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29 Dec 2020 22:11:33
No doubt some will still blame Semedo.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair he did have a terrible game, he was so anonymous I didn't even realise he was on the pitch.... oh wait.}

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29 Dec 2020 22:32:13
Should be blaming Kilman, he completely switched off! It's a funny one tonight cause if we get the point it looks like a well executed game plan. As it is we just looked a little unambitious and dull again! I hope the club have their ducks in a row cause we NEED an experienced striker. Traore is getting better each week (finally) but he's making space looking up and there's no one! Saiss was absolute class tonight, they need to get his contract done far more deserving (and more to the point pressing) than Adamas! 🐺.

29 Dec 2020 22:32:45
We need a striker. end of.

29 Dec 2020 22:43:19
Unfortunate tonight fellas, as a neutral I thought ye had the draw earned, only team in the league I hate as much as Liverpool is united I’m hoping we can stuff them on Friday.

29 Dec 2020 22:43:21
Bullys I could not disagree more. Traore was Dreadful he infuriates me more than anyone. Game changed when we took off Neto and left him on. He is lazy, petulant and slows the game down. He needs dropping for a long time and to take a good long look at himself!

29 Dec 2020 22:56:22
Missing Raul badly
Young lads exceptional
Tra ore will never score again
Need a striker urgently.

29 Dec 2020 23:06:21
But Matt he created two/ three decent chances and then played the second half in a team that didn't venture beyond there own half?! I've been the first to take him to task lately but these last two matches he's created chances, that's his job! Not his fault we don't have anyone capable of taking um is it?! I appreciate that he can be infuriating but with his game he will always be a luxury player, not sure that's his fault. If we score off the chances he creates everyone applauds him, as it was there was no one in the box! Both times he had there entire defence chasing him and trying to kick him as the panic set in! Why aren't players running into that space, with the defenders tracking him there should be plenty?! Answer because our attack lacks experience.
If we set up to defend from the first whistle the whole attacks feeding off hoofed balls and scraps. I just feel like sometimes peeps are complaining that he's not single handedly winning matches, but he's never going to be that player! 🐺.

29 Dec 2020 23:39:38
Lol ED :D

Anyway matchwise Main issue was no one in the box everytime we attacked there was nobody to cross to etc, why he took Neto and Vintinha off i'll never know those two were making things happen.
But put this behind us and what about Hoever I thought he was excellent tonight.

30 Dec 2020 06:39:41
Knacked rated. Traore i'd like to see just abit central running at it it'll bring free kicks, pointless going down wings with no one in box. Then we have men up and moutininho wants these annoying short corners that everyone knows now and that end up wasted. We all know the problem and its really a question of who and how soon.

30 Dec 2020 08:54:01
Far more positives than negatives from performance last night. Gutted that we lost so late on and felt we were the better side especially in first half. Neto going off was the turning point, as it ended our offensive threat. He always managed to get the ball under control however it arrived to him and link play. That ended when he left the field. This was partly due to fact that our clearances became more desperate and build up was less controlled. Withdrawal of Vitinha also detracted from our controlled build up as he showed a willingness to run forward with the ball, which is not something Neves and Moutinho do naturally, although I thought both of them played their part until they tired toward the end,
Wing backs played well both offensively and defensively. Back three did their job until late on when Kidman appeared to lose the flight of an innocuous looking ball and allowed it to float over his head to Rashford. Cruel blow so late on, especially for Saiss who was and has been brilliant for us of late.
Agree that a new deal for Saiss is greater priority than one for Traore, who continues to excite and infuriate in equal measure. Potential to be so much more than he is showing at present. Surely the technology available for after match analysis will show that he is static for large parts of the game, either sat on his backside with his arms outstretched or standing still in blissful isolation appearing to be unaware of the build up around him. Analysis of the video of games must surely give the coaches lots of points to get him to work on.
One last point on last night’s defeat, neither Traore or Podence, both of whom may have been carrying injuries, did enough tracking back in last 10 minutes. Podence needs to concentrate on doing some covering back himself rather than pointing to where everyone else should be.
Two general points to finish: need to work on different throw-in options and get Moutinho off all dead balls.

30 Dec 2020 09:56:50
Lots of talk about Adama on here. Matwolf and BullysBoy opposing views yet in some way I agree with both of you, to some degree. But yes, I think Adama in our team at the moment is a luxury player. If what he does well is of little benefit to the team, which is the current situation, then he just doesn't contribute in any other way. It's a situation that can't go on much longer. If a new striker comes in then maybe that will be what he needs but I'm not holding my breath. Fact is, this season is going to be a slog and we can no longer carry anyone. Also I don't think he's happy at the club. Of course that could quickly change with a goal or two however, I don't see him being with us that much longer.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
Our future is still bright.

30 Dec 2020 09:57:57
Not having a pop bully I just disagree. I didn't see any clear cut chances created and am yet to see the luxury of him this season (Arsenal aside) his end product is poor and off the ball he offers nothing. Neto Silva Podence with Vitinha in behind every day of the week for me. If a decent offer is there for Traore take it and buy 2 player with a footballers brain. To a man I thought we were excellent tonight except for Traore, his performance was so far below everyone else. I found myself shouting at him most of the night. Really hacked off with him.

30 Dec 2020 13:06:14
Fair enough Matt, we all have our own take fella I always accept mine might not be the right take. One thing I don't get though is the fact you and a few others keep saying sell him and buy two quality players. If he's thay poor which clubs going to buy him for that kind of money exactly?! Either he's not good enough for us or he's worth £70m to a top four club, which is it don't see how it can be both?! Cause if someone's willing to pay more than we spent he can't be doing that badly can he?

30 Dec 2020 13:43:09
Hi bullysboy, I to have to disagree with you re Traorie, he is very predictable, receives the ball either stands still with it or dribbles and loses the ball, yes he can be fast but that's about all, can't shoot, often runs into trouble,

Its the pundits who have made him out to be a star, nobody will pay 60 mill, his value is probably around 30/ 35 doubt if anyone will pay more.

30 Dec 2020 15:57:40
Because the attributes he does have can make him unstoppable and I think there are plenty of managers out there who think they can be the one to unlock his full "potential". He is also young enough that clubs will be interested. If £30 odd mil is all we can get for him I'd keep him but use him as a sub only. I'm convinced that somewhere in Europe a big side will pay silly money for him.

30 Dec 2020 16:37:25
So predictable Yellowstone that he had 3 out of 4 of Uniteds defenders chasing him and they still didn't get the ball?! For a one trick pony he skips past a LOT of players! 🤣.

30 Dec 2020 18:25:12
That maybe Bully, What is the end result of all his skipping past defenders,
How many assist's Nil
How many Goals Nil
how many shots on target Nil

Its OK getting the ball and going past players the Important thing is What does he do with it when he has gone past NOT a LOT.
His percentage Work rate over 90 mins is very poor.



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