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19 Feb 2021 22:10:04
Double over Leeds sounds great it’s getting better👍🏻👍🏻.

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19 Feb 2021 22:50:11
For me Joao, the little master, was easily MoM. He was everywhere, a one man midfield, with Neves standing watching. What has happened to the ' Wonder kid from Porto'! Also shout out to Rui, Saiss (as usual) and Semedo who gets better every game. FWAW.

19 Feb 2021 23:49:04
Semedo looked good going forward, Patricio seems back to his confident best but the biggest change for me was the big smile on Nuno's face!

Doesn't look like Marcal will ever stay fit though which is a big disappointment.

20 Feb 2021 00:01:43
Agree Rui, Saiss did well. Semedo ok. Neves I thought just went from one mistake to another. He's never very good if he doesn't get time on the ball and that is always dictated by the oposition. Dendonker does his best to hide as much as possible. Marcal always looks good but unfortunately can't stay fit. Such a shame. Jose, has got to start putting himself about more and demanding the ball. For someone that is trying to get a permanent contract, for me, he just does not do enough.
Winning breeds confidence, so that's probably the best positive we can take from recent matches. If we're honest, our good fortune of late continued tonight, long may it continue, but pretty soon we're going to have to rely on being the better team to win games.

20 Feb 2021 11:15:35
Well I must have been watching the travel chanel cus saiss constantly giving free kicks away when no need. jose is bone idle imo his work rate is shocking. Neves is going through a bad patch and dendonk is definitely not a defender but I've changed my mind on silva after his control turn and shot cus he wasn't doing that a few weeks back. pushing forward now with netto and adama cutting in is looking good and with raul in side the goals will start to come. only thing I'd say is I think we need to keep swapping netto and adama during the match perhaps after every 15 minutes cus that would seriously unsettle even the best defences. i'm new on here guys but been wolves for 55 years and been through the pain barrier on many occasions and I only give my opinion. I don't post to upset guys.

20 Feb 2021 11:45:17
I agree Statto, think we might be seeing why Marcal was such a 'bargain'. Its a shame as well cause he looks like the kind of player we were crying out for in fairness, ya know for the ten mins he can play! I can see why Jose is getting stick cause I said myself he needs to do more but I think we might also be seeing a striker that's spent a career playing at a walk in Spain and still scoring. Technically he's sound but it all just looks in slow motion! I actually think we need to make a decision with him quite quickly, cause if he ain't staying and we suddenly have ten games with nothing to play for then I would play Silva up top instead. He's getting better each week and what ever peeps think of him there no debating that we are invested there now (quite literally:) 👍.

20 Feb 2021 12:32:19
Welcome Lexiuna - good post don't think you will upset anyone with such sensible points.
I am a big fan of Saiss but he did give away a free kick or two - and they were v good with them so it was a dangerous thing to do. Dendonker is a real marmite player - I think he is a v good squad player bit shouldn't be first choice and surely won't once Boly is back?
Silva's best cameo for a while - although v little to beat and Jose as I said in my ratings post doesn't do himself any favour with his poor work rate and lack of positivity?
Bully v good point re last few games and yes Silva is here for the long term. Strongly suspect though that neither are the answer and we will need to add a reserve forward who can play if Jimenez needs help next year (either alongside or instead of) .

20 Feb 2021 13:09:07
Welcome to the site Lexluna superb post.

20 Feb 2021 15:02:19
Lex and luna are my 2 greyhounds hence name. can I ask opinion on something. why if a player crosses the ball and there's 3 players offside but no flag. In other words if one of them score then flag goes up and goal disallowed but if a defender clears it behind goal why is a corner given. the advantage has just been given back to the team that have been offenders. surely that has to be changed.

20 Feb 2021 15:55:01
Welcome Lex, good to have ya posting fella. As far as your question on Offside goes I suspect a ref would tell you something like it's down to weather or not the player is seen as 'active' or not. The current take on off side being that a player only becomes active when they make an attempt to actually play the ball. However if you asked a fan like myself Lex then I'd say that the reason that happens is because our current offside system is entirely flawed and somewhat ridiculous right now! We've already seen how this holding the flag nonsense can cause injuries not to mention that I have NO clue how a team is supposed to actually maintain a decent back line?! One of the eds said it a while back, officiating in this country is embarrassingly poor right now! 😭.



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