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04 Apr 2021 15:24:58
I honestly think some don't understand how the world of football works.
Either that or they're on a wind up.

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04 Apr 2021 17:33:58
Whatever the outcome tomorrow night of the match my thoughts are for to be looking forward to watching as we haven't played for weeks.
All this lack of faith in fosun and nuno is for others to discuss
It's not for me I just want to be sitting comfortably in good company tomorrow night watching the match.
That's what it's all about enjoying the wolves not moaning about them.
Ok after the match if we play poor let's all moan about what went wrong but till then it's better to go into the match with an open mind for a good game.

04 Apr 2021 17:42:57
Well said Phil mate, I think one or two are just plain negative no matter what Wolves do.

04 Apr 2021 18:01:42
Absolutely Phil. I'm fed up of the negativity before we've even kicked a ball. Let's be positive, there are a few players out there who have a point to prove in the last 9 matches and I trust Nuno to get the best out of them or have them marked to be moved on.

I for one will be positive and go for a 3-1 win and am looking forward to the match after a boring couple of weeks.

04 Apr 2021 18:23:38
Spot on Phil. Let's enjoy what's left of the season, after all we are all fans of football, and roll on a full molyneux, when we can be among friends, for a brew and a pie, 👍.

04 Apr 2021 18:38:09
Kinda hoping podence plays or plays some part.
Will be like a new signing as he's been out for a while.
Boly will be more fitter after his latest injury.
2 things there which in theory will make us better.
Mouthino may miss out if he hasn't recovered from his knock playing for Portugal.
Also west ham thrashed us earlier in the season our players I think will want no repeat and play that little bit better.

04 Apr 2021 20:12:24
I do know what you mean Rated because some seem a little confused by the Jota sale. Peeps are talking as though he came to us as a career club and then the club just changed course and cashed in at the first chance. You need to realise now guys players like Jota don't move to clubs in the Champ for a love of the area! He (and others) joined us cause they were clearly told we would give them a shop window with the intention of reinvesting the potiential profits. Fabio will be the same frankly, if he realises his potiential with us it will be for one or two seasons then we will sell at a profit. Fosun are running things the way they've always intended to. Sign a selection of Gestifute players that they think there's clear profit to be made on, with the intention of reinvesting the earnings made when sold. Now there's a debate to be had over weather we as fans like that model and its a fair one to have but there should be no confusion here, they haven't suddenly changed there position its always been consistent. The only difference is that now we've had our first big player leave so peeps now don't like it. Sorry guys but Jota was signed to do exactly what he has done, why else do you think he moved from Champs League to Championship?! I'm not saying people have to be happy about it but maybe they need to ask themselves what they prefer cause unless your a top four club then the ONLY way to sign players of Jotas calibre is as a stepping stone club. So the choice is not weather or not we should have sold him its weather or not we should have ever signed him as this was the only realistic end game? It's not Fosuns fault it's the nature of the business and they can't change that!

04 Apr 2021 21:05:37
A lot of what you say is credible but not necessarily the whole picture BullysBoy.
Where does ambition tie in with selling your best players if you want to break into the top 4?

04 Apr 2021 21:50:30
Norfolk, well its not my model buddy and as I said the model is up for debate. But to answer your question I think the idea is that for Fosun this is a long game. No one just walks into the top four these days, look at the money Spurs have spent chasing it yet there team looks further away now than just two years ago?! I think Fosun have been entirely up front with this but people added there own time frames. Take Fabio, if he did realise his potiential (big if right now granted) then went for £60m+ that then buys two more young players to develop and maybe sell. Look at Dortmund, there's a BIG team which have won leagues and even a Champs League and what's there biggest player currently doing to prepare for the next big game?! He's looking round Barcelona and Real as he was clearly bought as a cash cow! If Dortmund have to work within these realities then I'm afraid clubs like Wolves (who are even lower down the food chain) have to play to the same tune! People moan about Fosuns approach but what else can they do?! Gone are the days of buying a club and a top four winning team in the same season I'm afraid. It's a long game to the top four, weather Fosun have picked the right tactic I'm happy to debate but I'm afraid the old saying that the kids seem to say springs to mind 'don't hate the player, hate the game' Cause that's what people are really moaning about here! COYW 🐺.

04 Apr 2021 21:57:15
Norfolk, I admit that when Jota was sold, was upset until I remembered that we had Neto and Podence as ready made replacements. No one at the club expected him to have the impact he's had at Liverpool. Doherty leaving didn't bother me as I remember that as an out and out full back, he wasn't that good and it was Nuno deciding to change his role that improved him, much the same as Coady. Plus I still think Semedo will prove to be the better player.

04 Apr 2021 22:39:05
I also was upset when Jota went, but as you say not so with Doherty, I think what puzzles and frustrates me most is the game of 2 halves we seem to play, if we go a goal down it makes life oh so much more difficult. when we do go forward we do look half decent except for our finishing.



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