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28 Feb 2021 14:44:44
It was quite alarming how many chances Newcastle created against us. If we are to progress we need a decent centre half pairing. Not sure why Kilman is on the bench and we are playing midfielders as centre halves.

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28 Feb 2021 15:45:19
Good point Ewombourne that crossed my mind last night, particularly with dendonker. I guess nuno wanted options on the field and my thought was that dendonker can be deployed (? ) In other areas that kilman couldn't, plus there's upsetting the apple cart after 2 wins. Boly should be back soon I hope and shore things up again.

28 Feb 2021 18:10:43
The first half an hour wasn't acceptable. I get Newcastle have tricky
players but we made them look like world beaters. After that I think we stepped up, although both sides had chances. For me the golden opportunity was the one Neto had following Traore's run and cut back=he didn't even hit the target.
If we defend anything like we did Saturday, against Man City we may well be facing our heaviest defeat in the Premier league.

28 Feb 2021 21:33:34
The way we've been defending lately, I reckon City could be out of sight by half-time. Their bench on Sunday was unbelievable. If they could play that team as well, they would occupy the top two places in the Premier. In my 60 years of playing and watching football, this City team are the finest I've ever seen in the UK. It would be a crime if they weren't to win the CL this season.
I would actually rest 6 or 7 players in readiness for the Villa game.
To be, Jonny doesn't look 100% yet. Rest Neves, Moutinho, Neto, Semedo, Dendoncker, Patricio, Jose, Saiss and play Hoever, Vitinha, Otasowie, Ait-Nouri, Corbeanu, Kilman, Sondergaard.
And never think of selling Dion Sanderson. He would be in the team for me now, permanently.
Tuesday is a free hit so let's just give it a go and freshen up the lads for next weekend.

01 Mar 2021 06:15:40
Whoa wolfie. I want us to be on the record for ending city's run, not for highest score against in prem. Weve a good record against City and nuno will like the challenge. I agree with you tho sanderson looks the biz for me as does corbinau from what I've seen (I'm surprised he hasn't been sent on at any time yet) . I think kilman will be in team at the expense of jose to start with and it'll be all hands on pumps but I'm quite excited at the challenge and think the old gold might just be in the headlines for the right reasons. Ps. I agree City are by far the best team around at mo, if you let them play!

01 Mar 2021 08:04:22
One the topic of the back 3, it does seem to me that defensively the squad isn't very balanced. Did we ever really replace/ upgrade on Bennett on the right side of the 3? We had the guy on loan from Real Madrid that didn't work out, who I believe was the last centre back to sign. Boly always looks more assured on the left, as does Saiss. I may be wrong on this but I think Kilman has only played left side of a 2 or 3 for the senior side. So currently that leaves Donk filling in or Boly playing on the right.

01 Mar 2021 09:02:14
Our players will hopefully raise their game against city.
If boly is not back I would stick to the same side.
Making wholesale changes would IMO be counter productive.

01 Mar 2021 10:01:48
Abbey, there's nothing I would love more than to nick 3 points at the Etihad tomorrow night. But realistically, can you see it? Look at the way the two sides are performing, City ripping defenders apart and Wolves conceding chances like throwing confetti around.
On present form, there is only one result and a resounding one at that. I do honestly hope I'm wrong as does my bookie.
City will rest a few maybe but, in will come Cancelo and Sterling to name but two.
One major thing that has had an adverse effect on the Wolves this season is the lack of our twelfth man (the fans) . Probably hampered us more than other club in the premier. I'll be watching and hoping for another miracle on Tuesday.

01 Mar 2021 10:45:48
Last season we had Jiminez, City had Otamendi.
This season we've got Jose, City have Dias.
Our players were comfortable on the ball and confident. Not now.
We've gone backwards, City have gone in the opposite direction.
How do you stop this present City from playing when they have 75% possession. You can't. They lose it, they get it back.
Our defence is shaky, Traore has no end product anymore. I'm feeling sorry for Rui even now and we ain't kicked off yet.

01 Mar 2021 11:53:56
Our signing of players in the summer has sent us backwards, not one signed is a upgrade on what we already had.
Mediocre is what we are this season, that's why we will finish around where we are now.

01 Mar 2021 16:15:02
Again I agree that any betting man would not put is hard earned on anything but a city win, I'm realistic too, realistic enough to know that the unexpected happens to.
We came back from 2 down and beat a very good city team, even with city down to 10 men whoed have thought it. I remember the league Cup final, no one really thought we'd beat City we did. And, all things have to come to an end, for City their run may well go wrong tomorrow a misplaced pass a wild kick a sending off who knows. We have no reason to be scared, we should relish the opportunity we have the players and they have to perform, concentrate, hound City players force them. Sending out youngsters would be suicide, keep the faith believe the unbelievable. I am and I'm convinced we can take a point or more tomorrow. Have a laugh at me, but I do. COYW.

01 Mar 2021 16:49:03
As an add on, remember when we were facing man u. and the bets were on how many neistlroy (excuse spelling) would score against us. We had no chance. I put a fiver on wolves win and everyone laughed at me then. We won. Ill have egg on my face I expect, but I believe, I hope whatever team nuno puts out do as well.

{Ed077's Note - I wonder what the odds are for a Wolves victory or even a draw.}

01 Mar 2021 17:04:36
Hi Abbey I bet you have got your flying jacket on standby.

I just got off the phone to my bro, all is sorted to watch the match together.

Your post has got me looking forward to the match.

Let's just give it our best shot along as we give it our all we have a chance.


01 Mar 2021 17:25:10
I've got my rose tinted goggles on phil and I'm ready to scramble just hope I'm not bunkered up come 10 o'clock. Seriously I think it could be a great game, well have more space/ time when we get the ball and in neto/ adama we've got the speed to get through or get some decent free kicks. They can't hack em down all night and 2 bookings leads to red. I do think we can upset the wagon. COYW.

01 Mar 2021 20:44:35
Love your philosophical approach, Abbey. Have these wild dreams been keeping you awake at night? This season has definitely been one of shocks and surprises. Yes, City have got to lose sometime but look at the defence that's facing them. We couldn't even keep the Geordies at bay.
It may be different if we could play Patricio, Ruddy and Sondergaard.

01 Mar 2021 21:16:34
Abbey, you say City can't hack em down all night. Tell me, how much possession do you think we'll get, 20%, 25% or maybe even 30%.
If we come away losing by less than 3, then I will think we ain't done too bad.
On current form, they are the best club side in the world.
Our best two defenders ain't even playing, Kilman and Sanderson.

02 Mar 2021 06:43:43
Hey wolfie, a little romancing the stone (whatever that means) does no harm under these circumstances, if we simple think we'll get hamnered because they're the best team in the world then there's no point in turning up, or supporting your team. There is no nope, ambition achievement, even if that achievement is only losing 1-0. I like to think, and dream, think of possibilities and be aware that it is definitely true that at some point city will not win every game. wolves beat the then champions of Europe brien cloughs forest, but we did as a poor back pass allowed andy gray to round Peter Shilton and leave me in ecstasy. These things happen and if nuno lays us out with belief it could tonight. Believe wolfie . We watch because anything can happen, , when we turn on the TV tonight we'll all be hoping we can win, I'm just saying there's a possibility we can take something, if we didn't belive there would be no hope. Ill be believing at 8pm and checking the law of averages againt at 10. Enjoy the game I hope.

02 Mar 2021 06:56:52
Am I right in thinking Leicester beat City 5-2 this season?

02 Mar 2021 07:10:02
No point watching then if we have already lost.

02 Mar 2021 07:34:19
Leicester had 3 pens. Troare/ neto free kicks yellows and reds!? BBC 1 already talking over traore and his oiling up this morning. Mind you wolfie it could be I've had my vax, a painful tooth removed and I'm on opiate based pain killers. But in these miserable times wolves matches are my saviour from repeated TV shows, churned over miserable news with charts and graphs predicting gloom. Out of darkness cometh light. Allow a little glimmer into our lives. COYW.

02 Mar 2021 07:39:19
16/ 1 wolves win. Pop a pound on phil.

02 Mar 2021 07:58:59
Nice 1 Abbey I will put a pound on.
The young lad at work is back off furlough he can put the bet on for me, I only place the bet at the bookies never do it online.

With this lockdown and c. v. I'm grateful for my fortune I'm at work, hope you are hanging in there Abbey with the mental health of boredom and yes even for me at work a midweek match is good to have something to look forward to.
We beat man city last season no reason why it is not possible tonight.
GOOD health for you Abbey and ALL Wolves fans on here. πŸ‘Œ

{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed for you tonight Phil. Be nice for someone to beat them and at least make it interesting at the top!} Become a Patron!

02 Mar 2021 08:08:37
Cheers Ed001 hope all is well for you, all is splendid down my end lol πŸ˜€.

{Ed001's Note - it's looking up after the weekend!} Become a Patron!

02 Mar 2021 08:24:27
Sound Ed001 my gaffer just came in whilst typing.
I'm hoping with the talk of the quadruple for man city it starts to go wrong for them starting tonight.
Come on you wolves
Ps much needed win for liverpool sunday πŸ‘Œ.

{Ed001's Note - I hope we didn't get you into trouble. It is no fun when we can't see you getting a telling off!!

Usually when pundits and media start talking someone up they mess up, so why not tonight? Wolves are certainly capable of upsetting anyone on their day.

Very much needed mate, but it was only Sheff Utd and they are having as bad a season as Liverpool with injuries etc. Need to build on it now.} Become a Patron!

02 Mar 2021 08:43:36
No my boss didn't see me, lol lucky me,
3.30 finish hours left at work in the dungeon in the depths of the second city lol. (Birmingham not madchester)
Have a nice day mate and
Up the wolves and liverpoolπŸ˜€.



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