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30 Jan 2021 23:29:26
Abbeywolf 30 th only a brief post but there could be truth in it there’s definitely something amiss behind the scenes I wonder what?

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31 Jan 2021 02:02:39
My feeling is that Nuno feels he's been let down, somehow, behind the scenes. Also, maybe, he feels like walking away, but he loves the club, the fans and the city too much. Three tough home games coming up, not very positive about any of them! We are not playing as a team, right now, too many 'luxury' players for a relegation battle. Very worried FWAW.

31 Jan 2021 07:33:21
My wandering mind, a spoonful of sugar, is Nuno helping news of his departure go down? I don't think so, I hope not so, he appears to genuinely love the club the town and everything we've given him. He'll never be forgotten. But I do think there trouble at mill. Thos players on the pitch yesterday were like sat afternoon works team. Not really caring much about end result in cold rain. And why are everyone suddenly on patricios back? And semedos back and dendonkers back and coadys back and adamas back etc. (Myself included) we as part of the pack can be just as at fault. Let's hope we all get out this cv haze, remember these Portuguese guys havnt hardly seen there families in months, (for you and a big pay packet I admit) they must be bored. But for now onward and upwards, haven't looked it up, but it must be some time since we double over arsenal. Forever wolves, COYW.

31 Jan 2021 07:42:37
The success of the previous 3 seasons IMO had a lot to do with the small squad ethos where every player knew his job week in week out. We now see a different team every week and even different systems. If it wasn’t broke why did Nuno want to fix it! Sadly, I feel the owners will not continue with him if we descend into a relegation dogfight. It gets worse I now reed that Saiss is likely off to Liverpool - are the owners asset stripping? I don’t know what to think but thank the lord dry JAN is coming to an end.

31 Jan 2021 08:16:39
And just thinking on, the small squad etc. These guys can't have a round of golf together, a punt on the horses together, a game of whatever together. Perhaps they disjointed, even training is arrive on your own leave on your own etc. Then there's us, we're not there to cheer, to boo, they don't know what they're playing for. I'm not an apologist and I know other teams have same issues, but I also think we forget that these guys are only human and have emotions too. So if they read these comments on here, and I hope they do, perhaps they'd like to contribute, contracts permitting, and reassure us of their situation. As I said cv is driving us all mad, and the old gold is, for some of us, the only thing that glitters in these repetitive weeks. In nuno I trust.

31 Jan 2021 08:17:12
I don't think they are asset stripping. If Saiss does go (and I think it's paper talk nonsense) it will be to release funds for another signing.

I disagree slightly Northbank it was broken. Let's not forget how badly we were playing before Rauls injury. Although I do concede if we'd stuck to the tried and tested system we would probably have around 6 more points and we would still be moaning, although granted to a different tune.

I don't think anyone else will come in, and honestly I don't blame Fosun for that. I blame Fosun for not bringing Jose (or a striker) in at the start of the window. That's what 4 prem matches wasted?

I have always been Nuno in very strongly but yesterday's performance (more than the result) for the first time has me questioning that.

It really kills me to say it but it's back him or sack him time. Massive 24-48 hours.

3 tough matches coming up that we need 4 points from otherwise I fear we will be very close to the drop putting huge pressure on "winnable" games.

I want Nuno to get it right but to not have a shot until the 55th minute against a p*ss poor Palace side is hugely concerning.

If we do get into the dogfight I'm not sure we have enough heart to get out of it and that really hurts.

One of the few positives of CV is I get the chance to watch Wolves once or twice a week. I genuinely look forward to every game and once again my weekend has been ruined by an inept performance.

I don't expect them to care about me personally but they are paid a lot of money to entertain.

I just want to see some fight and desire. And Moutinho to be dropped. Is that too much to ask?

31 Jan 2021 08:48:23
Yes mattwolf nunos choices were strange yesterday from start to finish, let's hope The Arsenal, at home, chance of doing double, chance to rectify some wrongs, will be more appetising than a wet Saturday afternoon in South London. And let's hope a few bits of dust have been cleared and settled, if we set out to simply hold our line and pass sideways and back as we have of late then were fated. Arsenal will be licking their lips, now is the time to prove attack is the best policy and in jose neto pods and adama we should be able to rouse something even if it ends in a string of free kicks. let's get up for this one and get back in the groove. No fabio please, no moutininho slowing us down and wasting corners etc.

31 Jan 2021 09:13:35
I agree Abbey. 4231 for me now, death or glory. If we go down, let's go down fighting, no more of this negativity on the pitch.

Semedo Boly Kilman Sais/ Nouri/ Hoever/ Jonny
Neves Dendonker
Adama Podence Neto

Lets win some games 4-3 and build belief in the side.

31 Jan 2021 09:18:20
Very good posts on this feed.
All interesting,
I'm kinda feeling the same as Matt you look forward to the game and yesterday's performance from the players was totally unacceptable.
The ins and outs are irrelevant for me at the moment as still rather seething.
Reading Nuno post match comments saying the obvious the players need to start playing as a team.
I'm looking for a lot of courage and honour from our players next game.
Every player who is on the team selected needs to roll their sleeves up and play their hearts out.
Fans suffer when you see highly paid players making mistakes after mistakes.
But I am feeling the closer it is to the next game, tuesday I believe I will have the wolves pre match build up buzz as always.
Yesterday can be put out of everyone's system if we play to our best against the Arsenal.
I will have all 10 digits crossed lol the other 10 too if I can reach my toes.

SQ reading your post about 1975/ 76 season, on Saturday mornings 10.30a. m. on itv4 the football programme The big match revisited currently it's from 1975,i saw the back end of it yesterday carlise v Everton. Thought it worth a mention as you and the other elders on here might be interested in it.

31 Jan 2021 11:40:13
Don't forget the club banned them from even going to a supermarket! Probably the correct thing to do as the last thing needed is players unavailable for selection due to self isolation but it can't be great for young guys in a different country right now!

31 Jan 2021 12:27:18
Agree with all the above, yet, the bigger question may rest with the involvement, or to be more accurate, the running of the club by Fosun and Shi. Shi needs to go back to the original basic and appoint a figurehead similar to Dalrymple, because I question his methods-particularly if he his having the decision on incomings. That has been a disaster to date.

31 Jan 2021 15:14:40
Phil-Yes must admit I do enjoy watching that programme! Also on Youtube you can get Mercian1969 for a load of Wolves games, and theheavyroller which features a lot of games from 50's and 60's. Takes your mind off the current situation!

31 Jan 2021 15:55:15
The tackles the crowds so different to today's game, I have been waiting to see wolves on it the villa was on the other week Brian little the one I remember watching.
Will try Mercian1969 👍.

31 Jan 2021 16:28:10
theheavvyroller too.



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