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21 Mar 2021 17:09:03
We now have a game in hand over Fulham.

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21 Mar 2021 19:19:38
Quite a bit of chat about Doc, around and about. Seems like we're keen on a return, at a knockdown price! Has been ditched from Spurs squad, today v Villa. Wondering where that would leave Semedo? Could they both play, given Adama will probably be on his bicycle?! FWAW.

21 Mar 2021 20:16:14
Semedo can play in attacking role too which imo I think he is fantastic at attacking but not good at defending so we could see Doherty and Semedo down the right?

21 Mar 2021 21:11:12
I really hope Doc does return, it didn’t work out for him at Spurs but he was a key part of our defence and linked really well with defence and attack. I also think his absence has contributed to Traore’s inconsistency as they worked well together also he was good for 3 or 4 goals a season. If he did come back Semedo would have to go, he struggles defencevely and while he has improved going forward overall he has been disappointing IMO.

22 Mar 2021 08:19:13
IMO I think Semedo and Doherty lack quality in terms of defending, a definite weak point of both their games. Doherty is better at going forward. I'm hoping Semedo improves on going forward, which seems to be the case.

22 Mar 2021 10:43:48
Semedo can't attack. he runs with the ball and stops when confronted and he then passes it backwards. You have to be able to play football if your a full back otherwise you can't defend or attack. We've spent a lot of money on someone who at best is average.

22 Mar 2021 11:08:06
How do you describe his performance against Liverpool then when he was blatantly fouled and should have had a penalty and then when he forced Alisson into a save. Was that classed as passing it backwards?

22 Mar 2021 18:01:09
Jas it was once mate. he is not good enough. I watch wolves games over and over and if you analyse him he seems lost when he gets forward and even worse when defending. I only give my opinion and I'm wolves till I die since 1965.but I'll say as I see and semedo is not worth the money we've spent on him. there's not many premier clubs he would walk in to. most teams we play certainly attack his side more. There's a reason for that!

22 Mar 2021 23:21:28
Lexluna, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that but if you use the official PL site and use the player comparison site, you can compare Semedo with any other player in a similar position and he doesn't come out too badly, certainly better than Doherty.

23 Mar 2021 06:38:53
Next season for me is the season to truly see if we got our money's worth with semedo, same for the whole team next season the season to judge our progress.
We got the euros in the summer followed by the summer transfer window then hopefully fans back in and a promising season ahead, plenty to look forward to with bucket loads of hope and expectations.

23 Mar 2021 10:42:40
Semedo reminds me of ranking that played for us in other words there's something there but it's just not showing. just watch which side west ham will attack. But in his defence I will say that traore doesn't give him many options but it doesn't excuse his inability to pass or defend. Watch carefully how many times coady and patricio are shouting at him. I wish it weren't true but it is. If we put him up for sale now for 20 million there still wouldn't be much interest. only my opinion though.

23 Mar 2021 12:31:46
I remember Rankin we used to call him Shabba lol.

23 Mar 2021 14:34:03
Shabba had the biggest feet I've ever seen so how could he not be able to pass lol.

23 Mar 2021 19:09:58
It's funny, I'm reading on the rumours page a VERY valid point of why aren't many youngsters making it into the squad?! Then in the same week Sanderson is getting rave reviews some peeps suggesting we bring Doc back! Move on peeps, better or worse he has the same positional limitations as Semedo (in that he's a wing back so ain't good in a back four) . Whereas I'm reading that Sanderson has so far been utilised on either flank AND more importantly as a CB currently! Let's not have another youngster leave to only succeed elsewhere (eg Goncalves) let's move on from Docs and bring Sanderson into the team next season! If we don't start developing youngsters we won't have any good ones coming much longer cause they will go somewhere they WILL be given a chance! 👍.

23 Mar 2021 21:17:31
I met Mark Rankine in May 1996, 2 days after the FA Cup final outside the old C and A in Birmingham. I gave him directions to Harry Parkes Sports Store. A few minutes later, I saw Stsn Collymore outside Rackhams and asked him why he says he's a Liverpool fan (this was 2 days after Liverpool had lost to Man U) . I then asked him if he knew a friend of mine (he did as they were best friends at school and still in contact today) and if, why he was a Liverpool fan, why he used to have a season ticket with out mutual friend at Molineux. He admitted that he was a Wolves fan. I then walked off with my 2 mates to Harry Parkes only to walk straight into the great Brian Lara signing books etc. May 13th 1996. 2nd best sporting day of my life.

The best day was when I met the entire Wolves team as they returned to Molineux after training in 1995 and they signed my Replica kit. Stowell, Rankine, Smith, Bull, Thomas and De Wolf to name a few. 25 years later, I've still got the top.

24 Mar 2021 00:42:08
Sadly I agree with Lexluna regarding Semedo at present, don’t get me wrong he ain’t bad but average is a fair assessment this season in my opinion, really hope he’s fully settled on by next season and proves all his doubters including me wrong, either way wouldn’t have doc back, he said at the time Spurs was a dream move, he made his bed in my opinion and we shouldn’t go back 🐺.



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