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19 May 2021 18:52:58
That's the most energetic I've watched us play in months! Hope the second half continues like this, bringing the game to them. Ruddy playing gives me more hope!

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19 May 2021 19:59:07
Yet again no punch up front. Yet again Neves and Moutinho complete wastes of space. Yet again allowing Richarlison to score after 11 games without a goal-Chris Wood syndrome. Yes a bit unlucky first half-good saves from Pickford. Undone once again by a set piece without creating anything at all from the numerous set pieces we were given. Referee poor-Digne should have at least seen a yellow. Ain't good enough and two months in the summer won't be long enough to turn around this pack of shambles.

19 May 2021 20:00:05
How was that not a penalty 😮😮😮😮😮.

19 May 2021 20:09:55
For all our possession we walk away empty handed, For me VAR got it wrong again, that a penalty in my view, and if it had been one of the big so called 6 sides it would have been given.
I'm pretty peed off after watching that game, but I'm very hopefully we will have a big turn around for next season a proper pre season, some new faces to shake up the team a bit.
I hope there will be a few players coming in, and after the last half dozen games Give Traore the contract he wants, he deserves it, I have been one of his knockers this season at times, but he has proved me wrong in the last few games and would be glad to see him stay.

19 May 2021 20:52:29
Shame they can only do it for 45mins.

19 May 2021 21:02:46
Phil as I gather you missed the first half and said you missed my match reports and “ratings” I will break my resolution not to post ratings until next season – they, as the “truth” often does, upset people you see! – and give you a potted history of the game (and ratings in a separate post) .
First the ref. On other sites Wolves fans are v v unhappy with him. However, I didn’t think he was bad – just on holiday. He clearly thought it was a pre-season friendly and officiated accordingly.
Everton particularly in the first half fouled a lot – it was as I have said many times a clear strategy to foul early and often. However, the ref did give a fair few free kicks – ok two he gave against MGW and Traore for being fouled? - but otherwise did nothing. No cards meant that Everton just carried on fouling. Indeed, for one particularly cynical one on Semedo – a pull back to stop a break the camera turned on him and he was laughing?
Their goal came from a corner that didn’t look like it should have been a corner but I can’t be certain.
However, when Traore for the umpteenth time in the game beat his man and several other people’s as well and cut the ball back Doucoure (sp? ) clearly punched the ball out for a corner. The sky commentator spotted it live and when it was reviewed in slow motion the pundit confirmed, (well he has eyes! ), that it was a penalty. Ref and VAR says no!
Re Corners we had loads and it would be fair to say we did not look like scoring from them – ever!
Defensively following Tibbsy’s comment re defending corners I looked more closely. Neves picked up Keane – a mismatch! Traore had Mina – at least 5 inches differential, RAN stood next to (not marked) DCL but it was Boly (our best aerial defender? ) who was beaten by Richarlison for the goal.
Every corner looked dangerous – not quite Brighton levels but bad!
Perhaps a set piece coach is required – both ends!
Sky brought up a stat about crosses/ headers and corners that won’t make anyone at the club happy. We are officially useless at defending anything in the air – Oxley sir you may have a good point!
Otherwise, we dominated possession and territory for long periods and looked ok if somewhat toothless.

19 May 2021 21:55:52
Thanks Thefutureisoldgold,
Its just come through on my phone screen.
You are a top man and I appreciate your post to me.
I gave my brother my humbugs (if you seen my post first thing this morning)
Well one definate is that I don't work on the sabbath so I will definitely be watching the utd game lol.
It seems I missed the best half, but Traore run was phenomenal just bad luck he coukdnt get a rocket shot away.
It was a definate penalty in my opinion.
Next season is going to be awesome I have faith we are going to be fantastic.

19 May 2021 22:28:43
Ruddy -7 Presume it was a farewell appearance but was solid and made a couple of decent saves. Certainly, he can’t be faulted for the goal.
Semedo – 6 Did ok both ways. He is v neat and tidy. A mid table player not bad at all but not worth the money we paid for him and sadly in both boxes if not in the middle 3rd a significant downgrade on the Doherty we knew (and some of us loved) over the past two seasons.
Kilman 5 Although he had little to do against a modest Everton side, he never looked particularly comfortable.
Coady 7 Best of a nervous back 3.
Boly 6 Lost his man for the goal and didn’t do anything outstanding to compensate
RAN 5 Looks good going forwards but is not a LB. Defensively weak. If we are going to play 4 at the back next year as Sky intimated, (how do they know), then we shouldn’t buy him as he can’t play LB. (ps we shouldn’t have bought Semedo either as he far better in a 5 than in a 4 as well! ) But if we are going to remain sane and play a 5 then he will be ok, but obviously not at £20m
Moutinho 5 Nowhere near as bad as other sites made out but yes, his legs have gone – I told you that last August -and he did not influence the game enough. He remains neat and tidy but is that enough for £100k a week
Neves 6 Similar to Moutinho but with a bit more bite
MGW – 6 Did ok and had one good shot on target. Odd he was taken off when we were chasing the game. Suspect a year on – either away on loan or getting cameos here – he will be ready to challenge who ever is playing CM for Wolves (presumably not Moutinho still)
Silva -4 (so as to not upset people) . Typical game (virtually anonymous but had one half chance when set up by Traore – which to be fair he did ok with but was never going to score from) Needs to stop throwing himself on the floor though – Sky commented on it and refs will have taken note. BB in a throw away comment said he may become our Andy Carroll. His comment had a pejorative tone to it with regard to Carroll but oh if only, Andy Carroll – even today’s Andy Carroll - would feast on the service Traore provides!
Traore 9 would have been 10 but he tired in the last quarter. From the 1st minute when he ran back to win a tackle beat 4 or 5 players in a 60yard run and passed to a team mate to continue the attack he dominated the game. Some of our fans will point out he didn’t score or get an assist, (they do regularly and many think he is rubbish and want him sold for peanuts) but as Sky said he can’t cross to himself and we rarely had anyone in a position for him to cross to and even if we did, they were highly unlikely to score from a cross anyway as that requires heading ability and/ or movement – something that sadly our forward line bar Traore is currently sadly lacking. He was fouled incessantly (with minimal protection from the ref who sadly didn’t think this was a serious game that required the ref to do his job) was double and treble marked but still caused havoc. Perhaps could have done better with a chance that Pickford tipped over the bar and was denied a clear penalty by VAR.
Other than getting Jimenez to return to form re-signing Traore is the most important thing we have to do this summer
Jose – 3 Like Silva but perhaps less mobile
Dendonker 5 Did v little as Everton simply closed up shop for last 20 mins or so
Vitor 4 Sadly another game where it is hard to recall if he played or not. Clearly not doing well in the competition for the young CM prospect battle with MGW. No way at £20m maybe for a nominal sum with substantial performance related add-ons you might take a chance that he develops what is supposed to be a great talent?

Not a bad performance but not a good one. We didn’t look like conceding dominating the game but corners are an Achilles heel that desperately needs addressing – our defending of them is beyond school boy bad and I can’t just blame the school boys we sadly have playing for us! However, unless Traore performs a miracle with this side we don’t look like scoring ever again!

20 May 2021 00:24:38
I thought sky's best stat was sadly a little damning! We have not scored a first half goal in 80 out of 102 Prem matches! If we are ever going to progress that stat HAS to change. A team that only ever plays to win for just 45 minutes of most games will never be able to push forwards! We really do need a shake up and I think it's on its way! Let's hope we are all happy when the dust settles 🐺👍.

20 May 2021 06:29:49
Great post Thefutureisoldgold and interesting point bullysboy I think when we have a settled side which is the same virtually every match we will have some success.
I think or more in hope should I say semedo will be a lot better next season.

20 May 2021 09:17:12
Phil I have said it a million times. If we get our injured players back we have a v strong side - just no squad depth. Nuno acknowledged this last summer but then the club messed it up and we paid the price.
Next year we will be fine - if the injured players come back and we get the summer right.
If neither of these happen then sadly SQ has a v fair point.
But surely lightening can't strike twice.
PS Yes Semedo will be fine next year. He as been fine most of this - but fine for £30m?

20 May 2021 15:17:40
thefutureisoldgold well summed up my friend, nice to read. Much better performance hardly surprising in our proper defensive line up. Nice to see Ruddy get a game. Played well I thought. Sod VAR I hate it, I might have mentioned it before! Come on Sunday then as better transfer window.



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