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26 May 2021 16:46:13
Don't think it will be Bruno taking over just reading might be a problem getting him a work permit and I'm not so sure we will get 1 for him.

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26 May 2021 17:53:45
Conte left inter?

26 May 2021 18:27:20
Q. Would any of our Sherpa Van Winning team make it into our current squad?

26 May 2021 18:40:11
He'd def fit and played the exact same system as Nuno so we know the squad would suit his style.
Be a massive statement oF intent - expensive - but if you think success is expensive have a look at what failure costs!

26 May 2021 18:43:47
Probably end up at Spurs.

26 May 2021 18:58:13
Conti has some serious pedigree, one of the best managers around, he has taken on teams that are struggling and turned them around, my only worry would be it would a one or 2 season thing.

26 May 2021 19:00:08
The tatter who wears an england cap.

26 May 2021 20:28:15
Thank heavens for Brexit then Giants.

26 May 2021 20:39:33
Zinedine Zidane 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮.

26 May 2021 21:08:49
Sydney do you mean it would take him two years to do it or he'd only be here two years?
Either way if he was as succeful as he has been elsewhere i'm all for it!
Wombourneron - we can dream but of course you are probably correct
Greyleg - saw ZZ was mentioned by Mr Bull but i'd imagine that's even more unlikely than Conte.

26 May 2021 22:21:45
Paul Lambert to return with Dean Saunders as his assistant.

26 May 2021 23:03:22
With Mick McCarthy as fitness coach.

26 May 2021 23:07:44
thefutureisoldgold and Greyleg. More chance of getting ZZ Top to do a gig than ZZ from Madrid I reckon! As for Conte to expensive I suspect but it would be an interesting ride I think with his latin temper there would be some ears burning every match!

26 May 2021 23:27:59
Re: Raging's very interesting question, obviously Bully! And one other, because Robbie Dennison would be more creative than Neves, Moutinho and Dendoncker put together, and they're all going to the Euros! FWAW.

27 May 2021 07:56:07
Future, as in he would only stay for a season or 2, I think Martinez or Lampard need to be considered, Frank's doesn't get many votes, but I think he would be a good fit.

27 May 2021 09:27:02
Sydney - like Nuno he also seems to move on - perhap all manager do thee days. Surviving for 4 years is a pretty strong sign that you have been succesful!
Although many are dismissing Frank due to his "failure" at Chelsea the bar is set somewhat lower at Wolves and he does have a v good record of developing younger players - a route rightly or wrongly we seem to have embraced.
ps did you hear Southgate this morning saying pace and athleticism are key for winning teams. As the least pacey and althetic side in the division perhaps our recruitment team could take notice and stop buying camels with the strength of a glass of water but buy playere whocan contribute to the team and contribute now!

27 May 2021 09:42:52
I see Jeff, thinks the world of Fabio, looks like he's here for the long haul, I hope he does very well going forward, the potential is there for a skinny 18 yr old,
Perhaps Adams can get him to go into the gym and beef up a bit

27 May 2021 10:47:00
We have one or 2 with abit of pace, but it would be good to see a commanding no nonsense midfielder to stamp his authority on a game, we seem to sit too deep a lot of the games, we need to boss the middle and set the tempo in more games.
A big pacey forward who can work on last man and upset defences, too antvtimes we get the ball wide and have no options in the middle, Raul's injury highlighted this.

27 May 2021 11:17:07
Jas, you forgot about Karl 'the crab' Henry coming back as sideways passing coach.

27 May 2021 16:20:14
If we signed Martinez we will get relegated! The man has never been able to organise a defence, which is precisely why he has struggled with Belgium despite having some of the best players in the world to work with! It's a no from me to Martinez and Lampard, let's have someone get the job on merit rather than just a recognised name please!

27 May 2021 16:21:22
Sydney - Absolutely. Nuno built a system that suited our players, tight and compact, non running defence, occassionally bursting out using Jota, Traore and Neto - the one or two fast (actually v fast) players we had - with Jimenez in the middle to tie it all together and score the goals.
It was hugely succesful!
The decision to throw the system away and ask the players to do things they simply weren't phyically capable of doing was therefore mad and combined with a horrific injury list obviously resulted in a poor season.
Again Sydney agree we didn't have the correct option available after Jimenez's injury.
V worried about all these statements/ rumours re tranfer budget. Having spent or promised to spend nearly £90m on 4 players for the future, who were not even intended to play last year, (or presuambly next), and net zero on ready to play players - Semedo and Marcal being more than financed by Jota and Doherty we now find that we have no money left for the present despite the screaming needs.
No wonder Greyleg Jeff is saying he loves Silva - he has bet the farm on him so can't really say anything else!
Lets just hope Jimenez does return and we don't have to find out if Silva can keep us up - because i'm not that optimistic!

28 May 2021 10:54:45
Future, it will be an interesting couple of weeks ahead for sure, Bully going back to your comment on merit, who do you actually think has the Merit to your satisfaction? Rafa? his last job in premier league at Newcastle wasn't really what I would call a success, yes he has in past done well, but he was at clubs where he had to money also.



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