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28 Feb 2021 09:43:34
Re DA Silva, for me he his not good enough, He does not seem to have any HUNGER to score goals, even with a lack of service, very poor in the box.
Fabio was unlucky not to score and should have come on much earlier not in the 80th min, at least Fabio gets in scoring positions. once he gets a goal he will improve.

Re Neves apart from his goal was very poor, seems to have lost his shooting ability, shots on target nil.
Although Traorie did well I wish he would over doing his dribbling across the box.
We will take the draw, but were lucky.
The goal famine continues, not enough shots on target, repeatedly giving the ball away. But we are almost safe, it could have been so much better with 3 points.

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28 Feb 2021 10:32:40
Two of the front three are just playing for themselves, don’t pass to each other and don’t even acknowledge the Centre Forward is there, Doog, Richards, Gray, Bully, Mutch, Kelly, Ebanks-Blake, Miller, Griffiths, Sturridge and the likes don’t know how lucky they were when the ball used to come in the box, Jose wouldn’t be waiting for his first goal if Waggy or Robbie D was alongside him.

28 Feb 2021 11:31:35
You may be right in that Jose may not score but last night it was he who dragged the defender away with his movement in the box which allowed Neves to creep into position to score. Likewise, Neto took a wayward shot when Jose was in the perfect place to receive the ball and score.

28 Feb 2021 11:38:33
Traore with his header at the far post Jose was waiting to tap it in if Traore had headed it across goal.

28 Feb 2021 13:00:25
Silva no hunger are you serious?
He gets in better positions and isn't afraid to shoot.
He had a header saved by a miracle save too give the lad a break, if we had a midfield then more goals would come for him and Jose would have a couple of goals too.

28 Feb 2021 13:35:12
Rated I'm confused by your reply, please read my post again.

Re Da Siva = no hunger, no shots, no headers, no movement in the box, you have to make yourself available to receive the ball irrespective of poor service, Fabio does

It was Fabio Silva who had the miracle save and gets in better positions than DA.

Fabio should have been on at halftime he will be ok,
Yes we all know about the midfield.

28 Feb 2021 13:47:37
A fortunate point and could have nicked the 3 at the end. We’ll have to up our game on Tuesday and defend better. I’d start Hoever at right back instead of Semedo whose defensive frailties continue. Don’t know what’s happened to Neves apart from his excellent goal he was woefull. Well it’s not as if we haven’t beaten them before so if we are at our best we can do it again.

28 Feb 2021 15:00:10
Yellowstone who do you mean by DA silva? Do you mean jose?

28 Feb 2021 16:15:13
Yeah my bad Yellowstone mate that's what happens when I reply before coffee lol.
Apologies mate.

28 Feb 2021 16:51:25
No problem Rated, I suppose I should state Jose Da Silva, he is not good enough is he.

Fabio will come good.

28 Feb 2021 18:05:21
Jose as been a disappointment I agree and his enthusiasm somewhat lacking, but I still believe he is the correct player to start with. As phil commented earlier we don't get to see his moves fully on tv and there no doubt he takes defenders with him. Last night he provided the pass to neto then got near post to open up the space for neves. Nuno commented on spotting the opportunity of using that space with the misfitted left back vulnerable. so jose played the part. He got penalty award v arsenal and our overall performance with him as been better. (Although ottos return as well) . Fabios goals a pen and a no miss chance courtesy of boley. Then a no part player to a slowly integrating role but missed the golden chances that £35mil shouldn't. Last night his time on the field he showed much more promise and did what was asked of him. A shame it never went him for him in such a flukey way, but those 10 mins dosnt represent the input of the presence he'd bring from the start. He's gone up in my estimation but not a starter for me yet. Get City vile and Liverpool out the way and then give him his chance.



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