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22 Feb 2021 20:49:02
Just watched the beautiful game podcast featuring benik Afobe what an humble guy he mentions his wolves experience I liked benik and was sorry to see him go.

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22 Feb 2021 23:12:25
Wish we had him now.

22 Feb 2021 23:13:00
I met him on a few occasions. Didn't like him. Thought money could buy him anything.

23 Feb 2021 11:21:26
To be fair to Afobe he consistently performed well for Wolves. For that reason I was sorry to see him go. However his record elsewhere was strangely below par, so maybe it was only Nuno who could get the best out of him? That's the football side of the Afobe story.

Nuno moved him on for disciplinary reasons. Stories appeared in the tabloids reporting that Afobe had been a naughty boy. Nuno will not stand for that. End of. It's a shame that Afobe is airing grievances now as it only draws attention to the reasons he was moved on. Instead he should be showing the football world that he is still a serious striker, and maybe earning another shot in the Premier League.

23 Feb 2021 12:25:36
Deep- it wasn't Nuno that got the best out of him, he only scored 6 goals in 16 apps when he came back! Which when you consider how dominant the Champ team he was playing in was then that's just not good enough! Amazingly it was Kenny J that did the best work with him!
I'm with Jas here, I never really understood the loyalty the fans had for him. He left Arsenal despite them wanting to keep him because he was 'to good' to wait for a place in the Prem then did the EXACT same thing to us the first time a sniff of a Prem move came about! He was all about the love for the club when he bailed out of Bournemouth but he wasn't quite so nice when he first left was he?! How dare Wolves have held up his career, never mind that he wasn't even a full season into a brand NEW contract! For me loyalty is earned and he didn't bank any credits there so I'm not getting sentimental for him. Besides the very simple fact was (sadly) he just wasn't that good! Classic Champ striker, easier to look good when you have three good chances to score a game. In the Prem he was found out, weather the club handled it well or not (defo debatable) ask yourself three things 1) was he EVER going to be up to carrying the burden of leading the line in the Prem (for me no) and 2) would he have screwed us over in the same way we did if given the chance?! I think we lived that answer when Bournemouth came in, ya know when he downed tools for two months till he got his move! 3) and this is really the important one, who would EVER swap him for Raul?! Cause if we hadn't sold Benik we wouldn't have got Raul and whatever the debate on Benik I think we can ALL agree that Raul is a TRUE wolf! 🐺.

23 Feb 2021 12:43:49
A few players seem to get moved on for disciplinary reasons, Bennett and Douglas I believe and probably a good few more, maybe the problem is within the Club.

23 Feb 2021 13:23:01
Or maybe Nuno won't stand over hyped prima donna's thinking they are the dog's gonads.
There's a togetherness at our club at the moment that was missing under previous regime's.

23 Feb 2021 13:23:35
Bully, you are correct. Although Afobe's goal stats under Nuno were good enough, it was Kenny Jackett who worked best with him. Afobe never quite cut it in the PL with Bournemouth.

Financially we turned a profit twice on Afobe. Bought for £2mil and sold for £10mil. Then bought for £10mil and sold for £12mil. So I think we did quite well out of him.

At the end of the day, with his recent moaning, Afobe is showing himself up. That simply puts prospective clubs off.

23 Feb 2021 13:43:35
I have no time for Afobe sorry, said he loved the club etc but as soon as a premiership club came he threw his toys out and was gone like a shot.
I wish him the best in his career but he burnt his bridges with us.

23 Feb 2021 16:12:11
Deep Throat, you say Nuno "will not stand for that", re indiscretions, and Afobe; so how come MGW was in the squad a week after his breaking of lockdown rules? Surely the law applies to all?

23 Feb 2021 19:53:33
Belfast-I think it's a bit different to be honest. Whatever anyone thinks of Gibbs transgression Nuno understands what lockdown does to peeps more than most so I suspect was slightly more lenient, especially with a young player 👍.

23 Feb 2021 21:13:06
From my memory Adobe left the first time as promises were made to strengthen the squad. Sako went Dicko got injured and we were much weaker.
His states were not as good 2nd time round as Nuno is stubborn and stuck with starting a miss firing Bonatini.
What ever you think of Adobe personally, when happy he is an excellent composed finisher with some speed. I would rather see him playing with this current squad than Silva. Not sure why BullysboyII is saying we wouldn't have got Jimemez if we didn't sell him. Most prem clubs have 3-4 strikers. If we still had kept Afobe or indeed signed a proper back up we wouldn't have been in the mess we were in once Jimenez was injured. Again it points back to Nuno's stubbornness as to why we have no strength in depth.

23 Feb 2021 22:23:41
Behave Camo, the stats don't lie! He scored 6 goals in 16 apps in the best team the Championship has EVER seen, that wasn't Bonatinis fault (who got double his goal tally by the way) it was because Benik spends far to long walking around watching others do the running! Your comparing Fabio at 18 in his first Prem season to Benik when he SHOULD have been in his prime so not that's not exactly fair either. Let's have the chat again in five years and see who was the better prospect then eh?! Oh and why do I think we couldn't have got Raul, well it's quite simple really. We sold Benik and made £2m profit in one wkend and clearly put that £12m towards buying Raul at the end of the season. Remind me what happened last FFP check, that's right we got penalised for over spending. How then are you finding the extra £12m in transfer money not to mention £2-5m on the contract?! If its that easy why did we STILL get penalised despite selling him and making a profit?! You think he'd be good back up in the Prem seriously?! He can't score for toffee in the Champ anymore! Ask Bournemouth how he did as back up, cause they bought his best mate to the club to keep him happy and he still couldn't score?! Like I said I've never understood why peeps are so loyal to such an average player 🙄.

24 Feb 2021 11:42:09
The stats Bullysboy II are. 16 games, 7 starts, 9 sub appearances (203mins) and 6 goals. Bonatini had 43 games to get his 12 by the way. My point about Jimenez is other sales could have been made to make cash, i.e Bonatini, Miranda.

24 Feb 2021 12:42:44
Afobe might have got more if he hadn't spent have his time hanging around disinterested. He was never committed to us.

24 Feb 2021 13:14:38
Other sales?! So you reckon Miranda who ended up leaving on free without any takers and Bonatini who we struggled to make £5m back on would have covered it do ya?! Haha OK then, my point was if we made £12m from Benik and still got hit by FFP then not sure where that moneys coming from?
He was put on the bench Camo cause he was lazy, that simple. Say what ya want about Bonatini the guy ran his nuts off! I mean whenever this debate comes up peeps act like he hasn't had multiple chances to shine Bristol City, Stoke guessing he struggled at those places cause the manager was stubborn as well then?! What are the chances 🤣.

24 Feb 2021 15:15:23
Everyone knows he's flopped since leaving us. The point I made was if he had stayed he would have been a better option than Silva, who clearly isn't ready for 1st team. He spends more time holding his leg on the floor than playing. Why anyone would be bothered by a lazy player who scored goals is strange. Le Tissier seemed to do ok using that method. As for your FFP Bullysboy II, no one on here has the first idea about Wolves financial records and why we were fined. The problem with a lot of Wolves fans is they hold a grudge.

24 Feb 2021 19:25:28
What grudge, I don't know the guy personally I just don't think he was especially good. And barring an 18 month purple patch in his career I've seen absolutely nothing to suggest otherwise (check the stats) . See the problem I find with Wolves fans is the rose tinted specs they wear for past players!

When Sako left Palace one or two actually suggested we sign him! He'd just spent two years flopping at Palace on £40k a week but he played well in the Champ for us once so why not?! I tell you why not cause like Benik he just ain't good enough for the Prem, don't believe me check out their stats!

As for the FFP stuff frankly I don't need to understand all of it to realise that if we already failed it having sold Benik then keeping him was not realistic! It's not that hard as a concept really, if WITH that extra £14-17m we still failed then I don't need to be an accountant to know that without that money we would have been in a worse position.

Have to be honest I really don't understand why you keep referring to him as scoring goals cause he NEVER has in the Prem which is where we were headed. Remind me Camo how many goals did Benik score in his final season at Bournemouth.? That's right not a single goal, so to compare him to Matt Le Tissier is frankly laughable!

Le Tiss played in an era where if you were technically good enough you could play at a walk. Benik didn't have the luxury of the technical ability (not many do compared to Le Tiss in fairness) or playing in that generation!

In fact as you keep comparing him to Fabio then it's worth noting that with two measly goals Fabio has already outscored him going off both of there most recent stints in the Prem! 🤣.

25 Feb 2021 08:12:34
I didn't compare Afobe's ability to Le Tiss, just stated lazy players who score goals shouldn't be a problem. You are very obsessed by what Afobe has done elsewhere, good job you don't do that for Jimenez. As for FFP, like I said no one has a clue. The Afobe money could have been paid over several years and irrelevant to the fine. I am not a rose tinted supporter just making the point of why sell one striker who was scoring and keep Bonatini who hadn't scored for months.

{Ed077's Note - Wolves might have received the money from Afobe's sale for 12m but it can be registered in the financial account in the summer he was sold as a 12m deal in itself. Or so I believe things can be worked around}

25 Feb 2021 17:08:54
Just reading the Afobe posts. Yea, I know I'm behind.
Wolves had an option to buy from Bournemouth for 10 mil. Stoke were willing to pay 12 mil. Nuno didn't want him as could be seen by his reluctance to play him even though Bonatini hadn't scored since December. Fosun saw an opportunity. Why send him back to Bournemouth so they could get 12 mil off stoke, when we could get him for 10 mil and then sell him on to stoke for a 2 mil profit. It was purely a business transaction and Afobe knew that. That's why he made Zero comments in the media about how delighted he was to have signed permanently for Wolves. He knew he was going to stoke.
He has since come out with different versions of what went on. I don't believe any of them. He was never going to be a wolves player that following season cus Nuno didn't want him and I think he's still sore about that.

{Ed077's Note - does the fact that Afobe hasnt managed any PL games since that summer whilst Nuno took Wolves to a Europa League quarter-final justify the decision?}

26 Feb 2021 00:06:18
Thank you Ed, in one short post you have somehow summerised what I was trying to say! 🤣 I do get your point Camo regarding Raul because if you'd asked me when we signed him I would have agreed with you so no point pretending otherwise. But this is why Nunos doing his job and we aren't, he accurately gauged the potiential of BOTH options and made the right choice!
I suppose this is the crux of the issue that the Ed has so eloquently summed up, basically for me Benik was never going to be a Prem level striker. Clearly Nuno agreed and like I say I've seen nothing before or after to suggest otherwise. You say I'm 'obsessed' with his performance at other clubs and that isn't the case. He just isn't a Prem class striker, which happens to have been proven during his time at Bournemouth! And I don't think the club or Nuno should be retrospectively blamed for HIS limitations. There's no shmame in being a Champ level striker, I'm sure he makes a very nice living from it but that's his level. No malice, just saying it how I see it 👍.

26 Feb 2021 10:12:00
Fair play Bullysboy II. I think it just gets a little frustrating that we have come so far in a few years, but haven't been able to address the issue of only one proper striker. Let's hope we have learnt our lesson. Roll on Newcastle.



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