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16 Feb 2021 06:57:34
I think this is an unanswerable question but I will ask anyway.
Going on that we only saw him in action for 15 minutes.
Who is quicker Tony Daley or Adama Traore?

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16 Feb 2021 08:44:40
Hi Phil glad ya still posting and that’s a good question I’d say traore might be before your time but the tank Steve kindon was rapid.

16 Feb 2021 09:46:54
Hi Bigste, yes before my time I never heard of Steve Kindon.
It's good on here to learn about past players that I don't know.
My old man was a wolves nut like you guys on here, fairplay to my dad he took me and my brother down the wolves from when we were knee high, a lot of my dads friends wouldn't go down the match when relegated from the top flight. (80's)
My gen had some great times though with bully and Mutch.
Lol I know one player who definitely was not quick ohhhhh robbie robbie robbie robbie robbie Dennison. ha ha.

16 Feb 2021 10:47:59
Steve Kindon was a fast centre forward. Very direct and strong. Not so much of the Adama Traore dribbling ability from memory.

16 Feb 2021 10:55:50
According to a Birmingham Mail report Traore has been clocked at 22.99 mph 23.16 mph in training, Usain Bolt averaged 23mph as world champion in Berlin 2009!

16 Feb 2021 11:12:28
Wow. Isn't Darren Campbell training traore?

16 Feb 2021 11:19:50
I remember Steve Kindon, he was bought from Burnley. Very fast but instead of going round defenders, he just knocked them out of the way, he was a big lad. Before the start of one game during the kickabout, he had a shot in goal, hit the Doog on the head and knocked him out.

16 Feb 2021 11:23:56
Steve kindon was originally a winger and he could have played high level rugby but chose football. he destroyed us in a game up at Burnley and that's how we signed him. gr8 guy as well. met him once at a forum.

16 Feb 2021 11:28:53
I believe so greyleg.

16 Feb 2021 11:30:27
have a look at youtube. Steve Kindon fastest footballer in Britain such a nice guy and quite amusing.

16 Feb 2021 12:11:46
Thanks Norfolk I have looked on YouTube the old gold club Steve Kindon fastest footballer in Britain. I will watch it tonight when got time.

16 Feb 2021 12:30:53
Suspect Kindon was quicker (think I read somewhere that he was clocked at 10.7) but Adama takes the ball with him. can't comment on Tony Daley as not sure he was ever fully fit?
Arddunby assume we are comparing top speeds to average speed as Bolt would make both look like carthorses. Any one who runs sub 11 is lightening quick to us normal folk, (As I said on another thread I got to run against Pat Holland considered a nippy winger for WHU in the 70s and he was clocked at only just under 12), only Adama would be that in the current Wolves side but Bolt is a sub 10 second guy i. e. circa 10 metres ahead!

16 Feb 2021 12:39:14
Steve Kindon or Tank one of my favourite players ever Phil. Taller than Traore but similar build. Very quick always produced the unexpected largely because I don't think he knew what he was going to do. Which to be fair could include tripping up. Very entertaining to watch. Cost us 100k from Burnley, club record at the time. A very nice guy above all else!

16 Feb 2021 13:08:48
Anyone remember Tim Steele? I think he won an unofficial series of races to be the quickest player in the league back in the early 90s.

Traore for me is lightning but that could just be acceleration from a standing start as opposed to being 'the quickest.

16 Feb 2021 13:24:50
Ken from reading posts like yours about players before my time they all seem to be nice guys.
I imagine it must be a drastic change from how footballers was to how they are today.
Today's players are pampered go down like a tonne of bricks etc etc.
For you guys what my generation don't like to see in today's footballers for you and your generation it must be 10 fold more.

16 Feb 2021 13:45:35
I wonder if Whackattack, villadave, villadaz, markdavfrance have any speed stats on Tony Daley?

16 Feb 2021 13:48:00
Kin don, Kin Don, Kin Don - North Bank chant in the day. Loved him.

16 Feb 2021 14:04:26
I remember Tim Steele statto,
My memory of him was he was a bit of a lightweight, easily knocked off the ball.

16 Feb 2021 14:07:57
Phil - my father in law said that in the 1950s the Burnley players used to travel on the local bus to Turf Moor. Often with fans!
But in those days they were just normal guys, usually locals who happened to play football better than their mates.
Wages wise they would have earnt less than the local Doctor, Bank Manger etc etc. Indeed that would have been the case even up to the early 1980s.
However since then the game has gone crazy in so many ways so its not surprising that the players are no longer "simple nice " guys.
Actually I'm sure some still are but the public doesn't get to interact with them so much as, due to their income, they live in a different world to the rest of us!

16 Feb 2021 14:09:53
Phil. Very different back then could often find a few players having a beer Sunday lunch time in the Mermaid on Bridgnorth Rd. More normal then. I lived in Warrington for a long time where Kindon is from (Richards as well) friend of mine played football with him many years ago so I got to know a fair bit about him, all good.
North Bank another chant was "open the gates" because once he got going!

16 Feb 2021 14:33:50
Thefutureisoldgold. My Dad used to get the same bus as Tom Finney to get to Preston North End matches. That was after Finney had been doing his Plumbing job on Saturday morning. When he retired his Plumbing company traded in Preston and may still do though he has long passed.

16 Feb 2021 15:21:17
Didn't Kindon go to Man City with Big Mal, and on the proceeds we bought Andy Gray. Met Kindon once, very approachable.

16 Feb 2021 15:48:23
Ken - wow its a totally different world now isn't it!
Just think how good those guys could have been with the training, diet, rest and even equipment they now have.
The old guys must turn in their graves (figuratively speaking that is as there will be "greats" like John Richards for example still with us) to see players not fit to lace their boots earning more a week than they did a year, (in fact in some cases several years! ) - even adjusted for inflation!
We casually talk about players wages in tens of thousands per week as if that is normal when MOST people in Britain earn less (and many a lot, lot less) than 30k a year!

16 Feb 2021 15:54:05
Future I was just quoting the article, but yeah Bolt was usually down at 60 metres if I recall but always came through first and was probably faster over the longer 200 distance.

16 Feb 2021 16:13:32
Alpinewolf I posted the same thing about Steve Kindon some weeks ago. Ithink the game was against Norwich, it may have been an F. A. cup match. I don't think Doog managed to play the game.

16 Feb 2021 16:17:25
Wimborne - it was Steve Daley who went to City for massive money that then allowed us to buy Andy Gray
Is the Wimborne the Wimborne in Dorset?
We had a brilliant holiday v near there a few years back.

16 Feb 2021 16:27:36
One player that was deceivingly fast over a short distance was John the king Richards I was in the North st stand for a match against Everton and he turned labone and just shot towards goal before planting the ball past west into the net. King John was lethal at the top level of football in this country.

16 Feb 2021 16:27:46
Thefutureisoldgold until Jimmy Hill and others formed the PFA in I think 62/ 3 ish the maximum wage was 25-00 a week I believe. No doubt there was money in the socks and other ways of maximising earnings! It's a different world now. With Wolves I often wondered where the money went. I know we built the John Ireland stand, which in itself a bit pointless other than something to remember the chairman by! Why you would ever consider naming a stand after a chairman goodness knows. Can you imagine the Glazer, Levy stands etc etc.

16 Feb 2021 16:42:30
Thanks TFG. Sometimes the memory is willing. 😅 Yes, Dorset it is, a very lovely place. Glad you enjoyed it.

16 Feb 2021 16:43:57
Ken, I think it was George Eastham of Arsenal who had a test case re wages. I am trusting my memory again though.

16 Feb 2021 17:18:28
I just watched on YouTube thanks for the heads up.
I really enjoyed it.
Brill. 😀👍.

16 Feb 2021 18:19:09
Wimbornewolf I think you may well be right, Jimmy Hill was the first head of the PFA. Memory and all that maybe I need a holiday and Dorset would be a very nice place to have one! Maybe when all this is over. I've been to Dorchester and Shaftesbury when working, very nice! Lots of history and walking, only one of which I can handle these days.

16 Feb 2021 18:34:28
It’s a pleasure Phil.

16 Feb 2021 19:32:52
Ken we must be just like you! Bit of History and walking - plus for us some good cider!
Swanage, Corfe Castle, Stourhead, Montacute, Kingstone Lacey etc etc.

16 Feb 2021 21:29:03
Thefutureisoldgold. Yep loads of walking, sadly not much anymore. Still love my History though. Until they knock it all down to avoid offence but that's another story! Walked in loads of places. Cornwall we love. Kinder Scout a big favourite with it's history, right to roam etc start of the Pennine Way. Lots in Wales as well. Could bore everyone silly, I'm good at that! Plus more than my share of quality I. P. A. 😁😁😁.

16 Feb 2021 21:38:31
Talking about Former Wolves players that we had met. Bryn Jones played for Wolves in the mid thirties for 5 successful seasons and was transferred to Arsenal for a British record fee of £14.000.He was from my home town Merthyr Tydfil and after he retired he would visit family and I got to meet him on a couple of occasions before he passed away down the local labour club and have a pint or to with him, he was a real character one of 5 brothers who all played professional football!

17 Feb 2021 01:14:12
Ken Assume you are referring to Bristol? I've only been on work and haven't taken wife yet.
Our last hols was in Norwich last year. If you have read Tombland by CJ Sanson about the Ketts rebellion against Edward VI you will love it.
Beautiful old walled Medieval city - much of it pedestrianised- with an amazing Cathedral quarter surrounded on 2 sides by the River. We visited Framlingham - where Mary raised her standard against Lady Jane Grey - which is just a few miles outside the city as well but it was a bit disappointing with much of it shut off for C.V. reasons.
Since we dropped the kids from holidays we have done loads of European city breaks - often ex Eastern block - and loads of trips away in England particularly the West Country but there is so much to see and do just in Britain
Saw a Harry Potter film on TV this week and recognised Malham cove from our hols in the dales the other year.
Wow I really hate the C.V. and being stuck at home and I've not really been affected unlike so many - fingers crossed the end is in sight!

17 Feb 2021 07:27:48
I would like to do Helvellyn mountain in Cumbria there are some really tough walking on that.
Me an brother done scafal pike (highest mountain in Englan) we camped at the base next to wastwater (the deepest lake in england) when we woke our heads outside of our tents we watched sunrise the full circumference of the sky from east to west turn from dark to light. The most amazing awe inspiring event. Through no light pollution from the city's the amount of stars you see in the sky is millions more and amazing.

Also I would like to do Snowdon again but this time a different route up, Crib Goch not for the faint hearted a ridge exposed and can only do it when the weather is not windy or else you're seeing your maker.
Helvellyn in Cumbria is similar so I believe.
Maybe at the summit I take a pic with my wolves top and send it to the club for match programme lol.
I tried that in mexico I can't spell correctly chicaniza maya pyramid I got to the top and have never been as scared in all my life, I went back down the huge steps on my backside, my brother along with a crowd of about 20 people were laughing their heads off at me I crumpled on the floor when finally got to the bottom,200 miles into thick jungle no sun screen my legs tensed up every step down I had cramp and was moaning and groaning on the floor.
I want to do these fear walks Crib goch and Helvellyn to maybe inspire my brother so he has more chance of getting his life back to how it was.

17 Feb 2021 12:15:45
What a great thread. Old Wolves players, travel, history and beer, all my favourite pastimes. Thanks for this. Hope we all get back to such fun ways to spend time soon.

17 Feb 2021 12:49:58
Thefutureisoldgold and Phil. Our last holiday was to Woodbridge in Suffolk close to Sutton Hoo because I'd always wanted to see the history of the burial site. Great coastline and close to Framingham where we did the full viewing (pre C.V.) well worth it. I think Ed Sheeran owns most of the village! Aldeburgh and Southwold are close by, brewery at Southwold! My wife is from Cumbria so we've walked most of it. Buttermere is my favourite lake or mere as it is close to Scale Force. Phil I'd recommend Striding Edge in Spring or Summer without wind, a bit hairy in a blow. We have so much history you can lose yourself for hours in most places. Norwich is great with a super cathedral. We are quite lucky with Lincoln, Peterborough and Ely Cathedrals being a short drive away. Ely is a favourite of mine known as the ship of the fens it has beautiful artwork on the roof. As for football let's hope for a good result against Leeds. Off for a click and collect at Tesco now such fun! Sad that this is a high point of the day!

17 Feb 2021 15:17:46
Thanks Noddyboy couldn't remember the game but knew it was the North bank end, where we used to stand. I remember standing there one Saturday afternoon covered in snow watching Wolves best Arsenal 5-1 and laughing at Charlie George's red boots.

17 Feb 2021 15:54:36
Guys never been to Mexico or indeed S. America at all. But Aztecs, Incas and Mayans all on bucket list - albeit probably an optimistic one as can't see me getting to S. America three times and even if I did there are so many other places to go and see - its a huge place!
Strangely only been to Lake District once as well!
Similarly only been to Ely a few times and only went to Peterborough once- Catherine of Aragon? .
But love Lincoln - used to go regularly for work and Sutton Hoo is great - brilliant presentation of a v atmospheric place. We are NT, EH, RHP, HD and RHS so visit lots of places.
Aren't we lucky to live in such a fantastic country - even if today it is raining and the C.V. is getting me down!

17 Feb 2021 16:32:12
Cheers ken,
The spring is on it's way, we must be closer to the end of lockdown than the start.
I spoke to my brother on drive home from work and Ken when I mentioned striding edge my bro said it was on our the list to do when next up the lake district, I had forgotten.
I could really bost a pint right now after work.

17 Feb 2021 16:45:33
Hi Future done Mexico Riviara Mayan great place also Cuba Havana and Veradayer both worth the long haul.

17 Feb 2021 16:56:42
Thefutureisoldgold. Yeh Catherine of Aragon's tomb is in the Cathedral at Peterborough, take a pomegranate every time I go! Pre C.V. we often went into Peterborough for a wander about and lunch, a better place than you would think. South America I would love to go but not a chance now. Been to the Caribbean a few times and Antigua I would rate the highest with English Harbour, Nelson's Dockyard wonderful places though the names might have to change the way attitudes are going. There are enough places for me in the UK to keep me happy now. If we were to go abroad again it would be city breaks and short haul only. I've had the very good fortune to go long haul at the front end of the plane so unless I win the lottery long haul is not for me. The only travel I want to do is to go and see my granddaughter who's now 10 weeks old and I just want to hold her!

17 Feb 2021 17:35:27
The highlands Scotland the scenery takes your breath away.
Fort William Ben nevis.
Before I went I was told it's like wales but a lot bigger.
They were correct.

17 Feb 2021 18:27:01
Alpinewolf I remember the Arsenal match. It was just before christmas, Arsenal scored first before we scored our 5.It snowed through most of the match' My wife went shopping in the recently opened Mander Centre, great days. I took my mate to the match, who tookme to my first game in 1950.

17 Feb 2021 19:07:09
great thread - seeing Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon all on the same thread reminds me when I was younger and fitter and did the 3 peaks challenge (managed it in the 24 hours by about 2 minutes as I sprained my ankle on Scafell and hobbled up and down Snowdon! ) . Also on the discussion of fast players a bit of a left field suggestion but Dean Richards was surprisingly quick when fit I remember seeing him give the striker (possibly David Hirst but memory is failing me slightly) a 5 yard head start and still beat him over 15 yards.

17 Feb 2021 21:07:24
Phil Striding Edge is the ridge to the top of Helvellyn. Not unlike Crib Goch. Having done both years ago and swore never to do either again I'd say Striding Edge is worse or better depending on your point of view. In Scotland I've done Cairngorm and been mugged for food by reindeer, persistent. Done a bit of the Whisky trail, worth it! When this C.V. crap is over I fancy going all along the coast of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex by car obviously, there's so much to see in this country. I should have started sooner!

17 Feb 2021 21:47:59
Noddy and Alpine - the highlights of the game are available on BT sports - assume it was on the "Big Match" or "Match of the Day"?
I used to regularly "come across it" with my son and "wonder" how we will get on. He is not bright but I think after the 4th or 5th time he caught on and was no longer impressed!

18 Feb 2021 06:05:11
Hi ken thnks for your posts and everyone else on this feed, a very good read.

Ken my brother took me to snowdon for my 40th 2013,2014 we done scafell pike and 2015 we did ben nevis.

I have a stone/ rock from the 3 summits on my mantle piece. I wrote the date in black matter pen on them.
My brother got me a 5 photo frame with pictures of us on snowdon for my birthday.

Wolfflea, well done mate, an amazing and proud achievement to do the 3 peak challenge.

3 points tomorrow will be mighty fine, all sorted on btsports 8pm kickoff let's hope a good game.

18 Feb 2021 08:03:54
Hey ken woo hoo I just had delivered at work new slip on light walking shoes, they low range outdoor gear brand :karrimor: but they really comfortable and ideal for driving.
£30 plus £5 p&p a bargain I think.



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