revenues, see my post below on ticket prices, to try and find the funds to buy the type of player we need to match the big 4.
(Agree with Jas we need to firstly sort out the team and then once revenues sharply increase - which they do with success possibly we can build the new stadium)
In the meantime we need to buy/ sell wisely, (as we largely did for Nuno' first 3 years) and play in a style that maximises what we have and minimises the shortcomings, (Nuno did that brilliantly for the first 3 years)
Net net we just need to avoid nightmare seasons like last year when the club bizarrely got nearly everything wrong and we had a huge injury list.
I accept that next year won't be easy due to last year's debacle and the ongoing injury crisis but a reasonable summer should be enough to see us back to an even keel - 13th again? - and then perhaps we will be in a position to return to our former upward trajectory?
Fingers crossed Fosun (or if they do sell - which I don't think they will- the new buyer? ) do a good job this summer as I agree there are lots of big issues that need addressing and our margin of error is now much smaller than it was 12 months ago.
Despite all this though I remain optimistic that Fosum have learnt their lessons and this summer will be fine!

30 May 2021 20:21:32
Karlis welcome, your quite right in quoting high attendances at the mol, they were of course in times of limited TV no dvd vcrs etc and few distractions entertainment wise from football, wolves were riding high or living on that legacy of support, (I include myself in that category), it was standup viewing in the main and half time was queueing for a bovril. To get those attendances would be an incredible task in today's climate and mean a doubling of capacity of an all seater ground, could they do that with associated restrictions? The ground is very much fit for purpose as we are at present, and money is better off spent on the team. As Jeff shi explained ground development needs financing with loans investments etc and interest rates need to be in line. This season been a disappointment in comparison to our surprise achievements of the last 2. If I'm right 13th is still our highest position in 40years. Next season is about stabilisation, generating our global fan base (s) and seeing where we can go. The 10year plan still seems in place with fosun, but they (in a comparative way) have taken hits from cv too. Everything is going to take realigning we've got to accept that and accept were not going to be challenging the top 4.



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