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10 May 2021 21:44:10
Looks like Fulham are down. out of the relegated teams would you have any players for wolves? Thoughts.

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11 May 2021 09:16:58
Fulham: Mitrović
WBA: O'Shea
Sheff Utd. : Nil.

11 May 2021 09:17:12
Pierrera. lookman. johnson.

11 May 2021 11:19:44
WBA - Johnstone and Pereira.
If Johnstone is really only £10m he is a steal and sadly Patricio isn't going to get any better. But not sure if GK is place we need to upgrade as much as others so don't know if we have £10m spare.
His wages would be a fraction of Patricio's though and if we could get a small fee for Patricio maybe it could be self financing over the medium term?
Fulham - Maybe Andersen but RCB is where a big upgrade is needed so not sure if he is good enough. Robinson although RAN 's emergence means I'd rather go for a free vet (van Vanholt or Bertrand) in that role ( basically replacing Marcal who sadly probably isn't going to make it due to injuries) .
Lots of people like Lookman and he is a v skilful player but perhaps a but too much like Traore in terms of style and output?
SU - on this year's form obviously no one but one of their CBs who has been injured O Connell perhaps but only if v v cheap as not sure much of an upgrade.
At moment side looks like
Patricio Semedo Boly Coady Saiss RAN, Moutinho Neves Podence Silva Traore. With Ruddy, Hoever, Kilman, Dendonker, Vitor ( if signed) MGW and one on bench. A weak team that will finish around the lower 3rd.
But with injured players back.
Patricio Otto, Boly, Coady, Saiss, RAN, Moutinho, Neves, Neto, Raul, Traore with Ruddy, Semedo, Kilman, Dendonker, Vitor/ MGW, (if Vitor signed) Podendce and Silva on bench. An upper mid team - maybe even 7th or 8th.
However with 2 good signings a CB pushing Boly to LCB and an AM replacing Moutinho this is a side pushing Spurs and Leicester etc for 4th to 8th.
But for injuries we would still have been 8th or 9th this year so there is need for revolution again just evolution despite all the negativity - some justified some not - we really aren't a bad side you know!

11 May 2021 11:20:11
Adarabiyo Fulham 30 starts only 13 defeats Andersen as well both loanees and tall defenders top 5 pl stats.

11 May 2021 11:57:31
Joachim Anderson. I know he's only on loan from Lyon but he won't stay at Fulham.

Jack O'Connell from Sheff Utd. He was immense last season and has been badly missed this season.

Matheus Pereria from Baggies.

Also, another Fulham loanee, Ruben Loftus Cheek.

11 May 2021 12:17:21
Pereira and Johnstone from WBA for me. (Johnstone in case Patricio leaves) . Mitrovic doesn't look good enough for PL but surprisingly he has done well at international level. Maybe he's more committed for his country? Newcastle didn't want him. There are better options than Lookman.

11 May 2021 14:18:29
Ohhhh I forgot about Ruben Loftus Cheek. 100% on that call.

Isn't Lookman a loanee?

11 May 2021 15:21:41
I suggested RLC last August but apparently he is a home loving bird and is v loathe to leave London plus he hasn't exactly pulled up trees at an admittedly poor Fulham side
You fear his potential (as was) is almost worn out - he will be 26 next season! Injuries and some questionable decisions re his career - going to a Fulham side bound to struggle rather than, say, Wolves last year- means he is well on his way to becoming another wasted talent like Jack Wilshire.
But if his wage demands are reasonable - doubt they will be - and he is available for a v modest fee or on a loan (with Chelsea paying most of his wages) with an option at a modest level, £10-15m at most then he may be worth a punt - lots of upside but its becoming harder to see anyone getting it!

11 May 2021 17:06:40
I would say non rlc if as Thefutureisoldgold says for the right price the only one.
The club has invested a great deal in the last 3 seasons, I think this next transfer window I think we will be looking for more quality ready made players.
But all the players mentioned are quality but not reached their potential yet.

11 May 2021 18:06:50
No one tbh. They're all losers.

11 May 2021 18:44:35
Phil - yes we have spent a lot of money, (A lot for Wolves anyway - note as Bully Boy eruditely put it in a previous post a £5m transfer for Wolves is like a £20m one for the bigger teams who have access to 100's of millions of pounds more money every year than we do), over the past 3 years. However on the whole it has been spent wisely. We have signed some cracking players who have both taken us sharply up the league and added vastly to their own (resale) value. Last summer was the exception, I think we made some bad buys and got the balance wrong - although that balance between "ones for the future" and "ready to play" was badly impacted by the injury crisis to established players that we have endured this year.
Going forwards, even with the C.V., it is likely that quality ready made players will be both expensive and in demand from clubs who have overtaken us this year so it won't be easy. But as I have said in previous posts things aren't anywhere near as bad as some make put. Just two good signings - (quality over quantity? ) - and the return of Jimenez and (hopefully before not too long) Otto and Neto and we should be back on track.
How much those 2 costs is of course hard to predict as is what budget will we have.
What ever the Budget we also have to factor in the need to sign RAN.
Given Otto and Marcal's long term injuries, he has surely now done enough to persude the club to sign him - hopefully on some sort of strutured deal with a markedly lower up front transfer fee. (We need to stop being so naive in the market and paying the "buy it now" price rather than the fairer and lower risk pay for performances style other clubs use - (of course it may mean that for example if RAN turns out to be a world beater you actually pay more but then we would be happy to do so if he was a world beater! )
Vitor is probably a similar case but with a much much lower front fee element as he has hardly played this year and despite the praise lavished on him over the last couple of games hasn't shown enough. Versus Brighton he had 40 touches cf Moutinho over 100. The game simply passed him by!
But he does seem to have promise (although he will be 22 next season and still has virtually zero adult football experience - why? )
Can we afford the gamble? Certainly not at £20m but either a further loan or a renegotiated deal with a minimal up front and substantial follow on payments IF he makes it might be a better deal for all parties?

11 May 2021 19:21:19
The problem I see is top quality young and hungry players all want to play just the same as seasoned experienced quality players.
We don't have the funds to pay high salary top quality squad players like the big 6 but keeping players like Vithinia is the way I think we will go.
Like you say Thefutureisoldgold a few top quality signings added to the return of key injured players along with a proper normal pre season we will be challenging again at the top end of the table.
With ffp rules slackened through the c. v. we should if right players signed be a force. Also our younger players getting better all is good looking forward I think.

12 May 2021 12:41:54
I'd go for evolution. What I'd like to see over the last three games is the young players put in the team and told to go out and show what they've got. Play without fear and show what they can do. The performance is more important than the result in these games. We need to know if they can do it now is a great opportunity to find out. Not very often this situation happens, let's use it. We shall see!
Hope you are all well gentleman!

12 May 2021 13:04:57
All is very well Ken at present long may it last, thanks mate hope you well and get to see your grand daughter if you haven't already.
I think the pop group was D-ream there hit single "things can only get better".
. come on you wolves.

12 May 2021 15:06:30
Ken - completely agree. Plus before we sell Sanderson for a nominal sum as reported I would like him to be given a pre season and maybe some friendlies in the first team to see if he can step up. Both of his loans have received rave reviews and although at a lower level I am not sure what more he could have done to get a chance?
PS I would hope that this preseason we might see Marques as well?

12 May 2021 15:08:41
Phil - "The only way is up" by, well covered by, Yazz.

12 May 2021 15:10:27
If we belive all the rumours going around we'll have no team no manager but loads in the bank, a clean sheet. This of course won't happen. Some will move on, some will remain and more importantly some will arrive, and that crucially depends on what quality we still have and what ambition the club shows. We can't stagnate and can't hinder, we must grow, so affirmation of nuno is imperative and firm rebuttals made for the likes of neto (contracts permitting) . If all fit, if all still with us I would look at a GK, CB, MF and striker but who why and when I'll wait to see.

12 May 2021 15:21:54
Given the injuries to Otto and Marcal do we need cover/ competition for RAN, assuming he is signed. In which case Bertrand is available on a free, we need a few of them as we won't have an unlimited transfer budget and there are some bigger priorites to meet. Wages allegedly 70k per week now.
Would you look at him or another expereienced head to "help" RAN? Sadly it is reported that Monaco and AC Milan are both interested and for your retirement gig they may just be more attractive - sunnier and warmer if nothing else - places to go?

{Ed002's Note - He is not moving to Wolves.}

12 May 2021 16:31:29
Ha ha Thefutureisoldgold jazz the only way is up was the last vinyl record I bought it was the 12inch version.

{Ed002's Note - I doubt your wife thinks it is 12 inches.}

12 May 2021 16:33:58
Thefutureisoldgold, you first to mention marques he has glowing reports from within the club.
Be nice to see the seeds sown in youth come to fruition.

12 May 2021 16:58:24
Ha ha Ed002,
I thought it was 9inch but I had ruler the wrong way round.
ps I not married.

{Ed002's Note - I can see why Phil.}

12 May 2021 17:18:47
Thanks: (.

12 May 2021 18:07:53
thefutureisoldgold and Phil. I sent a reply earlier that seems to have disappeared into the ether so I'll try again. Sanderson deserves an opportunity imo, my best mate is a Sunderland fan and has watched all his games and reckons he's class.
Yes I've met my gorgeous granddaughter and I'm totally besotted with her! 😁
Hope we take the chance and play the young players and see what they've got. Three games to show or not!
MGW three games to convince of not, I'm still unsure about him another 3 will make or break. At least we will know then. Take care people. If the other post turns up sorry for repeating myself. Bloody computers!

12 May 2021 18:33:59
Ken - great post!
ps delighted you have met your grandaughter do you live close enough to be part of her life. All my Grandparents lived a long way away and I never really knew them. Sadly both my parents and my wife's (only the mums left now) live miles away from us and our kids and I know my mum in paeticular feels unhappy about it.

12 May 2021 18:36:15
Phil I have no idea what my last vinyl was but my first was "Ride a White Swan" by T Rex - showing my age there!

12 May 2021 20:07:36
thefutureisoldgold. They live in London but now things are improving we will be going on a regular basis. We never lived close to our parents but always made sure our kids saw them a lot, loads of travel but we felt it important that they saw the grandparents. It's rubbed off they want us to have a close relationship. We have spent a week and a weekend with her so farwe are all vaccinated us by age them by work. Hopefully it will continue. Family is important!

12 May 2021 21:37:26
Talking football Rafa Mir's goal is on the BBC Sport website. Top La Liga goals number1. A cracker!

13 May 2021 06:39:44
Great news Ken,
Take care mate.

13 May 2021 12:21:36
Ken you are absolutely correct!
My grandparents all died in the 60s, when I was still relatively young, and although we did go and see them, because dad worked 6 days a week and had a second job 3 nights a week, he didn't have a lot of spare time - mum didn't and doesn't drive. With roads as they were, (no motorways) and cars I guess not being as fast it was a 4 hour round trip so I think we only went say once a month?
Nowdays, particularly since I stopped working and travelling for work, there is less excuse - although my mother in law is a 10 hour+ round trip so we only go there a few times a year. I get down to see my mum, who moved back to where parents came from when her and dad retired - now a mere 3 hours round trip away due to new motorways- at least once every 3 weeks and often more often but the kids are v v busy with their lives as well - now growing up and working so they don't come very often anymore and its not enough for her.
Its a shame but I suspect the modern world is more and more like this and you are v v lucky to have such a good realtionship with your family.
ps What would you do with Rafa Mir - sell for as big a fee as we can, bring him back and give him another chance to see if he can make it at Wolves or perhaps send him on loan to a top Champ side to see if he can do it in England? Nice problen to have!

13 May 2021 19:31:58
thefutureisoldgold. I maybe didn't say what I meant very well tbh I didn't wish to sound in anyway critical. We just used a lot of weekends wed rather have spent at home making sure they saw grandparents. Both sets 5 hour round trips in turn. Waring but worth it not every week. I rarely saw mine because of travel in the 50/ 60's.
As for Rafa Mir tbh I don't honestly know but he seems to have matured so maybe give him another chance. He's now ding what Nuno must have seen in him way back when!

13 May 2021 23:41:17
Ken - I didn't see any criticism? We don't have any Grandchildren yet but hopefully unless the kids decide to move away (2 still live at home so I wouldn't mind them moving a bit and the eldest is only a few miles down the road) we should be able to see them, if they have any, regularly.
On the football front been watching Martinenz star again toninght for Villa. How did we miss out on that one - he was on loan here so we should have known how good he was so when he was avaiable for relative peanuts this year we should have pounced. With Patricio on the wrong side of his prime and only going one way getting a gk who now looks like the best in the league for that sort of money would have been a real coup.
Fingers crossed we can raid the "Baggies" for Johnstone, who also looks pretty impressive, this summer although the world and his wife are now "connected" with him and as Ed 002 v humerously noted above Wolves/ Wolverhampton arent/ isn't exactly most players first choice of places to play, especially I fear after the debacle of the current season.

14 May 2021 11:15:52
thefutureisoldgold regarding keepers I agree with you. As for this season it's a very good example of how your transfer policy can go really wrong!
I think they were complacent in thinking that 3 years without any real injury problems life was easy peasy, sadly the wheels fell off big time. I think that after it all we've done well to stay up. I trust and hope they learn from it. We have a brilliant manager who has done a superb job plus he a nice man. We shall see it's up to Fosun to back him. Here's hoping!

14 May 2021 13:33:53
Ken - I once again 100% agree with you! What a clever man you are! (Humour sorry)
I actually think Nuno has done a great job and the team has really pulled through well to come 12th despite the horrenddous injury crisis we have suffered and the other issues that have just kept on coming. Roll on Next year!
Just a brief note of thanks to the Eds for hopefully de-escalating what I gather was becoming quite a silly row on the site. I stopped reading it once it stopped being a discussion about the clubs ticketing policy and sadly became a rather boring name calling exercise. BB and Low I have no doubt you are both ( as surely virtualy all on here - bar a villa fan or two - are) massive passionate Wolves fans and rather like my "row " with Jas became stupidly out of context. I hope all can continue to contribue (please Eds? ) as we need/ enjoy passinate Wolves fans views!
I am v happy for debate on footballing matters, even for people to tell me I'm wrong when I obviously think i'm correct, but it should never cross the line of personal abuse.
What is it we say " The strength of the wolf is in the pack! "

14 May 2021 18:53:24
thefutureisoldgold. Well said agree with every word. We don't have to be there to be a fan. We all I hope want the same thing but on some things we have to agree to differ without falling out!
As for being clever well, I couldn't possibly comment! Though I wish I were! I wish back when I was 18 I knew what I know now, mind you would it have changed anything, probably not. My eldest son is a Spurs fan! We'd best do well!

15 May 2021 16:22:39
Ken - if we knew at 18 what we know now we'd be a lot richer - buying shares with hindsight is always great and backing winners at the bookies is a lot easier too!

Seriously though I tend to agree with you ( now there is a surprise! ) that we may just be better off accepting life as the cards fell and there is no point looking backwards.

Sorry about your son - my son is a Chelsea fan - but what can you do - but remind them we got 4 points off them this year!

ps let's hope you can do so as well - with a 3rd straight win at Spurs!

15 May 2021 17:16:01
thefutureisoldgold we can but hope! Though I just hope he gives the young players a good and find out if they are good enough! These 3 games are effectively freebies let's use them. The performance is far more important than the result for me. I can take the brickbats if we lose. I just was to see the potential. Let's not waste the chance!



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