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25 Jan 2021 18:12:36
Bit of transfer deadline posh banter
If you could add three former sightings to the current squad who would you sign?
For me
Dean Richards
Denis Irwin
S G Bull.

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25 Jan 2021 18:43:54
Worf (lescott)
Robbie keane
Oooh! Bully bully.

25 Jan 2021 19:23:38
Oldies but goodies for todays needs, Munro Bailey Bull.

25 Jan 2021 19:53:17
For me, bully
De wolf
John Richards 👍.

25 Jan 2021 20:10:03
Going with my Dads old favourites
Bert Williams
Ron Flowers
Peter Broadbent

25 Jan 2021 20:24:55
Oldies here as well.

25 Jan 2021 20:31:38
Sid Cowans Paul Ince Aiex Rae.

25 Jan 2021 21:13:23
Peter Knowles
Mike Bailey.

25 Jan 2021 21:26:00
Peter Knowies
Frank Munro
Derek Parkin.

25 Jan 2021 21:34:03
Talking of oldies, do you think there's any comparison in man City giving us 1mill for Steve daly and us getting fabio for 35mil? For the youngsters Daley was the next big thing, City bought him and he went no where. (1mill was record breaking stuff then) .

{Ed001's Note - Ian Rush arrived at Liverpool for a record fee for a teenager at the time, it was 3 years before he scored a goal and the scout that signed him was driven out of the club because the directors were annoyed at him wasting money on Rush.}

25 Jan 2021 22:53:32
Bully, Cookie, Richards.

26 Jan 2021 07:49:01
I would have


26 Jan 2021 08:57:24
Ed-Remember seeing Rush score a late winner for Liverpool reserves at Wolves in the old Central league-November 1980, think that may have been one of his first goals.

{Ed001's Note - it would have been, yes. Strange to think his signing was probably the beginning of Liverpool's downfall, as the scout that was driven out of the club is arguably the greatest of all time, Geoff Twentyman. After he left recruitment was patchy at best. The thing that made him so good is that he would talk to the players that were signed on his recommendation, help them through bad patches etc. Before recommending a player he would meet their family and speak to their friends and away fans of the club they played for. I think Silva is a similar problem, huge talent there but he is out of his depth at the age he is and it could destroy his career if Wolves aren't careful. He needs individual mentoring, like Rush got from Twentyman.}

26 Jan 2021 12:52:06
Ed oo1 - interesting thoughts on Liverpool/ Rush and Silva. Completely agree we need to be v careful in his handling as it is unfair on him to be trying to play at a level he patently cant. But maybe two years away from the spotlight and he will come back as a player.
Abby although Daley faded v badly and the fee was shockingly high for the time he was an establish and highly talented pro at Wolves - over 200 games and 6 caps at England B level- when we sold him so no I don't think you can draw comparisons.

{Ed001's Note - youth development is a tough one, some players need to be thrown in and struggle to make them realise that they still need to work hard to make it. Others can fall apart. Personally I am of the throw em in and see. If the pressure makes them crumble now, they are unlikely to be much use when you need them.}

26 Jan 2021 14:00:06
Well I never knew he made those appearance thefutureisgold, I just remember him as a sub. I was too excited that the fee offset our outlay for Andy Gray.

26 Jan 2021 14:15:18
Ed - you are a hard man. But probably correct.
Abby you are also correct it was a huge fee for what was a good but not great player - offsetting the fee for Gray who was a genuine star.
Sadly we didn't manage to exploit his talents for long though (League cup final win aside) and we sold him v cheaply to Everton who did!

{Ed001's Note - you have to be ruthless, that is how to be successful. That was what made Paisley more successful than Shankly. Throwing them in at the deep end does help them too, because it gives them experience which then leads to their value being higher if they do not make the grade with you. A player with 10 first team appearances in the Prem is worth more than the same player who has only ever played in the reserves or out on loan in the lower leagues. They get a higher wage as a consequence and the transfer fee is higher, so their 5% cut of the fee is more.}

26 Jan 2021 14:35:11
Just looked daley up he was about 26 when he left us, I thought he was only about 19/ 20. The pogoing punk era obviously damaged my memories, so no not really comparable.

26 Jan 2021 14:37:03
Is the 3 to be how they were at Wolves or how they were at their best. For example we had Emlyn Hughes who was a superstar of the game but was def on the down slope when he came to Wolves.
I'm going to assume at their best.
Also I am taking into account the current needs of the squad not just who were the best 3 in my time.
So replacing LWB, CM and CF
Terry Cooper - actually never played a game for Wolves but was here as a kid For the non oldies amongst you he was so good he would challenge Ashley Cole and Kenny Sansom as best left back of my lifetime in England. Would fit our 343 style perfectly as well.
Paul Ince one of the best CM's in the game ever!
John Richards - eases out Keane, Gray and Bull to be our CF due to his goal scoring record in the top division.

26 Jan 2021 15:04:13
Ed you are def correct there. We sold Keane for pennies ( well £5m) because he hadn't played in the top division. But look what Liverpool got for players like Jordan Ibe and Dom Solanke.

{Ed001's Note - United did it all the time when Fergie was in charge, it was a very good money maker for them.}



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