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24 May 2021 12:36:22
Does anyone think Fosun are clearing the decks ready to sell?
As an investment company the Club is obviously worth more than they paid for it. Investment in the stadium hasn’t materialised, investment in players has established the Club as mid table. A new Head Coach without adding quality players to the squad won’t challenge the top six, perhaps that’s why Nuno went. The next few weeks is going to be very interesting to say the least and the Club might well end up with a better Coach but one thing’s for certain. they won’t find a better man.

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24 May 2021 13:45:51
No I strongly believe Nuno wanted a break, we wasn't there in the meeting so don't know what went on.
It's all speculation atm i'm wondering what was meant by "it's see you soon. " for all we know he could just be taking a year out to be with his family and could come back. We do not know.

24 May 2021 13:49:02
Unfortunately I think so just read that the Chinese have told all the people in football to step aside and investment companies are doing just that I think it is going to be a problem with all clubs that have Chinese owners the story also said neto traore and neves have been put on the transfer list to raise funds to overall the squad so nuno said he can no longer manage the team and take them forward so I'm really hoping that fosun sell us and the new owners get our Nuno back.

24 May 2021 13:50:42
Answer to your question Ron is I never thought of fosun selling up till I read your post, I see clearly it can happen but I don't think it will or more correctly I hope they dont.
The dream and excitement I had for us has gone purely down to nuno leaving.
But fosun must get the fans onside to their promise the 10year plan until then I can say I am in limbo and my mind is very much at unrest.
But if all else fails Ron I enjoy the banter amongst us all as us fans will always be here.

24 May 2021 14:30:01
Whilst today they would undoubtedly be able to make a reasonable profit on their investment it would be an odd time to do so and would hardly be maximising the IRR on their investment - if they had wanted to do that they should have sold last summer, even though C.V. would have suppresed values at that stage as well. Now with a whole season impacted by C.V. values will be much lower even before taking into account the collapse in the teams fortunes. (you say established us in mid table well maybe we were last year but surely not now - I think most pundits will be looking at Wolves as a side that has a lot of work to do - money spent! - to avoid a relagtion battle next season. )
Also if they had wanted out this year would they have taken such a bold and long term view on transfers? If they wanted to maximise value and had decided to sell this year they would have played a lot safer signing established even veteran battle hardened pros and made sure we edged forwards - a team that comes 6th or 7th with the promise of regular European football and cup runs is worth a fortune.
Instead they seemed happy to slide backwards - reducing short term value - for the promise of a golden future that would eventually uplift value even beyond that seen last summer so selling at the nadir of value would be an odd thing to do.
However we will find out what Fosun want to do - cut and run or double down and reinvest - by the end of the summer.
Fingers crossed they make a wise decision and either support the new manager or if they cant/ won't they sell to someone who can and will.

24 May 2021 15:22:31
Giant I have to ask where exactly did you read this story?! That's some article to go through the inner workings of Chinese legislation change and to then go on and specify which players Wolves (specifically) were putting on the transfer list?! Such a broad article! 🤣
And selling wise is that the same Neto that's out for a season, the same Adama that's said to be on the verge of a new contract?!
C'mon gents this week's already felt like a long one without peeps trying to wind everyone up! 🙄.

24 May 2021 16:11:17
Bullsboy2 I read the artical written by Jack Cummings it was in the latest edition of football podcast some artical about what the Chinese powers to be have told all Chinese people to get out of football so don't shoot messenger I read and will share it with you I didn't write it I just said basically what the artical said.

24 May 2021 17:17:20
Not blaming you Giant more the nature of some of these articles! It would have taken them five minutes to find out that Netos long term injured therefore has no chance of being sold! Which pretty much sums up the level of research. It's the same with half these pundits piling in saying next stop the Champ. They know as little as the rest of us and are just filling the gap with doom because it sells. Of course Fosun will need to scale back, so will every owner but all the rest is doom sayers guess work at the moment! Let's just see what happens next shall we 👍 🐺.

24 May 2021 17:40:43
I do see your point about the neto and injured but the artical did make for good reading and make a lot of sense imo it matches with what is going on first off nuno did sign a 3 year contract with us and you could all see with his interview after match that yes he wants to be with his family but you could see the passion he had for the fans the team and every fan bar 1 idiot did him proud you could see he doesn't want to leave but with the financial situation at the moment and the fact the need to sell our best players and do best you can in transfer market would add strength to the artical I read but we been here before I agree fosun ain't going to sell unless it is double what they paid at least which would be good news as if you're willing to pay that in this climate you pockets must be deep meaning we would not be selling any 1 but would be buying but time will tell until then pack stay strong.

24 May 2021 17:53:44
Giant Bullys boy, I had heard about money not being able to be got out of China at the moment? Came off an ex Financial director Just dismissed it without a thought as a Villa fans wind up to be honest, however maybe a bit more to it than I thought.

24 May 2021 18:08:29
Fair points gents and I'm not saying it isn't so (I admittedly know nothing of Chinese markets) but I just don't believe the credibility of most of these sources at this stage cause Fosun have let no details slip on our finances before so not sure why they would start now? I also don't really get why peeps think keeping Nuno was the more exspensive option, historically this is rarely the case?! People are talking as though a reduced transfer budget would force the club to release him from the last two years of his contract and that just ain't so. If Fosun wanted to pull the purse strings tighter surely the easiest and cheapest thing would have been to keep Nuno and tell him to persevere with the youngsters (as he was already doing this)?! I'm not pretending for a minute that I know what Fosun are up to but there seems to be a story filling the void and the story seems to be that they wanted to shift Nuno on for a fire sale of the players and tightening of the purse strings. Only problem is when you actually stop and think it through if that was the case then there was no logic to firing Nuno?! He was tied down to the club, if they wanted to give him no budget next year that would still be the case! Just ask Wenger he spent a career pretending a decent budget was just round the corner, bless him! 👍.

24 May 2021 18:42:30
Stands to reason that the cheapest option for Fosun was to do nothing. Sacking Nuno and his team must be expensive. Plus, to get a new guy in with his own team will take some big financial promises. Which top coach in his right mind will take the Wolves job if he has to sell before he buys? That would be a poisoned chalice. If Fosun really are going to be tightening the purse strings, I would rather they sold up. If, and it's a big if, new and wealthy owners came in this summer, the first thing they should do is to bring Nuno back.

{Ed002's Note - I am not so sure you understand the situation at all. There are already a couple of coaches Wolves have approached as I have explained.}

24 May 2021 20:00:30
I just think Fosun wanted to make a change. From what I understand Nuno and his staff will continue to be paid as per their contracts. So Nuno can sit for 2years if he wishes but he's too good to do that. If he gets a job on less money Wolves will have to top it up. So the cost to Fosun will be a significant rise from now before any buys are made. That's my understanding of the situation anyway.

24 May 2021 20:25:02
I agree Ken, sometimes the obvious answer is in fact the right answer. Only problem is this particular answer may not have been obvious to us fans! So everyone's now reaching for the foil hats and a sub plots! 🐺.

24 May 2021 20:57:54
Further to Giants post, this may develop the topic further.

china forcing investors to pull out

24 May 2021 21:53:07
Very true BB though its nice to this site to comment and speculate. As a fan its good to be in contact with others to share opinions!
I will support whoever comes in and hope for the best! I just hope Fosun know what they've done and are doing i'm not sure that Lager is the right choice but I hope we don't end up feeling Bitter about it!
Worrying times Nuno the best since McGarry. That also was a pretty good time to be Wolves fan!

25 May 2021 11:11:43
Good post Ken!
ps more beer jokes - you are wasted on here!
I posted a comparison with Mcgarry on an earlier post and agree entirely with you.
V different world then though.
The players were virtually all British.
Squads were smaller, only 1 sub and first 11s barely changed for years.
The transfer market was small and not that active - player development/ identification was far more important.
I guess no one had any money - even Man U - and so players were not tempted to move their families and lives a hundred miles across the country for a few quid a week more. Nowdays a player from Ipswich could add a 0 onto his salary if he moved to Man U!
Today even a great like Clough or Bobby Robson couldn't move Ipswich or Forest into the top6. Its money money money. Nuno's achievements I would therefore argue are even more impressive than McGarry's
How good they are will be highlighted by how the next guy does.
Lets hope he makes Nuno look like an amateur!

25 May 2021 18:50:11
futureisoldgold. I don't think my comedy talent would take me very far but I love things that play with our English language, so useful. Two Ronnie's were quite good with it!

Yes very different times McGarry was great but very different era and criteria. In the cold light of day I think Nuno had reached the end of his time. Now for a new chapter. He will be a very hard act to follow but Sunday was a harsh lesson in how far we still have to go to break into the top four. With all our first team we would probably have beaten that Utd team of reserves. I dread to think of the score if we had played our team of reserves. Could we have fielded 11 reserves? It's what we aspire to wether that is ever likely to happen in our lifetime who knows. Nuno gave us a dream, a lovely man he's going to be sorely missed I feel. But we can but hope!



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