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17 May 2021 14:51:06
Ok guys say we got £100million to spend who would you bring in?

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17 May 2021 16:15:00
Dunk, Tarkowski, Cantrell and Andre Silva.

17 May 2021 17:03:29
Rated - Excellent q.
Do we ignore wages and more importantly if they would come. Assume we can only nominate players who might be available and at fees that are realsitic -although what does that mean as every player ever sold has been at a fee someone i. e. the buyer was willing to pay no matter how daft they may appear in hindsight.
As I don't watch overseas football or play any of the football manager computer games my knowledge of non Prem players is virtually nil so I will stick to Prem players.
Without the restrictions, and perhaps needing a fair bit more than £100m, i'd obviously go for Dias and Fernandes - two more from Iberia - who would solve all of our first 11 problems at a flash and add Van Anholt and Giroud as frees to deepen the squad. Oh in a more realistic world i'd also negotiate a deal for RAN but nothng like £18m up front
With the restrictions i'd still have RAN and Van Anholt. Sadly Giroud won't come and you can forget Dias and Fernandes that boat sailed a while ago.
At CB maybe one of the Burnley boys at the back - the RCB one although I fear you are looking at £40- 50m+?
In AM Lingard although his wage demands and ambition may be hard to match. I would think you are looking at circa £40m for him as well.

17 May 2021 17:07:43
That doesn't lead much left over for a reserve CF so we would need to trawl deeply to find either a vet available on a free or a player that has been forgotten for some reason - Mitrovic?

I am certain there would be better value overseas but sadly I don't have that knowledge - hopefully the club does!

{Ed014's Note - Aguero is going on a free 🤷‍♂️

17 May 2021 17:40:27
RLC or Ross Barkley on loan with option to buy, a super quality centre half dunk a good call.
The Tottenham striker who is on loan I have forgotten his name and the details but it has been on the click bait sites recently.
A goalkeeper only if Patricio parts ways.
RAN sign him, Vithinia sign him if we get him a lot cheaper no more than 5 or 6 million, maybe negotiate more on the fee after set appearances etc etc.

17 May 2021 18:35:08
The simple question and far more relevant is this:

In light of the fact that many so called pundits are predicting Wolves to be relegated next season, how many on here are of the same opinion OR if you think Wolves will be better next season, explain your reasons? I said this season we would go down and I was wrong. I think we will drop next season: my reasons: Fosun scaling back, Traore departing, too many poor players with no prospect of moving on, FFP, Shi out of his depth running the club. Not A rant-just seeking views and opinions.

17 May 2021 19:21:12
I don't think we will be in any danger of relegation, my reason (s) for this is,
Firstly this season we have been dire most games all for good reasons like injuries, no crowds, no pre season yet we have never been deemed as in relegation trouble all season by the media and pundits.
So next season we are going to be better than our poor season now.
New signings Jimenez back a pre season crowds back, in theory we will have more than the 45 points we have now in this poor season.
Secondly fosun have shown their commitment, whether silva £35 million was a mistake or not same with semedo £30million that shows commitment.
Yesterday's game was 1 game in a 38 game season and was a patched up side.
The transfer window will I think have a big significance into everyones thoughts for next season.
I hope dream we have some success even more so for you elder guys on here.

17 May 2021 19:41:50
SQ - all the points you make are indeed valid concerns for all Wolves fans.
Taking them in order :
Not sure we can say Fosun have scaled back as I suspect FFP restricts them from doing much more than they are?
Traore departing - as most on here and indeed all Wolves chat sites seemingly want - would be a catastrophe as he is the best player in the squad and one of the v few we have who can win games on his own and is capable of playing at top 6 level where we want the team to be. But I believe, (surely you have to), Nuno is smarter than those posters and can see that fact. Hopefully Traore can be convinced to stay by both giving him a fair wage increase - probably doubling at least his salary so that he is paid more than Silva (Silva's salary is likely to be a problem for the dressing room but its there now and we have to live with it) - and rebuilding the squad to give him players of his ability to interact with (Jimenez coming back will be a big help to start with) and "hope" that we can again chalenge at the top level where he deserves to be playing.
Poor players - not in the first choice first 11 - but yes this year the bench and even the team has been populated by young players who as of today are not of the standard required and one or two senior pros who have either grown old or have failed to stand up in face of the storm - but maybe next year one or two of the younger lads them will actually be better - I am hopeful on RAN in particular and with better protection from other senior pros those players who may have perhaps let themselves down by failing to stand tall when required will return to the standards they had previously set - yes Moutinho isn't going to get younger but Dendonker and to some extent Neves for example are quality players who have just had sub par seasons.
FFP is a problem but no more than for everyone outside the big 6
Shi out of his depth - well that appears to be true but hopefully he has learnt his lessons and the club will perform better next summer
Consequently we won't go down because the injured players will come back, albeit slowly in some cases - giving us a v strong first 11 - and we surely will buy better this summer than we did last year.
As I have stated many times before - today even! - the side without the injured players or additions will as you say struggle but I don't think you are alone - see threads below - in that view.
But hopefully we won't be so stupid as to allow that scenario to play out and won't mess up the summer again.

17 May 2021 19:55:53
It's easy to look down its easy to look up, you may as well toss a coin at the moment, let's see what happens at the end of the season. a lot will depend on who stays in order to attract forward thinking players. Will nuno stay? Will mendes have any influence? What money can we spend? As it stands if players/ manager stay and with a couple or three of additions/ replacements with proven desire we should be at least top 10. But as I say until we know you can predict nowt SQ.

17 May 2021 21:32:02
Just a thought how about Josh King out of contract at Everton. Apparently Norwich are keen no doubt plus others. Decent squad player I would have thought.

17 May 2021 21:34:04
Good question Rated but it's tricky when you talk actual budgets and especially with domestic players. I will give you my picks but I think in reality a) half wouldn't come/ will have better options and b) to get them you'd need to double ya figure but it's a fun idea so here goes:
Adaribiyo, Ben White, Berge, Perriera and Ivan Toney.
Now I reckon you'd be looking at the best part of £20-50m for just one of those (the higher end for the English lads, such a premium there) . I think we have to realise here that this new role the clubs created (Player Marketing jobby) from what I can gather is all about getting the best value when selling. I reckon this clubs about to start from scratch so the budget will pretty much depend on what we can get for the current crop, after this season that worries me (that appointment better be ready to earn their wages)! 😕
I know you get stick for the relegation stuff SQ (mostly from me:) but I think it's a fair point your making there. In fact buddy I'll go one step further and say that if we don't get this next transfer window absolutely spot on, well fella I think we might (for once:) even be in agreement at the start of next season! Don't get wrong I've said on here all season that we haven't been near a relegation battle and I stand by it. However that was only ever because this season the three down there were SO poor! Not there faults cause they are mostly championship squads and have at times fought bravely. I doubt we will be THAT lucky next season so make no mistake we must improve (and that includes the club and Nuno as well) or we will have a tough time steering clear of the scrap! 👍🐺.

18 May 2021 00:24:20
I would sign: Daniele Rugani (CB) - £10m, Jack O'Connell (DF) - £15m, Maximilano Arnold (CM) - £25m but can play DM or AM and Rafael Leao - £40m.

With the returning players, we would have an excellent squad.

GK: Patricio, Sondergaad, Sarkic.

Defenders: Semedo, Hoever, Coady, Jonny, Boly, O'Connell, Rugani, Sanderson, Ait Nouri, Marcal

Midfielders: Neves, Moutinho, Arnold, Dendoncker, Otosawie, MGW

Attack: Jimenez, Silva, Neto, Adama, Leao, Podence.

Personally, I wouldn't sign Vitinha and I'd let Kilman go because in my opinion, he isn't good enough. Saiss can be sold and Ruddy released.

I've named a 25 man squad. Nuno will use this pre season to intergrate Marques, Nya, Lonwijk, Corbeanu and Dadashov etc into the senior squad.

What we need is 3 quality signings and our long term injured back.

18 May 2021 06:58:30
What we should remember before making our predictions or slating all and sundry is that the club and owners have surprised us each year with their movement in various markets and I don’t see why this will change.
Let’s look forward to some positive signings which may once again have us rubbing our hands together in anticipation of better things to come.

18 May 2021 09:20:13
I would also consider Joachim Anderson, Loftus Cheek and Matheas Pereria.

18 May 2021 11:09:44
I think (for me) our biggest problem/ concern is injuries and the unknown quantity they offer. Will Raul ever be the incredible player he was? Realistically can Jonny really come back at the highest level after two such horrific injuries in such a short window? How long will Neto actually be out for? Will Boly keep getting more regular bouts of abcense? And will Marcal ever manage to play a full month?! Don't get me wrong with all the afore mentioned players fully fit and firing we will be comfortable. The problem is I just don't see that happening any time soon?! going to be a big summer me thinks 👍.

18 May 2021 11:12:12
Aguero apparantly of to Barcelona Ed mate.

18 May 2021 11:14:29
All comments predicated on the assumption our injured players return otherwise we either need far more than £100m or need to take a far less ambitious and more conservative approach as we will need to spread the money much further.



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