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12 Feb 2021 14:15:03
Lot's of criticism on here of Nuno. Words like "clueless" "unforgivable" "lost the plot"
So for all the regular posters.
Should he stay or should he go. No fence to sit on.
For me it's STAY.

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12 Feb 2021 14:53:14
The way I feel right now I wouldn't care if he quit today, but I know that's just my anger not my heart.

12 Feb 2021 14:51:38
Stay - have never waivered in my support but am v afraid he will walk as club has been badly mismanaged since last summer and I don't think it is him that is to blame!
However if we get the old Jimenez and Otto back we are only a good AM away from being solid again. Actually we are probably only modest upgrades at GK and CD plus some strengthening of the bench at CF and AM from being in a position to renew our journey towards serious contention at the top of the league. Guess that is what makes this year so annoying - it was so avoidable and we were so close to even further progress before we, seemingly with our eyes open and fully cognisant of what we were doing, pressed the self destruct button. Note many posters on here were v happy with the "Year of Transition! " but it was obvious to me as I told you at the time that this was an insane strategy fraught with difficulty. Hence whilst most were dancing with joy at our signing 3 kids, {Vitor is 21 on Saturday so not really a kid, he is older than Neto, just a young player who hasn't managed to get much adult football yet presumably because his previous club, Porto, didn't think he was very good! ) who presumably do well on FIFA but who had no track record, (just over 40 senior appearances including subs between them) on real pitches -if anyone had watched Silva for more than 10 minutes that was obvious- I gave the summer a v generous 4 out of 10.
"If" and "but" the 2 greatest players ever to play the game but if we hadn't signed Silva, Vitor and RAN but 3 players who could have contributed, and could well have been a lot cheaper as we have agreed insane prices for these modest players as well, we would still be a Europa League challenger instead of scrabbling around in the sewers of the league.
It is of course made worse by the fact that Vitor and RAN will almost certainly leave at the end of the year and sadly Silva wont!
So the year and the pain will all have been for, assuming we avoid relegation, at best nothing!

12 feb 2021 15:36:51
great post.

12 Feb 2021 15:43:49
Is it that simple?! I want Nuno but not this new updated model! Last season right up until the first lockdown he was one of the best managers in the league! Now he seems so riddled with self doubt that we can't even manage competing in two games in the same week?! We've discussed before Shares that I think his current plight is beyond footballing issues and with that in mind as mentioned before I think he'll be gone at the start of next season eitherway. I hate to say it but I honestly can't remember the last time he looked happy and that's always going to make life harder let alone when your a Prem manager harder. The club won't and shouldn't sack him but I could see an agreement being reached if he understandibly is sick of living in a different country to his wife!

12 Feb 2021 16:02:55
I think he'll be gone in Summer Bullys mate too, if he does go then it's up to us aka the fans to give him a send off he'll remember to show our appreciation for him.

12 Feb 2021 16:13:09
I think it's a perfect storm of woe for Nuno. Cut off from his family in Portugal. Living in a hotel. A whole catalogue of injuries. Transfer decisions reputedly made behind his back last summer. If he hasn't been in agreement with signings, that's really serious and he would be entitled to walk at the end of the season. If every signing, in and out, was fully approved by him, he could be sacked if we don't buck up. I think he's the finest human being in football management but nice guys don't always come first. As a Wolves fan I don't fear a Nuno-less future as Fosun would appoint a big hitter to protect their investment. They won't be short of applicants. Remember, Fosun's first choice was Julen Lopetegui, who didn't join us as the Fosun takeover was taking so long. He's had great success at Sevilla. I hope Nuno will be here forever, like Fergie at Man U, but if not, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

12 Feb 2021 17:03:33
Explain, show more regret and definitely stay.

12 Feb 2021 17:36:22
Thefutureisoldgold, you say that the club has been mismanaged. Please explain.

12 Feb 2021 18:04:34
Stay for me. Not convinced many of the problems are his direct fault, transfer targets missed and players sold and signed that probably weren't his ideal choices, but yeah I think it may end up in a settlement agreement at some point as something or someone has disrupted the team spirit that existed pre March lockdown.

12 Feb 2021 18:22:51
These kids obviously have the skills or they wouldn't be where they are today. They probably produce all these skills in training. The difficult bit is having the confidence in Premier League games, but, that comes with time. I'd like supporters to give them more time to grow. They'll come good believe. UTW.

12 Feb 2021 18:25:51
Ok let's be honest here, Nuno isn't stupid he must know he cocked up last night, maybe he's stubborn, or even tactically naive
But I don't think us going back into the managerial merry go round is a good idea, we could get a zenga or solakken so for me he stays.

12 Feb 2021 18:39:51
Firstly can I apologise for my rants last night
I’ve supported our club through thick and thin
170 mile found trips to home games and watched my beloved team at over 70 grounds
People can call me whatever, but don’t question my commitment and support.
I was there when only a couple of thousand cared.
I thought this was a site to air your views get things off your chest, post a cheeky rumour have some banter
If Nuno stays or goes will not be the be all and end all of our club
Our club will always be our club
Of coarse Nuno will always be reveered respected and adored for what he has done for our club our city
I respect all posters and their views
Clearly I don’t agree with many, but no you have Wolves at heart🤔😀🙀
Will try to behave going forward FWAW.

12 Feb 2021 18:46:01
Stay for me.

12 Feb 2021 18:54:33
Jas: Nuno completely rationally wanted to improve/ increase the squad and its balance.
Whilst the first 11 was largely unaltered - pre injuries - with Semedo replacing Doherty, ( not an obvious upgrade it turned out despite the not unreasonable expectations), and Jota, (sold to finance other moves), replaced if not improved on by Neto, the squad was not improved or increased, as other than Marcal no other senior pros were signed. So 2 in 2 out.
I quite correctly as it turned out do not include the "kids" of whom only Hoever appears to have a future in the squad development.
With Moutinho obviously needing replacing and Patricio also as it turned out also needing up grading the squad and first 11 were actually weaker and (as we now shouldn't be counting Moutinho or possibly Patricio) smaller.
This was despite us spending/ wasting all of the money raised from selling Doherty, Jota, Costa and Cav etc. Whilst hugely increasing our wage bill further hamstringing the club for the foreseeable.
We also did nothing towards the balance. We bought 2 left sided defensive players Marcal and RAN, when we had Saiss, Kilman and Boly already but no senior RCB?
We did not buy a back up CF despite selling the only player even vaguely capable of playing in that role - if anyone thought Silva was the answer they should never allowed be near a football club again!
So despite a not insignificant financial investment and future commitment - long term multi million pound contract for Silva - we weakened the first 11 and squad.
Bizarrely the people who had been at the club when everything we did turned to gold left - Thelwell and Dalrymple (sp? ) as did the Doctor under whom we had virtually no injurie, perhaps coincidence but not a good sign.
This looks like mis-managmeent to me?

12 Feb 2021 18:55:38
Bully - good posts and v good points re Nuno's health.

12 Feb 2021 19:37:35
Guys - If nothing else this week has seen the Banter page explode!
PS Ed can we move on the tired threads on Rumours page or even blend the two pages so that posts can remain on the front page here for longer?
With the fantastic volume of posts I am seeing some posts have gone to Banter 2 or even 3 before I have read them on Banter (and I look at the page pretty regularly at the moment) .
PPS Doing a great job by the way - are any of the other clubs' sites as active and erudite as this one has become of late?

{Ed033's Note - Active yes, Liverpool, Rangers, Celtic, but as erudite, no. :)
Maybe the Eds can put more posts on the home page.

12 Feb 2021 20:30:05
As a few above have said I think anger is the feeling at the moment. I've gone past frustration and onto anger now.
I want Nuno to stay and not the Nuno who speaks with forked tongue.
I have ever growing thoughts in my head about Ian Cathro's level of influence on the coaching side.
I've no proof, no evidence but it makes me wonder why a side that played the same lX for 11 games when we were promoted, attacked teams at will and scored great team goals now can't pass to another gold shirt unless it's sideways or backwards and can't score for toffee.
SOMETHING dramatic has changed and none of us know why.
I appreciate Nuno picks the team, the tactics or is meant to but lots of managers/ head coaches trust in their right hand man.
One thing is for sure is that things need changing again drastically.
I want the 'we remain humble' days back, the laughing smiling Nuno, not the frowning sad 'we search for solutions Nuno'

12 Feb 2021 22:37:42
So Jota and Doherty were the only regular 1st teamers sold last season and we signed: Ait Nouri, Semedo, Hoever, Marcal, Vitinha and Fabio Silva. I would say we've increased out squad by 4 as we've lost 2 but signed 6. The problem is the injuries.

13 Feb 2021 10:14:27
Nuno has already admitted that Silva was to be slowly integrated into the team but injuries have dictated otherwise. Yes the injuries to Raul and Jonny have been unfortunate but to blame the change on club doctor is ridiculous especially as Jonny suffered an ACL and nobody could have prepared us for the Jimenez head injury.

13 Feb 2021 12:12:58
Agree about the injuries but dubious about some of them being accidental. Traore accidentally had his arm pulled out of the socket, several times. Jimenez accidentally assaulted etc. I played football I know all about accidentally on purpose.

13 Feb 2021 13:25:43
Jas Numerically you are correct but as I said in my answer to you I don't count RAN, Vitor, Hoever or Silva as none of them are ready to play first team football yet and I would imagine only Hoever ever will at Wolves.
Presumably Nuno agrees as Vitor rarely plays despite all the problems in mid, RAN has only played more because Marcal was injured, {Injuries have obviously been a major issue and although you can argue that isn't the clubs fault the failure to have credible contingency plans in place is} Hoever plays even less than Vitor and Silva - well I think enough has been said.
But its not just the lack of quality we signed but the fees and wages we paid out/ agreed to pay out that will hurt the club for years to come.
Fortunately Vitor and RAN can be let go this summer but Silva is with us for the next 4 years
Re the Doctor it was a throw away comment but we do now seem to have lots of smaller niggles (excluding Jimenez and otto's long term injuries) and players are out for disappointingly long periods compared to the previous two years when we had no injuries of any sort!
Of course this may just be unlucky but we do seem to be v unlucky every where now compared to previously.

13 Feb 2021 14:34:01
Thanks Future, like you I am loving seeing some of the old regulars getting involved this last week. Such a good forum for an interesting mix of views 👍.

13 Feb 2021 16:24:00
Actually Bully I think you hit it on the nail in your post above re Trench coats.
There is no conspiracy it has just been a series of v bad and easily avoidable errors by people who aren't up to the job - Nuno may well have to take some of the blame as you say but in my view the major errors aren't his fault!
I completely agree that everything, as I said in my first post on this thread, was done with our eyes open and being fully aware of what we were doing. nothing was hidden from the fans!
Further I fully expect Nuno to select the team.
I would also be astonished and disappointed if he didn't lead training
But, like at most clubs, (all? ), I strongly suspect he won't have carte blanche on transfers.
We don't know what input he has and thus how much blame attributes to him for this summer's errors but as you make clear the 2 other voices at the club - when most things went swimmingly - Podence and Neto more than compensating for Cutrone for example - both left before the summer and were replaced by people who axiomatically didn't do as well!
That isn't Nuno's fault!
Has he done as well with what he was given - after injuries and the aging process took its toll - is a matter of debate.
Maybe I give him to much credit and certainly the 5th round game was a disgrace and his constant changing of formations/ tactics and selections is also v difficult to rationalise. However it wasn't a good hand he was dealt was it. Also as always most other clubs were going forwards as we deliberately (no conspiracy and maybe the people making those decisions couldn't see what they were doing even if it was obvious to me! ), decided to go backwards?
It was an insane decision but the fans were told about it and most were happy then.
Just because it has turned out, as it was always going to, as a total disaster they are now unhappy and looking for answers It is, as you say, not some evil master mind trying to destroy the club just an inadequate management team failing to do its job properly.



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