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09 May 2021 19:31:18
Boing Boing Splat. Goodbye.

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09 May 2021 19:39:46

09 May 2021 20:57:24
Well done Sam the Sham! How wonderful that a wolfie took the baggies down! Ha ha ha!

09 May 2021 22:01:13
see you later baggies, enjoy Peterborough away.

09 May 2021 22:14:47
Job done, Agent Allardyce, Over and out. FWAW.

09 May 2021 22:58:09
Now let's go and nick Perriera! He looks quality and with Neto out for most of next season a bit more creativity and another goal threat is just what we need. Boing Boing indeed! 🤣🐺.

10 May 2021 06:27:52
Baggies gone, now a 3 point gap to span the vile. The season still has something to play for.

10 May 2021 10:17:07
Time all this rubbish was put aside, the League is much better with local rivalries, why would you want the Prem made up of Clubs from London, the North West and a few outlying areas, rather have Albion, Blues, Coventry, Stoke, Derby and Forest back, can’t really look forward to games against the likes of Norwich, Watford, Brighton, Burnley and if we’re really lucky Bournemouth or Brentford.

10 May 2021 11:04:26
Good shout Bully. Pereira looks the business. Compared to a potential signing from the championship or abroad, he's already proved himself in the EPL.

10 May 2021 11:56:23
Oxley I think atm it's because the way the stripey lot have been harping on about us not beating them for a long time, so they have asked for all this pee take.
But I do agree with you i'd like to see the Midlands teams up there.

10 May 2021 13:57:03
RKO ; Just banter isn’t it, that’s what it’s all about and they couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, can’t set about putting things right when we’re all in different leagues. While we celebrate the demise of Clubs in our area the top league is being taken over by London an the North West with at least twelve places, West Midlands is only one bad season away from having no Premiership football and East Mids only have Leicester, it’s a far cry from how things used to be.

10 May 2021 14:01:54
Good shout for Perrier Bullys agree 100%.

10 May 2021 14:59:33
Anyone but them. Birmingham can replace them no problem.

10 May 2021 16:20:19
Oxley I can understand your point completely, but at the same time what happens, happens, that's football. Yes the halcyon days of yesteryear have gone and relegation of local clubs is a shame, but it's football its rivalry and banter, take that away and a lot of the fun and satisfaction is taken away. I'd rather be playing baggies Stoke Coventry etc and beating/ losing them but it's circumstances. So I'll take the glee in the relegation but miss the matches next year. Its the bragging rights of the moment that's bye bye baggies, maybe we should add missing you already?

10 May 2021 16:38:19
Nope. can't stand them and hope we never play them again. And I'm worse than I used to be after having to sit in the sb stand cus we gave that lot our South Bank and they put carrier bags on seat's. So let them rot in championship or even lower. hate them with a vengeance.

10 May 2021 20:55:06
Why would any 'so-called' Wolves fan want Sandwell, Villa or Brum to win games of football! Don't get it, no comprende! FWAW.

10 May 2021 21:24:00
Looks like Fulham will be relegated losing 0-2.
Out of the championship playoffs Bournemouth if they win playoffs we will have more funds off the premier league as there will be no parachute payments to pay same with norwich and Watford already.
I don't like Bournemouth as they got initial promotion over spending breaking ffp rules a 11000 capacity ground a joke imo but more money for us over rides my feelings for Bournemouth as a Micky mouse club.
Albion relegated best thing I haven't got to think about them being not in our league, sorry but I really don't care about west brom the last I talk of them for at least another season.
I love wolves unconditionally like I did my mother.

10 May 2021 22:23:11
Can this be true, Nuno to the vile,
Now traore won't sign a new contract.
Any one putting two and two together
I still think our dip in form was due to goings on behind scenes
Regarding personnel.
Hope I'm way off target guys.

11 May 2021 06:49:42
Interesting greyleg,
I think with Traore all the hype of his fantastic form the second half of last season his agent has got in his head and that's why I think Traore hasn't signed his contract.
Agents think of one thing making big money off top footballers they're parasites imo.
I don't believe for 1 minute (or even a nano second) nuno will leave, if as anything is possible hypothetically if he does nuno will take job abroad.
No one knows what goes on behind closed doors at the club, if Traore leaves it wouldn't come as a great surprise to me, if nuno leaves it would be a humongous surprise to me.

I really hope in transfer window we get to read about the man in the tree outside Compton lol.
Love the transfer banter so funny and enjoyable.

11 May 2021 10:48:07
Nuno won't leave unless he's sacked or offered the Portugal national team job. I expect him to still be here next season.

I think Traore may get sold in the summer for a profit, but not for the massively inflated fees we've seen in the papers, and if so most likely to a club abroad.

I'd anticipate an interesting window this summer and look forward to the entertaining rumours and banter. We need some height in the side, so hopefully Peter Crouch is still in that helicopter ;)

11 May 2021 13:53:06
I agree with a league full of Midlands clubs on one hand, but on another they can reduce any level of a good team to being very ordinary-they are great levellers. Look at this season, out of a possible 12 points to play for, we won exactly 2.

11 May 2021 18:05:50
Very good point SQ you are bang on correct it didn't even enter my mind.



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