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16 May 2021 16:24:19
Poor effort again today. The sooner this season ends, the better.
Definitely need to bring in improvements or surviving next season will be beyond this teams capabilities.

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16 May 2021 18:08:27
To be fair everyone was telling Nuno to experiment to play the kids and see what they had as we had nothing to lose - but the games!
Well he did and we lost v v badly.
But surely you aren't surprised. We had a lot of kids playing with a handful of older pros with notihng to play for against a highly motivated regular top 6 side.
I wrote in that long thread about the relegated teams and which of their players you would want, that the current side - ie shorn of Otto, Boly, Neto and Jimenez- is a bottom 6 side and of course it is. If we get them back - ok a big if as Neto looks v long term and Otto and Jimenez have qs against them ever returning to their previous levels - then I am quite comfortable that this is still an upper mid table team. Traore, Jimenez and Neto is a fearsome front line whilst a properly organised and motivated 343 side - surely no one thinks we can play 4 at the back now unless we are buying, as Oxley wittily puts it, 3 new defenders and 2 new CMs- should keep it tight enough for us to win enough points to end comfortably mid table.
Obviously there does need to be some changes this summer and if we don't think the 4 who are out are coming back at their former levels sharpish then we WILL need major changes.
We completely wasted the summer last year with some v bad and massively over priced signings so yes there are qs regarding our future but nothing that can't be simply solved.
PS What did we learn about our side today
Patrico should have been sold last year (Martinenz the best gk in the prem this year was on a plate for us and we missed him>) and although he is far from our biggest problem he is no longer a top half of the Prem keeper and if Roma want to pay £10m for him we shoudl take it and swap him for the younger and better Johnstone available for allegedly the same money but on a fraction fo the wages?
Hoever is a promising youngester who is not ready for the Prem yet but maybe in the future - however if we really paid £13m we hugely overpaid.
Coady - a class act and in a 5 is a top 6 player. In a 4 he will battle but isnt!
Saiss - what it says on the tin an honest but limited pro who in a 5 can play at the top end of the table but not in a 4.
Semedo - he is a solid mid table player but at nigh on £30m we were robbed blind and Doherty (under £15m? ) would be a much better bet in our old 343 system despite being slower and less skillful as he can play in both boxes and Semedo whilst pretty and good in the central 3rd is pretty ineffectual in both boxes which is where it realy counts!
Dendonker - had a truly awful game but we know he is a solid and versatile squad player - see thread below.
Moutinho - was a great player and still a genuine pro but time waits for no one and he should have gone last year and surely will this - perhaps to a coaching role or maybe a squad player as he is still v classy on the ball
Neves - solid prem league pro but sadly not the super star we were hoping for - perhaps needs a kick up the backside or maybe to be kinder a break?
Vitor - I am going to upset a lot of you - he only had 29, ( mid 40s FTE) touches today. He simply didn't get involved and was rightly hooked. Last week he also had 40 ish FTE touches. He will be 22 next season and has yet to play any real adult football. There must be a reason and perhaps it is for all his promise and talent (? ) he just isn't up to it (mentally? physicaly? ) games pass him by and he is largely a passenger. Not at 22 and £20m
MGW - looks promising and maybe next year a loan to a top level Champ side could see him return as a 22 year old ready for the first team in the Prem.
Silva - Jas look away! At £35m using BB's 4 times transfer multiple he may well be the biggest signing - relative to the size of club buying - in the history of the Prem League. With a multi million pound per annum salary he is certainly the highest paid. He should indeed be a generational talent!
But despite being massively improved from earlier on in the year he still can't run - I d love to know his 100m time but would guess at 14.5 at best - say 30m behind traore over 100m, is feeble has a terrible touch and the less said about his finishing the better. Sky were struggling to be kind about just how bad he was today.
He is ours - no one is taking him on his current contract for the foreseeable - so all we can do is send him back to the trainning ground and gym and pray!
Given Wolves finances this was a transfer the club should never have made.
As we will discover this summer when we see the transfer budget we simply can't aford to be spending over 8% of our revenues pa on a player who may or may not ever be a PremIer League quality player. If your partner put your life savings on a 10-1 chance at Redcar next week even if it eventually came in would you think it was a good idea?
Traore - best player in the team - sky commented today that he was v good but with the lack of quality around him can't do it all on his own. May be that's why he isn't signing a new contract - he is paid only slightly more than half of what Silva is paid (@? ) - and is waiting to see if the club are willing to match his ambition/ ability before deciding his next move.
Jose - won't be here next year.
Corbeanu we learnt nothing as wasn't on for very long - but he does need better boots as he fell over at least 3 times for no obvious reason. Silva also needs to learn that is not going to get you very far throwing yourself to the floor every 5 mins and looking aggreeived - so when he was fouled for what was a stone wall penalty as he went for Traore's cross he got nothing - the boy who cried wolf?
Sorry maybe Sharesum is correct after all!

16 May 2021 18:54:43
Wow the futureisoldgold that's the best I've read for ages 👍👍
I think Nuno will address the situation, and go to back three again
With the right signings tho,
In every position from top to bottom
That's two defenders two midfield
Two attackers or one and a keeper
And if he makes the right ones, traore will stay, so keep an eye his situ, that will be an indication

16 May 2021 19:24:37
Greyleg - I am a big Nuno fan. I don't know why he has flip flopped this year.
We haven't played well since before the first lockdown and he identified at the end of that horrificially long season that the Squad - even before injuries that we have since suffered - was too small and unbalanced. However as we since have discussed and surely now agreed we had an awful summer (I intend to take full credit for the fact I said this last August when most on here and the other sites were saying how well we had done) addressing none of the issues we faced including the gk one that I admit I didn't realise needed addressing.
However whilst I very much doubt we have the money to make all thosue signings I am optimistic we don't need to make quite so many.
We need a new RCB and a new AM and.

16 May 2021 19:34:04
We need a new RCB and AM for the first 11 and a new LWB - as competiton for RAN who I would sign but not for £18m - and a new CF as back up to Jimenez to bolster the squad.
I would look for vets on frees for the squad positions and blow our budget - less RAN's fee on the 2 first 11 players.
If we could sell Patricio for £10m and get Johnstone, ( or his like) great but otherwise Patricio with better protection is still a quality player - just not top quality.
He can be stretched a further 12 months and I would actually keep Moutinho for the last year of his contract even though it would make him a v v expensive squad player for his influence on and off the field and his ability. He can still make cameos or even full 90s - just not week in week out!
All of this is though predicated on the various injured players including Podence coming back and us keeping Traore.

16 May 2021 20:11:51
thefutureisoldgold. My friend that was very eloquently put and you've pretty much saved me having to bother! I agree with every word. Though I would add that I thought Coady was outstanding though it's not particularly difficult to look good when you are playing with our other defenders!

16 May 2021 21:34:07
The futureisgold I think you got everything pretty spot on there pal, let hope the powers that be read this colum,
Without a drastic change I really dear for us next season we can't rely on other teams being bad, as we are far to easy to get at, and don't offer much at the other end. I can't see us surviving with a team of promising youngsters alone and as you pointed out the last 2 transfer Windows have been awful.
I hope fosun realize the investment needed and Nuno goes for a bit more proven quality
For me Virginia and MGW won't keep us up, as for Jose, I'd have booked him a flight home weeks ago.

17 May 2021 00:48:01
Take the relegated teams out and Wolves would be bottom 6. Brilliant insight by Thefutureisoldgold. What next? Take out the top 11 clubs and we'd be champions!

17 May 2021 10:31:41
Jas - where did I say take the relegated teams out? I said shorn of Otto, Jimenez, Boly and Neto we are a bottom 6 side?
Again do you disagree?
If so where do the goals come from and how do you shore up the defence?
Do you, as we did last week when we played and beat a bottom 6 side in Brighton, rely entirely on Traore - who most on here want to sell for peanuts and is considered by many to be rubbish?
I hope this isn't going to another lengthy thread where you argue I'm wrong for several posts before acknowledging I'm correct meanwhile your acolytes dive in and add their own personal abuse.
ps In case you think I am being unkind to Silva again like Rated I don't blame the youngsters, including Silva, for the disappoiting season. The blame firmly lies with whoever was responsbile for last summer. The person who didn't realise players grow old and become less effective, that despite 3 years without injuries players do get injured and that not all players when placed under the pressure that results from the aforementioned injuries and aging of team mates play better - indeed some even fall away and lose form or are exposed as average players who have been hidden by a brilliant system and talented colleagues.
In short the person who didn't listen when Nuno said the squad was too small and unbalanced.
Youngsters should be introduced slowly and one at at time into a confident and comfortable side. Indeed even Silva's greatest fans acknowledge he wasn't supposed to play this much but should have been introduced slowly into a confident etc etc
The failure to plan meant that we not only had to throw Silva in long before he was ready but several other yongsters all at the same time and we are surprised it didn't work? Well I wasn't and I told you so last August - Lord Thor politely told me I was wrong but .
However as I have said before several times this is a good side, not squad, but side however without 4 or 5 of its best players it is a bottom 6 side. - no mention of relegated teams - as we do not have the depth of experienced players our peers do!
Note I identified West Ham, Everton and Villa as 3 sides who had good summers signing reasonably priced high quality players, (whilst we went the other way and bought potential ignoring the present for a possible future - only v v rich men can forget the present and dream of the future - we aren't rich! ) and who would overtake us last August and they have!
With the players back we are an upper mid table team and with a good summer can be a team challenging for the Europa spots - just as we were last year.
Hardly controversial is it or do you disagree?

I don't blame the you ng.

17 May 2021 12:43:10
OK, I misunderstood l and I apologise. So then answer this. If we are a bottom 6 side when shorn of Boly, Neto, Jonny and Jimenez, why have we taken 10 out of the last 18 points available? I've done the maths and over a 38 game season, that would give us 63 points.

17 May 2021 13:33:58
Rogue mistyped sentence at the end there - sorry?

PS Jas and others (yes all of you! ) this is meant to a site for views and opinions so am perfectly happy for you to tell me my opinion is wrong but maybe rather than just criticisig mine give yours?
Lets see how many answers/ opinions I get to this question?
Where do you think the starting 11 that played against Spurs would come if it was the 11 that played for all 38 games next season?
Note I have already put my head on the block and said it is a bottom 6 side.

17 May 2021 14:25:31
Jas - thank you for the gracious response you like Lord Thor, (who earlier on in the year told me, politely, I was wrong! ) and several others on here are clearly knowledgeable and passionate Wolves fans and I respect you views even when you disagree with mine!
Indeed your latest one about our recent points is obviously correct. However perhaps if you look at the v favourable run of games that can't be repeated it does go someway to explainig it. We played SU, Fulham, WBA, Brighton and Burnley before Spurs. So 10 points from 5 of the bottom 6 is not so special indeed almost essential if you aren't going to be relegated yourselves?
Plus as I said above about Traore with respect to the Brighton game Traore has been carrying the team over the past few weeks. Against better sides like Spurs though he can't do it on his own. However with Jimenez and Neto I do believe that as a team we can compete!
Jas I am pretty sure we are both v passionate Wolves fans and maybe my natural bearish tendencies and disappointment at losing expresses itself in ways you don't feel are appropriate but maybe as you get older you become less tolerant and more unreasonable. The knocks are harder to take and and the disappointments more painful - some of us have suffered for longer and have less time to wait for succes to arrive!
So sorry for being negative and grumpy!
I want Wolves to win every week in style and with a cherry on top as I m sure you do as well so inevitably I am going to be disappointed.
But as all fans you have to keep the faith and believe that the Future is Old Gold so roll on next season!

17 May 2021 14:44:06
thefutureisoldgold. I would think that that team yesterday if they played all 38 would probably get relegated but I suspect they would improve but not enough to avoid it.
Coach and Semedo played well in my opinion. Hoever is still young and will get better and is unlikely to make that mistake again, a harsh lesson! Swiss is not a central defender period. Donk I quite like but I honestly don't know where you would play him. Vitinha I don't think he's good enough. Moutinho I love him and he's been great but sadly his time is over except maybe off the bench, though I'd keep him on the coaching staff. Neves has been poor but I'm not sure that it is all down to him as it's been very average around him. Next year's line up will dictate if he can get back his form. MGW I am still unsure about him, two games to go we'll know then! Traore was good but it wasn't hard to look good yesterday still needs to do it every game and get up quicker for a start. Silva was a spoilt brat yesterday needs to bulk up a bit and leave his dummy at home. Corbeanu I felt a bit sorry for on his debut. Given 10 minutes to show that you've got the wrong boots on and looked like Bambi. Spent most of it on his ar*e! Patricio is a decent keeper though I still think he could make the effort to come for crosses now and again. Though to be fair a lot of goalkeepers don't bother these days. Nuno I hope he gets the players he wants this time otherwise we will lose him. He has had a tough time being apart from his family, family choice obviously but still tough! The players owe him big time. Let's hope the last two games are better.

17 May 2021 15:10:24
I agree with gold on this matter, we have had a poor season and too many players that are simply not good enough.
Maybe fatigue after the very short pre season, but too many players have been missing for this season.
Patricio is no better than Ruddy, RAN is no upgrade on Vinagre, Bolt, Neves, Dendoncker have been poor, Traore isn't utilised enough, Silva, MGW, Vithana, Jose simply not good enough for the premier League, Podence spends most of his time rolling around like he's been shot and all Nuno says is we must anylise the situation.
Big pre season needed or we are bottom six next season.

17 May 2021 15:11:25
The team yesterday was a very weakened team, yet up agaisnt top top quality the team didn't get embarrassed all be it we could of lost 4 5 or 6 nil, but we could of scored 2 or 3.
My answer is the team yesterday if the same for all season would struggle in a relegation dogfight.
Any team outside the big 6 if they had the players out injured and the young players in alike to our team yesterday would in my opinion be a lot less as good as we were yesterday.
I have posted frustration regarding Traore and he rightly so has won us the games of late, I clearly agree that yesterday Traore was our only threat but first half when he ran half the length of the pitch and played Fabio Silva in the pass was not good enough it was slightly behind silva the ball should of easily been played in front of silva, this frustrated me a lot yesterday as all the hard work Traore done came to nothing.

17 May 2021 15:44:32
Hard to add anything to what’s already been said about yesterday’s game anything positive that is. We know the areas that need strengthening let’s hope we recruit better and Jimenez and Neto return soon. I thought Origi would have been a better loan option than Jose and might be worth a punt at £20 mill and the elusive attacking midfielder that we desperately need who could also help Neves get back on track. As had been previously stated MGW should go out on loan to a championship team and stay the season he was outstanding for the Swans earlier this season before his injury and shouldn’t have really been recalled as he’s hardly featured until lately. A few quality additions and players returning from injury and we’ll be ok.

17 May 2021 20:01:56
As always gents some excellent points and posts to be considered. As usual Future I agree with much of what you say however I also still feel its too soon to pass judgement on Fabio. I know we are going over old ground here fella so no point me pointing out that with Rauls consecutive game record I think
Fabio was only intended for a minor/ subs roll when bought (as I think we've discussed it previously:) As I've said before you could well be right and he could indeed be our own Andy Carroll. But for me the jury is still out, of course he needs to improve next year (who doesn't) . But go back over the matches he's played, he gets at least two big chances a game (it was three agaisnt Spurs) . Now think about how many Jose was getting and there is a guy that has previously scored a decent amount of goals! The reason Fabio gets chances is because he reads the game exceptionally well for a lad of his age. The problem is he doesn't have the ability and/ or confidence to finish those chances yet. One day he might just master that skill at the highest level (not many do by 18) and then we could have a real player. Big IF that granted, cause it literally separates a good striker from a bad one. But how many clubs have an 18 year as there main striker and expect a decent return?! He may well not make it but he's young and there's still plenty of time for him to shine. 👍🐺.

17 May 2021 21:28:50
BB - another of the more erudite and considered posters - I have been reading the Forum and wow there are some flat earth types on there!
You therefore shouldn't be surprised that I agree with virtually everything you say.
The point about his reading of the game is absolutely correct as I have acknowledged in the past. It is by far the best part of his game - he is there to miss them - currently in spades! .
Like Martin Peters, (sorry if he is before your time), he seems to have the ability to ghost into good positions and it obviously isn't by bursting past his marker with a corruscating turn of speed.
I agree that he shouldn't be playing as much as he is and its not his fault but the clubs.
I agree that v few 18 year olds are expected to be the main man at a Prem team - quite correctly!
I am also not writing him off or even saying he can't be a much better player in the future incredibly even a world class player, ( don't think he will be but, . )! For example if he merely starts scoring the clear cut chances he gets then he would be a world class player and could sit on a stool for rest of the 90 mins for all I care! Are you old enough to remember Gerd Muller?
I accept the transfer fee isn't his fault.
In fact despite my regular rants I have nothing aganst him.
But that doesn't alter the fact that it was a huge mistake by the club to take such a massive gamble - he will costs us over 8% of our 2019/ 20 annual revenue every year for the 5 years of his contract! - on a player who we all agree shouldn't be playing this year and who in fact may or may not ever be a significant player for us in the future. A signing made presumably on the assumption that we didn't need to spend the money elsewhere (we did) and Jimenez wouldn't get injured, (he did) .
Therefore he may (or may not improve) but it will always have been a mistake to buy him for £35m and put him on such a ridiculous contract. We, as has been shown over the past few months, simply can't afford to take such risks and a highly sophisticated institution such as Fosun should have known this.

18 May 2021 06:41:18
Thefutureisoldgold what do you mean by flat earth types?
And who are you aiming that insult to?
I hope I reading it wrong but looks like you saying there are posters on this forum who aren't intelligent enough for you, yet opinions are being given based on what has happened this season.
If it was me who is flat earthed I won't bother joining in on this forum.
I am not thick naive maybe on social media but that comment I don't like as it's not nice.
Like I say I hope I am wrong and wish you well as I always have done.

18 May 2021 13:48:11
Phil fortunately yes you are, although I accept it was a statement made in anger and not well judged. It wasnt about people on this site but another site called the Forum.
I totally agree that its all about opinions and completely agree we can have widely differing views about players, formation etc. I also accept that you can be v v knowledgeable about football but know nothing about nuclear physics etc or any other topic you like to mention so what is intelligent?
My wife, who I regard as v intelligent despite marrying me, speaks several languages but failed her physics O level. I got a scrape pass at French but have a post grad in physics.
Indeed I doubt you would value Einstein or Faraday's views, (if either was alive), on football as much as say Alan Shearer's.
No what made me so mad was the terrible and completely unjusitifed, (admittedly in my opinon), slating they were giving to several current and past Wolves players - now I have to be careful as I am quite harsh on players myself sometimes - but nothing compared to this. Particualrly as it was often based on either completely erroneous statements or totally contradictory to their own previous comments ie one post the payer was great the next one he was absolutely rubbish.
I am happy to listen to all views but some are more rationale and well thought out than others.
A blanket "i think he is completely rubbish" without any sort of explanation or an explanation that ignores all facts is not really acceptable is it.
If someone said I hate all Americans because all Americans invaded Vietnam or all Americans are fat would that be ok? It is a view but that is were my flat earth comment came from - a view but not one I think rationale people should subscribe to.
Perhaps Orwell had it right all views are equal but some are more equal than others
Ps v v sorry to upset you it defintely wasn't meant and I apologise for being both hypercritical and so careless and insensitive. I guess the lesson is don't post in a hurry!

18 May 2021 15:18:41
Thank you for your honest and humble reply I glad I was wrong as I couldn't understand.
This site is the only social media site I go on and I thought you was on about this site, I do struggle with social media but we are all friends on here.
Much respect to you Thefutureisoldgold .



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