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13 Jan 2021 13:10:41
Personally, I think the negative posters on here who claim that Nuno has lost the plot and that Fosun are no longer interested, should make direct contact with the club and tell them exactly why they should spend massive amounts of money on players as we are out of form and then what we should do once all the injured players are back and the ones we've recently signed are no longer required. Perhaps they could also explain the benefits of this and the effects on the club finances.

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13 Jan 2021 14:23:10
Jas - I suspect that you think I probably fall into that category a bit
But I promise you haven't lost faith in Nuno and don't think Fosun have lost interest. But do think Fosun/ the club have made major mistakes this last 6 months and Nuno - albeit with v little to work with - hasn't been at his sharpest - maybe he is fed up with what he has to work with now.
Re money to be spent on players you don't need to spend lots just wisely, (for example just off the top of my head Coufal, Soucek and Wilson (plus if you like Marcal) were bought just this summer for just over £40m and are all on much lower wages than Silva) . Additionally note We bought Neto and Podence last year (? ) for peanuts compared to the players bought/ options taken out on this year
re squad size and therefore unhappy players when everyone is fit. Even when everyone is fit we don't have too many players we have too few Nuno told us that last year and we reduced the senior squad size over the summer when injuries were taken into account. So adding 3 or 4 more senior pros isn't going to be a problem in fact most no all teams have a squad not an 11 - I strongly suspect that we actually have fewer senior pros than anyone in the league.
Yes some of the kids won't be getting game time as they are now but given their state of readiness is that a bad thing in fact it may help their development and the clubs long term future for them to be given a fair introduction at a level and time they can cope with? Moutinho would also obviously not need to be flogged to death as he is at the moment as well
The benefit to not spending badly plus being successful is obvious.
Spending badly and doing badly - especially if that is in extremis and we get relegated - has a v bad effect on the clubs finances
Hope you don't think I am being flippant as I recognise you are a passionate and rationale poster on here (as many are to be fair) but surely you recognise things are not good and it is only fair to ask/ question/ examine why and who is to blame?
I hope we all want the same thing Wolves to return to the fantastic upward trajectory Nuno had the club on until last summer?

13 Jan 2021 14:59:40
I to am starting to slip into that category as well gents. The thing is Jas when you add up the injuries what it actually equals is our bench! So essentially what we are seeing is that (as I keep saying) we have GOOD first team but a very AVERAGE squad! Excellent response as ever re:Silva Future btw. And to be honest it's getting to point where I find myself agreeing! Because who on here can honestly say we wouldn't be higher in the league had we signed Soucek and Wilson instead? Of course we may not have got those particular players (in fact I suspect we wouldn't have) because Soucek was settled on loan and Wilson clearly wanted the no. 9 shirt. However that doesn't mean its still not a very valid point cause what those signings show is that for the money we spent (on Silva and the £20m optinal for Vittinha) that's £55m definitely enough to get two players ready to play. I haven't lost faith in Nuno but I do feel a little sorry for him. His interview with Sky about youth was excellent as ever (he's SO good at public speaking) however it also smacked of the years Wenger spent towing the company line at Arsenal. Like Arsene Nuno is the consummate pro so would always follow the company line but seeing him after last night's match I'm growing increasingly concerned that he doesn't actually believe it himself anymore! All that said I do hope the youngsters spank Brom next and prove us all wrong! 👍🐺.

13 Jan 2021 16:03:22
Wow Bully good post but when sensible and thoughtful posters like yourself ( and a few others on here I would acknowledge) start to send up flares we really should take note.
Your Wenger comparison is v good.
I hope Nuno can pull us through - I think he will! - but he is being made to work hard for his money.
I picked them, Wilson and Soucek at random having seen WHU play Everton last week and both Soucek and Coufal were good and new signings - so checked their fees and have always followed Wilson since we turned him down in favour of Leon Clark!

13 Jan 2021 16:45:13
Thefutureisoldgold and BullysBoy, I would class neither of you as negative. You are 2 of the very few on here (Phil789 is another) who actually offer level headed opinions. Its the ones who go on about how wrong Nuno has got it that wind me up. They just can't seem to understand what going on in the background.

13 Jan 2021 17:15:50
Agree with everyone on this thread. I always try to be positive about where we are and accept bumps on the way. This is the first time since Nuno arrived that we've been hammered by injuries to our key players and it's hardly surprising that the wheels have come off a bit. I must admit I would have preferred an established striker to have been signed in the summer but I wonder who would have wanted to come to not play? You cannot foresee an injury like Raul's. Things will improve I'm sure the you players will improve with the experience they're getting, look at Neto! COYW.

13 Jan 2021 17:45:17
Ken you are correct that was the conundrum they were facing. My sol'n - probably optimistic as he might consider himself above us and his wages would have been high cf Silva although his transfer fee cf Silva probably wouldn't - would have been Giroud. He would have been able to play as part of a (v slow running but brilliant in air and box) 2 up front with Jimenez as well as instead of Jimenez. Agree you would have had to sell it to him and Jimenez. It may also have stunted Podence and Neto's growth as well as we would often only have played one other forward minded player and that would be Traore.
Think of the carnage they would have created though with Traore's crosses and 2 superb target men in the middle.
Put Neto/ Podence on the other side and we would have been massively unbalanced in a 4 2 4 or 3 3 4 but oh my would we have scored some goals and entertained.
Enjoyed day on site if not last night's result
Cheers everyone!

13 Jan 2021 17:48:11
Jas M-as part of the negative poster brigade, or translated more accurately-looking at the bigger picture-what do you expect? . Even when we had all our players fit we were not scoring goals, conceding silly goals and barely winning-now with a weaker team it is worse. I suspect the negative posters of which I include myself amongst, have seen this scenario happen all too often before, and here are the reasons as to why?
1-Bad transfer window. 2-Selling key players 3-Failure to replace adequately key personnel such as Dalrymple and Thelwell 4-Change of tactics and style of play resulting in lack of creativity, lack of goals scored, poor defensive play 5- Build up of injuries to key players. All these traits tend to signify a club in regression and at worst a fight to stay in the Premier league-a distinct reversal of the owners so called ambitions -supposedly Champions league. It's only after all an observation, but unfortunately these observations are becoming cited on a wider scale.

13 Jan 2021 17:57:53
Fair comments guys.
Fosun have now said they won't be spending money on players in Jan.
So I come to the conclusion our object is to stay up. And reinforce for next season.
So let's go all out for a cup run

13 Jan 2021 18:29:31
I have read the posts today and see a lot of worried posters.
I see a lot of good things in our performances with a depleted team.
We lost 1-2 last night not 1-5 or 2-7.
With all the worried concerned posts of MGW silva no good we still gave everton a good game. We are not far off winning games we have lost so that's a good thing.
Jimenez injury has hurt us the most that's not imo fosun or Nunos fault.
Yet we are still holding our own.
I believe everyone at the club is all on the same page who we sign where the project is going etc etc.
I think nuno knows how everything is and is happy with the project.
I've always been happy with where the club is since fosun took over.
I think decisions made by the club are for the best interests in our 10 year fosun plan.
This year since no fans hand on your heart the live football is rubbish viewing, its ok watching our team but when say for example silva shot, that the Everton keeper made a meal of an easy save if the crowd was there in the north bank they would spur the team on.
My brother said to me he had seen last season the mol was voted one of the if not the best intimidating atmosphere for the away team.
I trust and have faith
I always live life with a smile and was thinking about this before last night's game, Sheffield utd to beat Newcastle (they did 1-0) last night and then I know it's a long shot beat Tottenham Saturday we beat the baggies Saturday west brom will be bottom on goal difference.
Ha ha I hope I int got it wrong.

13 Jan 2021 19:07:33
Phil you are a star and a ray of sunshine in the gloom. Plus you really are a true fan and I'm sure we could all learn a lot of life skills about the benefits of positivity from listening to you particularly in these difficult times.
Def one of my fav posters - keep the flag flying eh!

13 Jan 2021 19:41:06
Arh thanks Thefutureisoldgold I have been worried that I come across to happy and daft but hey I know that's me.
My bluenose work colleague is having it bad their 3 festive games zero goals 1 point they out the cup and so he told me Birmingham are in a lot of debt. I darent moan at him about us losing last night.


13 Jan 2021 20:19:54
Greylegwolf, last week the same source claimed we were after Costa and Eriksen and this week claim we've got no money to spend. All this goes to prove is that the media are just guessing like the rest of us.

13 Jan 2021 20:22:16
On tv now Cornwall and devon walks with julua Bradbury.
Last week and tonight its Cornwall walks so next week a good chance devon walks will be showing.
Was thinking of you incase your safari and Dubai holiday with your son doesn't happen. you mentioned you was taking your wife to Devon.
Thought it might may be of interest for you. itv Wednesday's 8.00pm.
I was flicking the channels and remembered seeing in on last week.

13 Jan 2021 21:56:54
Agree with pretty much all of the above gents and have to say that I too genuinely enjoy the constructive (varying) views from the above posters. Jas it's nice to have you back regular fella and yes Future ya right (again:) Phil you are always a breathe of fresh air on here buddy, every site needs a Phil posting, it keeps the spirits up (especially when results are agaisnt us like right now) . And that's all of the above so yes you as well SQ, I've said it before I don't always agree but your always constructive so even if I don't agree you always have a valid point. For example I think your bang on about Dalrymple and Thelwell. Cause no matter how good/ bad they were at their jobs we should be asking why did they leave (for what in both cases was lesser offers)? More to the point who is picking up that work load right now?! Cause someone should be?! COYW 🐺.

13 Jan 2021 22:08:22
Watched "Repair Shop" and now wife is watching "Mrs Brown" - I was expecting an Irish comedy but got Dame J. Dench as Queen Victoria- so missed it.
You know you are getting old when you watch the repair shop, gardening becomes really interesting and Julia Bradbury is your idea of a pin up. Lovely girl and really like her programs so will def check it out next week - tks!
We have had several hols in Cornwall previously and we do really like the SW so will probably do Devon again anyway but it will be interesting to see what the program shows.
I want to do Tintagel next time we go that way which is just over the border into Cornwall anyway
PS Had a sniff at a job this week that should see me ok for hols with my son if as you say CV allows it to go ahead.

14 Jan 2021 05:22:13
I hope it works out for you Thefutureisoldgold.
Bullysboy always enjoy reading your posts as I do the majority on here.
I agree with SQ on that the premier league is results driven.
Me personally I see or I think there's a lot of over thinking on where we are as a club you know what's been discussed a lot the last week or so which is sound and a good read for me.
When we aren't getting results I look and see with our injury crisis nuno doesn't have a lot of options so I look for the next best thing the performance, we haven't been walloped but still it hurts to lose.
Posts I don't understand are the ones like Traore is leaving get the money in yet Traore was sitting in front of Jimenez in the stand.
It takes all. sorts I guess.
Yes always nice to see Jas posting.
Have nice day and up our beloved wolves. 👍.

14 Jan 2021 14:14:12
Thefutureisoldgold. Giroud I wish! Sadly I'm sure he wouldn't ever have considered us frankly! Anywhere in London or back to France I always thought. I don't think Nuno would ever go with two strikers and a good one probably wouldn't want to play second fiddle to Raul. We are not alone in only having one though. The loss of Raul has caused most of our problems sapped confidence. No one seems able to hold the ball except Neto. But he can't do it on his own. Fabio would struggle to trap a bag of wet cement atm.



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