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07 Feb 2021 15:24:03
What's with all the short corners!

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07 Feb 2021 16:00:46
We've been doing um for two seasons now! I've yet to see one work mind! 😭.

07 Feb 2021 16:02:07
I think at the start of last week, the idea of getting four points out of six against Arsenal and Leicester would have been fanciful. However we have got them and most welcome. Jonny rushed back too quick-now probably injured again-stupid decision. The problem is our creativity-Silva-save or no save it was a bad miss-so was Vardy's too-down to shocking play from Hoever. Neves has transformed himself into a poor striker of the ball-somehow. The new guy looks as devoid of ideas as as a forward as Silva does-where are we going to score goals? We cannot cross balls into the penalty area properly either. Our throw ins seem to put us in more trouble than actually finding one of our players. We can only hope that with five games to go we are still in with a chance of staying up and somehow Jimenez is fit to play.

07 Feb 2021 16:18:46
As always SQ you make some good points but you can't honestly look at the table and genuinely believe we could still go down?! Don't get me wrong not because of us but because how poor the teams down there are! It's taken Fulham 22 games to get to 15 points, how exactly are you expecting them to get another 15 from the last 16 games then?! And even if they did I take it EVERY team bow is also fining an out of character winning streak as well then?! C'mon fella you don't have to pretend there's a battle there just to prove your point cause it just looks a bit silly. Also to be honest your point is kind of proven because we aren't clear because we are good we are clear because the teams down there are AWFUL! 👍🙈.

07 Feb 2021 16:35:51
We have to be the worst team in the prem, by some distance, on throw-ins corners and free kicks. I'd rather the oposition get a throw-in than us, we're that bad with them. That's all down to what they're doing, or not, on the training ground. It was a missed opportunity today but I'd have taken a point at the outset.

07 Feb 2021 16:36:47
SQ, there were plenty of positives to take from that game, can you think of one for a change, understand We get frustrated at times, but from your description of what you posted I would exspected we were beaten heavily.

07 Feb 2021 16:37:50
Always the negative SQ. And inaccurate. Nuno has said the plan was always to play Jonny for 1st half only yet you pounce on the subject suggesting it is another Nuno error. Wrong again. Why do you follow Wolves (note not support) when all you do is criticise. Can't be enjoyable for you.
Thought today was a solid hard working performance with chances to Traore, Neves, Moutinho and Silva could have put away.
But of course SQ, according to you Neves is unable to kick a ball. WOW. Simply WOW.

07 Feb 2021 17:50:28
SQ is spot on Sevlow1967, just truthful. and accurate

Our throw in's are poor no movement to help the thrower.
Short corners are a waste of time.

Nevs' free kicks are now now poor

We have a new striker that gets no crosse's or supply, although what I've seen of Da silva so far can't say I'm that impressed.

There's no coercion between between the forwards.

Sevlow we do support Wolves but it's not enjoyable to watch them playing backwards/ sideways football.

07 Feb 2021 18:20:48
Agree with throw-ins, short corners and free kicks - we are clueless. We are quite good when we play a direct corner, although I think starting position of some of the target men should be deeper so they get a run on the defenders. I would have thought these shortcomings which would be picked up I video analysis and worked on in training.
My biggest concern however is the number of times Moutinho, Neves and Traore give the ball back to the opposition deep in our own half. Puts added pressure on our defenders and also means that another chance to build an attack.
Thought Traore carried a threat but needs to vary what he does on the ball. There were occasions today when there was clear ground in front of him when he checked his run as opposed to committing to the forward run.
Some of these individual adjustments should be dealt with on the training ground.
Don’t want to be over critical because today’s display was positive in so many ways, it is just that we had the opportunity to get all three points had finishing been of premier league standard. Three clear cut chances, Neves, Traore and Silva.

07 Feb 2021 21:21:14
That awkward moment when we are fifth for goals from set pieces and only 8 of our goals have come from open play.

You can check yourselves. So this not knowing what to do in set pieces claim is a bit . Well. Silly. With only 3 teams scoring more than us from set pieces it is . Yeah. It is what it is. I mean if these guys actually watched the game they would have heard commentators mention the fact like 3 times ahahaha.

Truly boggles the mind.

07 Feb 2021 21:49:55
Hope you are right that we are safe Bully. Podence out for 6 weeks, Boly for 4. Looking at the run in I can see Fulham getting a much better return of points than to date. Having said that even with all our injuries we are capable of getting the 11/ 13 points needed.

07 Feb 2021 23:14:25
I am surprised by those numbers although I would point out that we finished 12th on set pieces last season with 11 goals so I think it's still fair to suggest it's somewhere that we could improve upon.
Wom- to be honest fella I am basing that prediction more on how poor the bottom three teams look. When you look at the numbers we would pretty much need to lose every game till the end of the season to be in danger. Look at what they've done so far and tell me that any of the bottom three are going to get more than 30 points cause I honestly just can't see it! 👍.

08 Feb 2021 14:18:38
I am not a betting man Bully. There is usually one at the bottom that puts in a run. Looking at Fulhams fixtres methinks they will get a lot more than 30 points. Obviously hope I am wrong, just that I am a natural worrier!

08 Feb 2021 15:30:23
BB I strongly suspect that you are correct. Surely just 3 draws (with the rest all loses) against the bottom 3 (denying them a win along the way) would still be enough? But with Saints (badly off form) and Newcastle ( v poor and v defensive - might be happy to agree a 0-0 in advance) in the next few games plus Brighton ( who always put 10 behind the ball and would take a 0-0 as well) I don't see us having too many worries at the moment.



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