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03 Apr 2021 14:01:32
Baggies 4-2 up.

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03 Apr 2021 14:33:58
West Brom scored as many goals against Chelsea away at Stamford Bridge as we scored in our last eight games.
In Nuno we trust?

03 Apr 2021 15:34:35
E from Wombourne. What has the Baggies score got to do with us? Or do you use any and every little thing to fuel your negativity?

03 Apr 2021 15:46:59
I don't give a toss about that lot from up the road.

03 Apr 2021 16:00:56
Why are the stripey lot even being mentioned on here?

03 Apr 2021 16:16:18
So you’re pleased with our league position Jas M our minus 10 goal difference, capitulation in FA and Carabau cups. You talk about my negativity but how many games since we got to the Premier League has Nuno adopted a positive mindset. If we do manage to get in front in a game we try and park the bus and if we play a top team we park two buses. Do you think the owners are happy with our position considering the amount of money they have invested? You will point to the fact that we were in the championship when Nuno came and we have improved since then. There is a difference between being negative and stating facts.

03 Apr 2021 18:25:04
Look, as soon as we got hit with this C.V. and everything that comes with it, it was always going to be a season with strange results, so for a while now, I've said, let's look towards next season, as long as we didn't go down, there's plenty of players out there whom we could go after for next time.
We are bound to be much better then
So, always look on the bright side of life, 😎😎😎😎.

{Ed001's Note - Wolves were always going to struggle more than most due to running with a smaller squad. With the games coming so thick and fast, there are times when you can see some players just have nothing left in their legs.}

03 Apr 2021 18:35:36
Correct Ed001 and it’s Nuno’s job to assemble the squad so what benefit is there to running a smaller squad?

{Ed001's Note - keeps the wages within budget and allows for a better team spirit. In a normal season a smaller squad has shown to do well, most managers prefer to only have 15 or 16 players that play regularly. It is just a special case this season.}

03 Apr 2021 19:41:27
E from Wombourne, yes I am happy with Wolves this season and I'll explain my reasons:

1: We have 9 games left and therefore a possible 27 points to play for which if won, would give us more points than either of the last 2 seasons. Granted we won't win all of the games but I am an optimist and don't tend to give up.

2: There are some teams that rely on the home fans as the 'extra man' and there are teams whose fans round on them. We, along with Liverpool, Baggies and possibly Man U are in the former catergory whereas Villa and West Ham tend to play better when not playing with a home crowd.

3: I understand that a lot of the players are unable to see their immediate family due to travel restrictions. Yes, I know all teams are in the same boat as they all have overseas players but Wolves have more players from travel restricted countries. So let me ask you this - If you were unable to see your wife and children for 1 year or had never seen your newborn child even though they are 4 months old, how would you feel? Nuno and Neves are facing that very predicament.

The point is, regardless how we do, you are always looking to put us down. I mean, we haven't even played this weekend and you've already criticised us.

03 Apr 2021 19:50:14
Also E, you say that since being promoted, Nuno parks the bus when playing the 'top' teams as he's so negative. Let me just remind you that we have beaten Man U x2 Arsenal x2, Man City x2, Spurs x2 and Chelsea x2. So parking the bus seems to. be getting results.

03 Apr 2021 20:15:33
Next season we would of had 3 years experience in the premier league.
This season with no crowds our injuries nuno changing style of play and all the other factors which have gone against us as Jas and greyleg pointed out, I for one have the mindset that at our worst we are still premier league holding our own.
Yes nuno likes a containing game relying on our forward attacking players to be the game winners.
I think its difficult for players who have come in who never had played in the premier league.
Some have performed better like podence others are finding there feet like semedo and jose.
Regarding west brom and there result today Chelsea had a player sent off 29 minutes I believe.
Also chelsea new manager plays boring procession.

03 Apr 2021 20:17:13
Sorry I pressed send before finishing,
Chelsae new manager plays a boring possession based game but has been getting results, not today clearly.

03 Apr 2021 20:24:37
Jas M I understand that Mrs Neves was in the UK when the baby was conceived and the couple made a conscious decision for Mrs Neves to return to Portugal to give birth in their own country. My children were born in New Cross hospital Wolverhampton as was I myself.
Yes we have beaten the teams you named but we also lost to Huddersfield x 2 Burnley West Brom and all the above .

03 Apr 2021 23:45:49
E, you fail to mention that the conception was done before lockdown so that is of little relevance to your argument.

04 Apr 2021 21:32:44
E not sure how old you are so maybe you don’t have these memories but a lot on here supported wolves in the 80s 90s 2000s 2010s and for me personally things now are a million times better than all those years so for me it’s a thank you Fosun and and massive thank you Nuno and long may it last.



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