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03 Feb 2021 19:09:04
When I was an apprentice aged 19 a bloke in the toolroom waged me £20 I couldn't run 5 miles under 30 minutes.
I smoked 40 fags a day on the lash most nights, we paced out the 5 miles route exactly with yard counter. I won, my time 28minute 36 secs.
My friend was in the Staffordshire infantry regiment and he told me they had to run 1 mile in 6 minutes, doing the maths I ran no training my 2 unhealthy habits after an eight hour day at work and ran 5 in less than 6 minute miles.

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03 Feb 2021 19:22:27
Wow that is v impressive running!
I def couldn't run 1 mile in 6mins - ever! However I was and am carrying a fair bit of weight around not really suited to middle or long distance running!
Do you still do anything sporting?
Sport is a huge part of our lives - although wife has zero interest- its just blood, sweat and mud according to her!
PS Do give stopping smoking a thought as its not only v bad for you but must cost a fortune!

03 Feb 2021 19:41:56
Good time that is Phil, greats to be young again wouldn't it.
I Used to go on the bat on a friday night after work, play first grade football on a Sat afternoon in The baking Sydney sun, back to the clubhouse for another rake of Pints and a bit of grub.
Couldn't imagine doing that now, take me 2 days to get over the session 😂.

03 Feb 2021 19:56:34
I've smoked like a trooper since late teenager, I have tried a few times but to no avail.
I smoke roll ups now through the expense.
I haven't done sport for ages but like a good distance worthwhile walk.
I will give packing up smoking a thought.
Everything seems in the past but a positive from this c. v. I am going to start doing more things other than work and walking.
Before lockdown last year I was working 50 to 60 hour weeks so too tired most the time for sports.

03 Feb 2021 20:06:55
It wouldn't arf Sydney, back in the day you felt invincible like you say got no chance at our age.
Would love to travel to Australia minium 4weeks.
I love aussie gold hunters started watching it when I was on furlough last year.
My mom had an aunt who emigrated to Australia that's all I can remember,
I was good at football got scouted by sid day the Albion scout who took bully to west brom, I had my first love and chose her instead aged 16.
I ended up playing sunday morning football in the beer head leagues.
Life was so easy back in the day but saying that you are only here once make the most of it when possible.

03 Feb 2021 20:33:44
Burnley and Fulham lost just need liverpool to beat Brighton.

03 Feb 2021 21:18:40
Australia was great, lived there for best part of 20 years, back living in Ireland now, the wife wanted to come home, still playing ball nowt at 45 on tuesday night or will be when we open up again, you must of been handy to be scouted, I had a mate go to Villa and another lad went to Blackburn, my family chose Down under so can't complain.

03 Feb 2021 21:51:24
Glad you are a wolves fan😀👍.

03 Feb 2021 22:03:59
I was born and bred in merridale, we had a good group of Wolves fans in Sydney, NSWolves, we used to meet up a few times of year to have afew ales.

03 Feb 2021 22:49:26
That's fast I run 5k in 24 to 25 minutes in the Parkrun so 5 miles would take me about 40 minutes I guess.

04 Feb 2021 05:52:06
Window what I'm good at running now is the bath. lol
It was the doubt of the fella who waged me, it spurred me on.
I found running easy you start with quickish pace and maintain it you are then in a rhythm, if you speed up or slow down that's when you get stitch. if it were a race the last 2 to 300 yards then give it everything you got.

04 Feb 2021 06:09:59
Good chatting with you all,
Let's hope we play a good game sunday and give some much needed cheer to the masses.

04 Feb 2021 10:16:26
Thought I'd chip in with the running theme guys. I played football from school days to when I was 33. I didn't mind the training but hated the long run on Thursdays, 5 mile.
For some strange reason I started doing a bit of jogging in 2016 and off and on managed to keep it up. My daughter was trying to get me to do a half marathon with her, so I agreed eventually, but wanted to wait till I turned 60 in 2019. I did two half marathons that year. Both in under 2 hours. Finished 1st in my age group in the last one.
Alas, had C.V. last March, and haven't really been great since. But it just goes to show what you can do if you give it a go. I've always been pretty good at drinking beer and eating curry. Fortunately having C.V. and lockdown doesn't seem to have affected these skills.

04 Feb 2021 11:01:24
Nice reading Sharesum and hats off to you for your great achievement.

04 Feb 2021 11:39:12
Sharesum - that is v decent running sir! I reckon I might have managed that when I was in my 30s but certainly not in my 60s!
8 minute miles is my rule of thumb for a civilian, ( not a pro sportsman) athlete - of any age!
I ran 11.1 for 100, 23.5 for 200 and wouldn't have a time for 400 - that tells you what sort of runner I was! More John Regis than Mo Farah!

04 Feb 2021 11:42:11
PS Window Just noted your time - You sir are, according to my rule of thumb, officially an athlete!

04 Feb 2021 12:03:46
At the age of 18 I joined the Army got sent on a fitness course at barracks near York. No leave, booze or smokes at the end of it I did the 100yds in 11.5secs. Never to be repeated I was 6ft 6in tall back then. Struggle to do it to an egg timer now. Sadly like a lot of people life gets in the way, career, family I sometimes wonder if easier career choices would have been better. But heh hindsight is wonderful isn't it.

05 Feb 2021 17:26:48
Ken - what were you in? I failed the medical for the RAEC but come from a family with a long military history. Dad started as a boy soldier in India in the "RHA" but was selected for a move to the APTC and ended up doing 32 years from 1928 to 1960.



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