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18 Apr 2021 13:47:09
We will take the 3 point but it was poor against the bottom club.

looking back 3 years we were lucky, and fortunate to have Jota, Helda Costa, Cavaleiro, Jonny Otto, Boly, Jimenez all Fresh faces and they played well together.
Some have moved on for different reasons, and it's gone stale.

Poor transfer window, injuries, style of play have all contributed to the failure.
The writing was on the wall last season to many draws, lack of goals etc.
Next season will be the same unless things change.
We need 6 players 2 defenders, 2 quality midfielders, a Striker.

Semedo not good enough
Jose not good enough
Podence is only just ok
Marcel injury prone.
Vintinha not really impressed
Boly past his best
Neto won't be back till end of year.
Will Jimenez be the same as he was given his age and injury.
Will Jonny recover well enough.

All we can hope for next season is a solid mid table finish, we just do not have the players or finance to expect anymore

No its not Doom and gloom it realistic sadly. or maybe we get some magic tranfers.

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18 Apr 2021 14:05:28
I agree with most of your post yellowstone but disagree that Boly is past his best.

2 LB/ LWBs assuming we sell Vinagre - I have posted many times that RAN is a defensive liability and Marcal can't be trusted to stay fit. I would like to see Sanderson get a go at CB but agree we need at least one new CB to give us some depth.

The midfield needs a complete overhaul to add some creativity and this is where I expect a lot of transfer activity to be, plus 2x forwards to cover Raul and Neto.

18 Apr 2021 14:18:02
Semedo not good enough? Have you even been watching the last few matches he is one of our most improved players and getting better every match, it was his block that set us off for our goal last night.
Vinthia not given much of a chance but his pass set Traore off on his run last night which Traore fluffed the shot.
Podence agree seems to have gone backwards but give him a bit more time as not long back from a long injury.
Boly makes those vital challenges and has been crucial in our defence.
Marcel agree with you on him.
Jose let's see now he has his goal technically that's 2 goals in back to back matches for him I don't care what VAR says he still scored last week, both very good goals too.

Agree with you on players we need coming in.

But as always Yellowstone I enjoy reading your posts mate.

18 Apr 2021 15:05:36
The difficulty is going to be able to replace those players you have highlighted.
If you calculate their current market value you can presumably expect to have to pay more for their replacements!
I will let you do the maths.

18 Apr 2021 16:43:47
Hi Rated RKO, Good to hear from you,

Yes I do watch Semedo, I watch him get to the halfway line and turn around and pass backwards, afraid to take on his marker, for a 26yr old experienced player who should be at the top of his game he is poor, He is neither a good defender or a good wing back he is just OK.
And with Jose, One swallow does not make a summer, He is not good enough, I just hope we do not buy him, his body language tells you that, good strikers are hungry for the ball where ever it is.

Forgot to include in my to go list Moutinho past his prime I could do his job for far less money, backwards, sideways, 5 yard passes.

I also think Traorie should go to inconsistant.

Also Neves is not the same player he was although He will become a star used differently at another club.

Nuno needs to overhaul the coaching staff and gets some help, or has Nuno took us as far as he can.

18 Apr 2021 17:40:34
Haha, I think Yellow it might be easier and quicker to tell us who you do actually want to keep?! And you clearly weren't watching Semedo yesterday, did he pass backwards or did he in fact win the tackle and then release a perfectly weighted ball which eventually resulted in the winning goal?! As for Boly being past his best well he'd be one the first 30 year old cb that is! These next 2/ 3 seasons he could potentially hit his peak years but your right let's get rid and let's replace him with who exactly?! In your version Yellow have we won the Euro millions?! How else we replacing half a squad exactly?! 🤣.

18 Apr 2021 18:21:03
Well Bullysboy, Apart from yesterday against bad team how good has Semedo been for a 36 mill price tag, you really think he is good enough.
No we have not won the Euro, do you really think our backwards, sideways style is exciting to watch.

18 Apr 2021 18:32:27
Yellow- he was good enough to play 82 games for Barca, so yeah I think next season he will continue to improve. And no I'm not saying we are exciting to watch what I am saying (again and again these days it seems) is can we please have realistic answers! Just saying sell the lot and replace them with the money made on magic beans isn't especially constructive or useful to be honest!
I'll have a go, for me the biggest problem this season has been injuries. Coincidence or not we didn't have these issues when we had Phil Hayward as Head Physio. Pretty sure we lost him to LA on wages, if I was Fosun I have would be breaking the bank to get Phil back to the club! I can't help feeling he called the clubs bluff on a move, it might be time to accept that he was right and we should have doubled his wages?! Just one idea.

18 Apr 2021 19:35:40
Well bully something has to change, and some do was so good Barcelona got rid, we will see how much he improves next season.

18 Apr 2021 20:09:54
Yellowstone- I agree 100% with you about Semedo he can’t defend, gets caught ball watching and his body language says it all. He has improved slightly going forward but like you say he often sprints forward then turns around and passes back. As regards his 82 games for Barcelona how much defending does a full back do for them in La Liga? We’d have to sell him at a loss probably back to a team in Spain or Portugal, he’s not good enough for the Prem IMO.

18 Apr 2021 20:13:06
Barcelona were forced to sell because they're skint.

18 Apr 2021 21:58:41
Yellowstone sorry but you are all doom and gloom to be honest, you say we were fortunate to have had Jota, Helda Costa, Cavaleiro, Jonny Otto, Boly, Jimenez etc, Why is that then? Seems like Good recruitment to me, you slate Semado, questioning his time at Barcelona suggesting he wasn’t good enough as they got rid, he didn’t play a few games there buddy he played 80 plus so I think they rated him to be fair, 5 seasons ago we were a crap championship side hoping to stay up and dreaming of a play off chance, now we are an established prem side with 2 top 7 finishes and possibly a top 10 finish again and lightly to have a bright future ahead and you moan, that’s sorry but you sound like doom and gloom to me mate.

19 Apr 2021 18:26:40
Hi wolveswinorlose, Its not doom or gloom, its honest, factual assessment of our continued boring, poor display of football.
Backwards, sideways, no shots on target, you might enjoy watching it mate I certainly don't.

Jose scoresa goal and suddenly he's a wonderful, you look at an striker like Chris Woods who you always know he's about, and he is only an ordinary striker.



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