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08 Feb 2021 12:30:47
No secret I despise Mike Dean but was appaulled to see he and his family had recieved death threats.
Bang out of order imo no place for stuff like that.

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10 Feb 2021 10:54:07
No ref, no game! Great to see Jonny signed up for another 4 years, hope he's able to start tomorrow. Saiss contract situation needs to be sorted, but I'm sure it's all in hand. FWAW.

10 Feb 2021 11:43:32
Fully agreed Rated RKO!

Also good to see Lee Mason has had his wrists slapped for his dire decisions.

10 Feb 2021 13:23:06
Is retirement calling?

10 Feb 2021 14:55:22
Ed is there a reason we seem to have lost the last two days of posts on here? Sorry to be a pain, just checking its not just my feed?

{Ed033's Note - It looks like a database 'reset' took place by the hosting company, which removed those posts, it's not happened before.

11 Feb 2021 10:58:14
They promote the Premier League as the best in the World but referees are nowhere near the standard required, says it all really if Michael Oliver is considered to be the best, the addition of VAR hasn’t helped as refs refuse to correct, over rule or criticise a more senior on - field referee, our refs have proved VAR is only useful for catching players offside and for unseen incidents, everything else is still and always will be “a matter of opinion”.

11 Feb 2021 12:31:06
Oxley to prove people read your posts I will reply and say I agree!
However I'm far from certain even the offsides have got better.
Showing I have far more time on my hands than I should I postulate as follows: The speed players are moving, perhaps as fast as 8m per second each, (Roughly equivalent to a 12sec 100m time - not outrageous surely? ) and to make the point in extremis let's us assume in opposite directions meaning that a gap of 16m per second is created. The ball isn't in contact with the players boot for an infinitesimally small instant but for a short but distinct period of time, (the only article I could find on the internet suggested 0.2 sec) . Consequently I'm pretty sure you could move the picture a frame or two either way, (well since most TV shows are apparently done at 30 frames per second it would appear you gave a window of circa 6 frames in the 0.2seconds to choose from) and still see the ball being kicked. However during each frame the players will have moved (at 30 frames per second a 16m gap is created at roughly 50cm per frame ) enough to go from an offside to an onside or vice versa position given the " accuracy" which we now claim is being applied
Thus which frame they choose from the frames in which the ball will be in contact with the player playing it to draw the lines will make a massive difference when you are dealing with such fine margins in such fast moving circumstances.
Who and how do they decide this?
Is the technology really as good as we are claiming or is there still a weak and feeble human involved in that decision?



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