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Sporting Villains Torture And Concrete Footballs, How Not To Motivate The Iraq Team By Uday Hussein

10 Mar 2021 15:18:56
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Sporting Villains Torture And Concrete Footballs, How Not To Motivate The Iraq Team By Uday Hussein

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11 Mar 2021 07:03:14
Hi Ed001 I read your post above wow I'm glad I wasnt bought up in Iraq at the time. savage and brutal.

On other note a nice win for liverpool last night.

Hoping for a good entertaining game monday night coming.

My feelings at present (which could easily change by monday) is a 2-2 draw.
Ironic for Jota to get a brace lol.

{Ed001's Note - it was not nice, one of the Liverpool posters worked with an Iraqi who did National Service at the time and he said: One camp was set up on one side of the beach to eat and the other to cook and serve food, but they were about half a mile apart. Considering they were only served boiled white rice also by the way, you were expected to carry your plate from one camp to another, 99% of the time by the time they got to their seats their plates were basically just sand. And they were forced to eat it. So sad.

It does make you appreciate how lucky we are though!

Yeah was a good win, but we look better in Europe for some reason. I am hopeful that a settled back four will improve our fortunes.} Become a Patron!

11 Mar 2021 08:46:03
I agree ed, we moan about the weather and other non life affecting things then you hear of the brutal way of life in Iraq back then.
It does make you stand up and realise our good fortune.

Wolves had a player from Kuwait or Saudi Arabi. Al jaber his name think it was in late 90's.
Just posting that for wolves posters to have a trip down memory lane.

{Ed001's Note - I dated a girl for a while recently from the Philippines and she literally only last year paid for her home back there to have running water fitted. Before then her family had to travel a few miles to the nearest village to fill up containers with water for use at home. 2020 and you are only just getting running water fitted? It is hard to believe sometimes.} Become a Patron!

11 Mar 2021 14:15:04
Terrible to think of in this world today Ed. But can I just put a call out for the feed the pack fund to help give some grub to those struggling in and around Wolverhampton. You'll know nuno donated an unbelievable amount, wolves are dedicating the Liverpool game to the cause and virtual tickets can be bought (download) for a £20 donation, or a limited edition shirt (as will be worn by the lads on monday) for £40 with £15 going to the cause. I'm fortunate in retirement to be able to have bought both, but anoy other's of you tucking in to chicken curry pizza meat pie, a couple of beers etc during the match might like to think make a donation (you don't have to go big) and help the fund. I think it should be an entertaining game, there's been some crackers over the years, my most emotional when we were winning 2-0 half time then lost 3-2 were relegated and Liverpool champions. Early mid 70s.

{Ed001's Note - good on you Abbey, great cause.}

11 Mar 2021 14:56:23
Abbey you have my word I will make donation (£40) for the top.
Much respect Abbey.

11 Mar 2021 22:07:04
That Liverpool game was 1976, we were winning 1-0 half time, lost 3-1. I was in South Bank, with the scouse fans, 1000s of them, they were up the floodlight pylons setting fire to bread rolls and throwing them down on us. My coat had fag butts stubbed on it and I was covered in spit. At the final whistle the scousers were nice as pie commiserations with us saying wed soon be back, one gave us a bottle of wine to help them celebrate. We actually thought it was genuine but dumped it fearing it was pee. I had been up the it hit home we were relegated. It was the longest trip back to Oxford. But how many were there that night knows, people were just jumping over the turnstiles.



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