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14 Feb 2021 20:12:25
First half indifferent the second half much improved and a valuable 3 points earned netto is truely a match winning talent much room for improvement but I’m sure we’ll all take 7 points from the last nine maybe this could be a steady climb up the table let’s hope so.

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14 Feb 2021 20:59:05
Fulham winning tonight, Albion getting a draw, who now questions the 3 points being important and Nuno prioritising the league? Many still I guess but we won today because among other reasons our big hitters were fresher second half than Southampton’s who mainly played 90 mins Thursday and today, the last thing we needed was to be drawn into a relegation battle as we more than most now how things can easily get from bad to worse very quickly and when they do get worse then how many years before they get better, the league should always be our priority until we consistently become a top 6 team, just my opinion of course and everyone has the right to disagree. Anyway let’s enjoy tonight as a win is a win league or cup and we sure needed it 👍🐺😀.

14 Feb 2021 21:09:45
Well done today fellas, now go and beat the dirty Leeds, I hate those fu**ers 😂😂.

14 Feb 2021 22:22:05
Spot on winorlose. Posted a few days ago that I thought Fulham would go on a run and we needed points on the board. Still need 8 or so before I will sleep easy. Leeds look so fit and press all over the pitch. Will need to be at our sharpest.

14 Feb 2021 23:47:14
West Brom got a draw today, so that's one point. If they average one point a game between now and the end of the season (frankly unlikely) then they will still be only equal to the points that we started the day with! Honestly I feel like I'm seeing a different league?! How did Burnley do this weekend, how are Newc doing?! just picking the teams down there that happen to pick up points of a wkend ignores the fact there SIX teams down there! 🙄Arsenal are a point above us, pop onto there page and try to find me a single fan panicking about a relegation battle?! 🤣🤣🤣.

15 Feb 2021 01:45:13
Bully -- or Saints? 6 defeats on the bounce now!

15 Feb 2021 08:05:14
I never got afraid by relegation because those bottom teams are a long way below is we won more than all 3 put together

Last season Arsenal was where we are now then a few wins and they finished above us

This season and we are only a few points behind Arsenal an Spurs we are closer to a Euro place than to 18th.

15 Feb 2021 15:41:35
Getting hyperthetical here just to try to explain IMO how easy it is to get into a relegation battle. No offence to any posters on here.
If we had lost to Saints (and we could have been out of the game first half, again IMO) . Also ASSUMING teams below us won there games in hand the table would look thus.
Saints 35
C. P. 29
Bur 29
New 28
Wolves 27
Bri 26
Ful 21
Sh. U 14
WBA 13
It`s not easy being in the head of Wombourne`s biggest worrier!

15 Feb 2021 21:29:47
I get it Wom, I really do and please don't think that I'm ridiculing anyone for it because its just a natural fear for a Wolves fan (originally the only team to boast a double double relegation:) I suppose the thing is for me is that I just don't see this team being a relegation risk. Yes we've played terrible at times this year and yes we've spiraled at times. BUT when you compare our current crop not to mention manager with what we've been relegated with before then frankly it's apples and pear stuff for me! I actually think the three teams down there are doing pretty well considering (for me) when you look at them (player for player) they are VERY much Championship squads! I think we saw it with Norwich last year that some owners are wising up to the Prem and again this season with the three in the zone. They've realised that they can either put all their eggs in one seasons basket or they accept that relegation is likely from the off and instead ensure that if they do down they are still a top Champ team. Look at Sheff Utd tonight, still playing Dave McGoldrick. Now that's a player cut by Ipswich just a few years back! Fair play to um, nothing but respect for trying but as we all know from the MM years if you always keep a Champ team sooner or later you will end up back there. With this new approach that is clearly taken into account and planned for, I honestly hope it works for these teams in the long term (yes even Brom:) . Cause for me it seems FAR more sustainable as an approach to the alternative of spaffing millions on any player after a pay cheque (please see Fulham last promotion) 👍.

15 Feb 2021 22:43:50
I know I worry to much at times Bully. I am one of these people that until we are mathematically safe I can rest easy. We still have Newcastle, Fulham, Shef`, Burnley, WBA, Brighton to play.

We SHOULD get enough points but how often have we played badly against the bottom teams?

I love the Wolves as much as anyone (even have the Wolves logo as a central feature in my front garden! ) .

The wife was not to pleased but the amount of passers by and delivery drivers who have taken a photo is amazing.

15 Feb 2021 23:35:25
Wom we need to see a pic of this buddy! It sounds brilliant and fair play to you for somehow squeezing it past the wife, I love it! Proper Wolves fans, that's what this page is all about for me! Don't worry fella we'll be reet this season, it's what we do in the months after it that could REALLY count! 🐺👍.



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