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16 Mar 2021 11:31:52
I see Raul had gone blonde!

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16 Mar 2021 12:17:56
Yea and you don't half notice the size of his wound/ op. Oh if he'd been on the pitch last night! The problem was glaringly obvious we have nothing up front. People having ago at traore but he's no where to go when there's no support, and if he wins a free kick its wasted 9 times out of ten by moutininho trying to be clever. Jose is like a lumbering uncertain passenger. And fabio, although showing improvement, as a lot to learn like keeping your eyes open and physically challenging. Where we get a goal from I don't know, samedo gets there but can't finish and Lord knows what neves as been shooting at in training. Shouldve had 2 pens but VAR and moutininho pantomime act ruined those. Anyhow the game disappeared insignificant with ruis injury and we all wish him a safe and speedy recovery. We must have another lad we can try upfront tho. Can be any worse than what we've tried. Corbinou as looked good from what I've seen.

16 Mar 2021 13:03:43
Dear Abbeywolf, We actually didn't play badly, SO MANY missed chances.

Re Traorie He is a total waste of time, DOES not know what to do with the ball when he beats his man NO ASSISTS, more often than not dribbles into trouble gives the ball away so many times Get rid.

Jose Useless in the penalty area, If Coady can get a header to the ball so should he be able to much prefer to Fabio.
Semedo should have buried his chance, he is afraid to go past his man. Sell him at a loss not good enough.

We are useless at Free kicks, Throw ins ( take to long) Silly short corners.

It seems our coaching staff watch a different game to us all, None of us know whether Jimenez will be the same player he was when he returns at his age.

Needs to be drastic sort out for next season or a relegation battle again, we have to sell to buy Fosun will not chuck loads of cash in.

16 Mar 2021 13:17:26
Abbey you could see Traore shouting "where was you? " a few times to team mates.

16 Mar 2021 14:00:29
Exactly rated, he had no support. Maybe he's too fast but jiminez adapted to that pretty well. Yellowstone I wasn't implying we didn't play well but that we had no one to put the ball away and we were unlucky with pen appeals. Jose has turned out to be of little use and fabios not up to it at mo. Neves and samedo should be clinical. We could have won the game, but as I meant patricios injury really detracted from the point of moaning.

16 Mar 2021 14:34:44
As was stated last week in the papers and yesterday on the TV, Traore has created just as much as he did last season. The only difference is that last season, Raul and Jota were running into the correct areas to finish off the move and this season, no one is. As the commentators said yesterday, you can't blame Traore for other players not moving.

16 Mar 2021 18:07:05
Hi Jas, Abbey, Watching Traore last night several times last night he had the chance to pass to a player and didn't, his crosses were near the opposite corner flag, I'm sorry but he just does not have the awareness to deliver good assists, he persists in taking on two many players and losing control and the ball.
The only place Traore should play is on the wing and move quickly not stand with the ball at his feet.
He is not in the same league as Waggy.

Re Willan Jose his body language looks as though he doesn' want to score, irrespective of the service he gets can't ever see him scoring. Do you ever see him shout for the ball in the box.

17 Mar 2021 06:20:49
Take your point fully yellowstone. Jose has turned out to be a big big let down and traores crosses may well appear errant but I still believe that his role is as winger, to get the ball across. Weve no dougan Richards in the box and we've no doc or jota on the far sides, with it were the case perhaps we wouldn't be slating adama so much. He's a hit or miss player I agree, but as things stand he's our only means of direct attack. Neto weaves and runs granted but adamas straight at em, the long cross over the box wouldn't be wasted so much if it got put straight back in instead of being passed along or back eventually to coady or given away/ lost to opposition. And woe the free kicks he wins, they get wasted again with silly attempts to fool or now recognised short touches. Ditto throw ins, samedo alone never seems to know where he's going to throw it. The front line is non functional, not just traore, as has been evident since jiminez injury. We had no real back up, didn't get anyone in January and fabio/ jose proving in effective.



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