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26 Feb 2021 13:42:18
I just don't understand this constant slating of Fabio Silva. One poster has clearly stated that he's League 1 level. The fact that he's an 18 year old living in a new country, at a new club where he was expected to be a bit part player but forced into the 1st team when he clearly wasn't ready seems to be lost in some people. However I'll give you an example of 3 players currently at the who needed time to settle in before becoming important and good 1st team players: Dendoncker, Traore and Podence. Next season I'm sure Silva will have a lot of you eating your words. Just like Semedo has done recently.

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26 Feb 2021 14:28:27
Spot on Jas. My thoughts exactly.

26 Feb 2021 15:08:56
Totally agree, need more 'young blood' in the team. Another great win for the u23s today! FWAW.

26 Feb 2021 17:18:09
Well said Jas. Anyone who thought he would step straight in and perform like Raul is deluded. He always a purchase for the future but had to step in due to circumstances. Ideally he would not have been on the pitch in the Premier this season. His time will come and I just hope he has been protected from the whingers.

26 Feb 2021 17:37:27
Interesting in above posts. Here is quotes verbatim Nuno in Sky Sports interview on young players: "Playing them in the Carabao is different;Playing them against big teams in big stadiums, this is the time to make a proper evaluation". "It is about balance". "This club is not a puppy farm to develop players. The players come here because we believe they can make an immediate impact". "The demands on them must be the same because we are playing in the best league in the world". Think this differs to your sentiments above.

26 Feb 2021 18:04:08
Possibly Belfast but I would need to read the whole text, not extracts. A player ca prove themselves by what the coach sees in his effort for example, and not necessarily on what the player produces at the time. I may be wrong in suggesting he would not have seen the Prem this season, but are you suggesting that dropping an 18 year old into Raul's role, would be any coach's preferred option in how to handle such a young prospect?

26 Feb 2021 18:25:56
New poster here, but I think this is spot on. Silva's shown some good moments and there is clearly potential there. Young players develop at different rates. Harry Kane wasn't exactly a 20+ goal a season striker in the premier league when he was 18. We just need to be patient with Fabio and like any Wolves player show our full support. I believe he will improve over the next couple of seasons and develop into a top player.

26 Feb 2021 19:17:49
Wimbourne, the full interview with Sky Sports Jan, 12th. Plus, where did I suggest anything? Just quoting Nuno himself.

26 Feb 2021 20:55:32
Cheers Belfast I will try and check it out. Re the 'suggestion' I was clarifying what point you were making.

26 Feb 2021 21:15:29
I’ve been critical of Fabio too but only because it’s not his time yet. Closer analysis of his work to date actually shows much promise. If Nuno is willing to gamble by playing Raul and Fabio together next season I could see the young lad feeding off a real target man. Could have a potential ‘sniffer Clarke’ on our hands in my opinion.

26 Feb 2021 21:24:22
I think the thing is with fabio that the amount of money spent on him could/ should have been better spent and some, including me, would expect a little more even given his age etc. if that price was worth it. He looks totally out of his depth and scared of the 'big lads' pulling from balls and not challenging. Granted he's made some decent runs and found positions but be it nerves or not for £35mill he should be more of a competent player. It must be difficult for him I don't deny, but the presence of jose alone is better than having fabio on the pitch. let's hope I'm proved wrong in the future.

26 Feb 2021 21:53:54
Think people expected more because of his price (not his fault) .
Plus there was a lot of negative post when we were losing every week
Things have changed abit now so for me he needs more game time as our season is basically over.

26 Feb 2021 22:58:00
First thanks Jas for replying to a post and indeed getting a thread to ignite. Over the last few days we have had questions asked about loan players – in and out – this one on rating our squad’s current level vis a vis top 6 middle 8 etc and my question on “what if Jimenez had scored the penalty how would this season have been different” and until you responded only a Villa fan had bothered to respond and even he didn’t answer or give his views on any of the questions!
Second, neither Thierry Henry nor the best ten years’ old player in the world, who might be living in Manchester, Moscow or Montevideo, are Premier league quality players now.
Why? Their age!
The question is where are they now so your point (and sadly also the similar points made by a number of other posters) about his age and previous domestic arrangements is totally and utterly irrelevant. It might be an excuse for why he isn’t at a certain level but that wasn’t the question – what level is he now!
Additionally, despite the tone of your response, your second point “he clearly wasn’t ready” isn’t exactly a huge rebuttal of my view that “he clearly wasn’t ready” either?
However as nether you nor any or the other people who took umbrage at my answer to the q on ratings, (or indeed any one else), bothered to give your own ratings I don’t really know what you think about Fabio or any of the other players which is a great shame as clearly it could have instigated a great debate.
So I will reiterate I don’t think today Fabio is a Premier League player and indeed as I wrote don’t think he is a Championship level player either.
V happy to debate that point and I would be fascinated to see what evidence of his current brilliance you can produce.
I would make 3 points.
Firstly, his impact on the team: Before he came into the side, we had taken 17points from 10 = 1.7 per game. After he left the side, we have taken 11 from 6 =1.83 points per game. When he was leading the line, we got 5 from 9 = 0.55 points per game.
Secondly the evidence of my own eyes. I have seen virtually every minute he has played for Wolves and in my opinion (and of course you may disagree) his physical and technical abilities are far below the standard required from a Premier League player and I postulate his level to be Div 1.
Thirdly as the Benik Afobe debate was “settled” Nuno picks the team and knows best and he has moved him out of the side for Jose {who by the way many of the posters on here are already slating as not good enough! } indicating that he didn’t think he was a Prem League quality player today.
[Note we aren’t discussing his potential or where he might be in three years’ time. ]
So Jas did you misread the thread and simply have a MIGBIN moment “Mouth in gear Brain in Neutral” or do you think he is currently a top 6 Premier League player or Middle 8 or what?
Anyone else think Fabio is CURRENTLY a Premier League quality player?

27 Feb 2021 00:06:36
TFIOG, I’m not sure why there is debate as Fabio Silva is not yet ready or at the required level to lead the line in either of the top two leagues in this country. Although he will strengthen and develop I’m uncertain that he is a line leader full stop. But he has got into some good positions and with confidence could have 4 or 5 goals under his belt by now. The only debate is how quickly he will develop and where and when to deploy him when Raul is fit. As stated I would be curious to see them line up together in the future to see if a partnership could evolve.

27 Feb 2021 02:38:48
ok NES your comment "Fabio Silva is not yet ready or at the required level to lead the line in either of the top two leagues in this country" presumably means you agree with me and he is Div 1 Level?
I agree I'm far from certain why this statement caused a major ruction as it appears pretty obvious to me - Fabio today sadly is a long way short of Prem quality. However clearly some see something that I and it would appear Nuno dont!

27 Feb 2021 09:52:41
Totally agree, Future. Age has no bearing but Ability does; and I struggle to see potential in Silva that others do. I quoted a while back the impact Rooney (& others) had in his first games, you knew here is a kid is very special, he'd get you out of your seat- age? 16! So this about Silva "only being 18", I so far, (& it's my opinion) have seen bo diddly squat of any flashes of brilliance from him, &, in fact, few occasions where he had the chances to show quality he flunked them. Nuno sees something that I don't, but his interview with S. S. he said he and others were brought in to make an " immediate impact", (oven ready? ) he hasn't done that, to me.

{Ed077's Note - but not all players are as physically developed as Rooney was at 16. Very few players even get involved in the first team setup before 18/19. Some people develop later than others physically. How many 18 year olds are making any kind of impact in the PL??}

27 Feb 2021 10:53:33
Steve bull was considered not good enough by a certain club and although he didn't go straight into the Premier the rest is history. I think this kid will open a few eye's very shortly. His confidence will only get stronger. On the fence with ain't nouri though.

27 Feb 2021 11:12:48
Ed, besides Rooney, M. Owen, M. Greenwood, Foden, Fowler, Brewster, N. Whiteside (16?) Sterling- probably even smaller than Silva, L. Shaw or even our own M. G. W., plenty others too. But my point was/ is, they all showed potential, not Silva i. m. o.

{Ed001's Note - you are going back 50 years there to produce a tiny list of players who have made an impact. None of them moved to a foreign country before establishing themselves in the first team, had to adapt to a new culture or any of the myriad other problems that come with emigrating plus the extra ones of not being able to see your family and friends due to a pandemic. The lad has barely had a chance. It took Ian Rush 3 years to even score a goal for Liverpool after his record move for a teenager (at the time). Give the lad time before writing him off.}

27 Feb 2021 11:39:54
I think the main reason so many are on Silva's back is the transfer fee compared to other players Wolves have signed. It must be difficult being 18 years old, moving to another country in a C.V. and being thrown into the premier league playing in empty stadiums. Even in "normal" times some players can take a season to adjust and get used to the pace of the league and even some of the best players have played in the premier league and not stepped up. I think we need some patience with Silva to give him time to develop and see how he improves next season at least.

27 Feb 2021 11:37:48
TFIOG, very interesting stats about points per game when Silva is in and out of the team. What you failed to point out was the return to the 1st team of some of our other injured players too. Any stats will fit when you leave out some important details.

27 Feb 2021 11:39:37
It's just you who doesn't see it TFIOG as Nuno said a few weeks ago that Silva would be a top player for us in the future.

27 Feb 2021 11:46:44
ed001 - please don't misunderstand - the question asked by by Wolfthistle was "What level are Wolves players now".
Not what will they be in three years time or why are they struggling - for which in Fabio's case there are valid reasons as you state.
I am not writing him off merely stating that today he is not a Prem or Championship player.
So tell me would you have him in your team now?
Perhaps you could ask other Eds or even posters on other Prem league team boards - who would want him in their team - NOW!
Rhian Brewster is a great example as well of the difference between being a great prospect and being a Prem player now. Last year at the Swans in the Championship Brewster looked great but this season at SU - admittedly playing in a struggling side - he has disappeared.
Amazed at what a controversy I have caused from what I regarded as a fairly obvious comment but am delighted it has at least got some posts flying around after a v quiet period on the board.

{Ed001's Note - I am not the biggest fan of Brewster anyway, I hoped for something from him, but I never thought he should have been signed by Liverpool at all. I think Silva would stand out just as Brewster did in the Championship, as he is a better player imo. Like Brewster though, he was dropped into a team that was struggling, obviously not as badly, but you were not attacking well when he was in the team. So I can't say I have seen enough to judge him in the Prem. He certainly has the technical ability.}

27 Feb 2021 11:27:41
Ed 077 Exactly and to my mind as of today he is not one of those who is capable of doing so.
As I said he is not a Prem league quality player at this moment and you don't seem to disagree either?
As an adjunct to this comment though how many 18 year olds are bought for £35m and paid multi million pound salaries.
Also how many are in Premier League first 11's. The fact that the club and even his biggest fans seemingly recognise he wasn't ready when Jimenez got injured and we had no choice but to put him in the side just makes the fact that he was having to play even more of a tragedy.
ps Lex if he turns out to be 25% of Bully we will be v v happy but do note Bully was bought for less than Silva's weekly wage!

{Ed077's Note - the fact is even many grown-ups/older players have struggled to adapt to the demands of the PL. There was another potential 35m+18 year old player signed the summer just gone only in the form of Amad Diallo at Man Utd.

The prices for talented young players have never been higher. You guys need to remember 17-18 year olds can qualify as HGs/club-trained if they spend all the time(18_21) with the club so the PL clubs have become more willing to part ways with large sums of money.

Regardless of what people say, Silva was meant to be a backup for Raul Jimenez but the long layoff for RJ meant he got thrust into the limelight, under huge pressure before he was settled and ready.}

27 Feb 2021 12:06:12
Jas - your 11.39 post states "Nuno says in the future. As I have said over and over again the question we were asked by Wolfthistle was where are they now?
Don't wish to be confrontational but I'm not sure why or even IF you are arguing with me?
Is he a Prem league quality player now?
PS Agree stats can prove anything and it is impossible to run a parallel universe where only 1 variable is moved i. e. Jimenez is replaced by Silva and then Silva by Jose but they are pretty damning aren't they?

27 Feb 2021 13:51:50
Yes he wa future but it was a long time ago and league 4.3.2.& championship. this kid has been thrown in the deep end. I'm not comparing him to the bull at all but I think he needs to be coached through the summer and I'm convinced he'll come good.

27 Feb 2021 14:43:41
OK since Jose came in, Silva has looked pathetic. This is based on my observations of his average of 5 minutes at the end of the games. You might need to read the full Nuno interview again where he states that although Wolves buy players who are ready to go into the 1st team, sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise. Interestingly the very same interview said that the younger players needed to learn off the experienced pros already at the club. Well when Jimenez got injured in November, who was Silva going to learn from? Answer: no one so after 2 months he is trying to fit into Nunos team in a team missing not just Raul, but other important 1st team players. But to put this argument to bed. I will admit that Silva is not good enough for the PL.



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