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25 Dec 2020 09:43:53
Merry Christmas to one and all have a fantastic day and remember to try and stuff your turkeys as it may be the only stuffing you can give stay safe and UTV 👍👍👍.

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25 Dec 2020 19:54:03
Merry Christmas Daz,
The best thing I love of Birmingham is UB40 watching the best songs of 80,S my teenage decade UB40 was my favourite band.
Bought back happy memories.
Wolves were rubbish but we aren't now.
I'm stuffed of booze and food.
UB40 the short film they made Labour of love if you haven't watched it I recommend you do.
The Birmingham accents is class along with Astro.
I only writing this cus your from brum.

25 Dec 2020 20:34:53
I used to play pool with them mate every friday at the Eagle and Tun or Billy's Bar in Digbeth which was owned by Paul Henry aka Benny in Crossroads great bunch of lads.

25 Dec 2020 21:20:18
I'm envious daz I'm sure it was balsall heath where ali and Robin Campbell grew up.
My elder friends went to the pub where ali had carved his name on the bar.
I was watching the tele Britain's favourite 80's songs earlier red red wine was on that's when I wrote my post above.

26 Dec 2020 00:20:24
A blast from the past. UB40 were customers at my family video rental shop many moons ago. My brothers are in the music scene and are good mates with the band. I remember once when Rankin Roger phoned Ali Campbell from my brothers studio and played him a song which he had written for them. Like me, the are from Balsall Heath.

26 Dec 2020 06:58:27
My full admiration to you Jas you're a proper bloke👌.

26 Dec 2020 10:58:28
My mom still lives in the area. It was rough when I lived there but is worse now. Still, I had very happy memories growing up, wagging school and chilling in Cannon Hill Park with my mates.

27 Dec 2020 00:14:34
Watched Villa game today, ( they were very very good), and as we have so many Villa fans on here I thought I would make 3 comments on them.
1 Summer transfers : For significantly less than we paid for Semedo and Silva they signed Watkins, Cash and Martinez and took Barkley on loan. So while we got 1 modest/ mediocre player and a kid who may or may not turn out to be a Prem footballer but today is most certainly not they got 3 superb Prem players, (although Barkley being injured at least means the comparison isn't quite so bad) and a far better right back than we have! Hardly surprising then that they are roaring up the table as we slide down.
2 We need a RCB. Playing for Villa at RCB today - ( I have to admit I haven't seen him play other than today) - and looking perfectly competent and even scored a goal was Kortney Hause who we sold to them for a nominal fee - looks like another v bad piece of business
3 They "manage" the ref so well, {One of the things we do incredibly badly}, so that, other when up against a master of "ref management", in Zaha, they got pretty much everything they wanted. Led by Grealish they have the brilliant ability to gain free kicks when ever under pressure.
Grealish knows exactly where opponents are and has the amazing ability to both step into them instigating contact and then instantly hit the ground, fooling the ref into thinking he has been fouled when technically he has fouled his opponent.
Whilst in football there is seemingly no control of this phenomenon what so ever in basketball, a Sport I played to a v decent standard and watch avidly to this day, there are two laws against this.
Firstly the standard offensive foul, of which the charging foul, where an attacking player runs into a defender (instigating contact), is a common version. The penalty for this is either a side line ball or free shots depending on the total number of fouls of all sorts committed by the team so far in the game. Note a player is removed from the game if he commits 6 fouls of any sort in a game.
Secondly flopping - i, e, hitting the ground when you shouldn't. The penalty for this is a single free shot and then a side line ball for the other side. This is a technical foul which counts as one of your 6 but is a yellow card and if you get 2 you are immediately removed from the game.
Players are also heavily fined and suspended from games if they commit 5 flops.
Under Basketball rules Villa would always be playing short handed and their players would be a lot poorer.

27 Dec 2020 10:52:31
I get where your coming from Thefutureisoldgold but this observation has been made 15 games into the season. When the signings were made, if asked, we would have said our signings were better. let's strip this down and compare.

Marcal - Champions league semi finalist or Matty Cash? I think we all agree that Marcal was the better bargain.

We don't need a new keeper as Patricio is one of the best so we can't compare him to Martinez, who let's be honest wasn't the best when he was at Molineux.

Ollie Watkins I can agree on but we must remember that he cost £25m and was guaranteed to play at Villa whereas Fabio Silva was bought in to be developed for the future but had been forced into the team quicker than anticipated due to the unfortunate injury to Raul.

You say Villa spent significantly less than us but did you realise that spent £75m on 4 players (Martinez, Watkins, Cash and Traore) whereas we spent £74m on 4 players ( Silva, Semedo, Marcal and Hoever) . We also lost Jota and Doherty for a combined £56m whereas Villa didn't really sell anyone from their 1st team. Villa have spent £75m compared to our £18m net spent. So it appears that Villa are the club that have spent significantly more.

Frustrating times I know but Villa have a few tough games coming up.

27 Dec 2020 11:16:44
Don't forget Costa and Cavalleiro. I had read somewhere our net spend was less than 4mil. Definitely got funds for the January sales ;)

27 Dec 2020 12:05:58
Villa are borderline breaching ffp rules I think any much more spend from them might land them in hot water.

27 Dec 2020 14:00:42
Sadly Jas if you read my earlier posts I have been saying this, or something v similar, since before the season started and with v boring regularity ever since.
However to be fair to you I didn't include Marcal - as he has been an excellent signing - sort of spoiled my rant nor Traore of Villa as he as been pretty ordinary so yes subjective fact picking - makes me sound like a politician!
Re Martinez he was brilliant at Arsenal and for the price is a screaming bargain. I also feel Patricio may be starting to age and selling before he does and reinvesting in Martinez wouldn't have been the worst move in the world but accept it wasn't on my agenda at all previously.
Also Watkins was always going to follow Smith to Villa so a moot point I agree.
Cash/ Semedo is with hindsight so fair point. Who would have thought Semedo would be so disappointing.
What I do stand by though is that whilst virtually all fans on here thought we had a good transfer window my well documented immediate response was that it was poor - initially gave it 4/ 10 and then rapidly downgraded as it ecae clear that the centre points of the window Semedo and Silva were not what they had been billed as.
We didn't buy a RCB, didn't buy an AM to replace Moutinho and the need to do so was surely obvious and I was always v worried re Silva and that has proven worryingly correct. He def isn't a Prem player at moment indeed not sure he would look that good in the Championship!
Also giving Doherty away was a v bold move especially with Otto injured and the WBs being so important to our system.
Re net spend we now desperately need to buy the players we didn't buy in the summer, ( cost perhaps £60- 70m? ) and with the surplus players who then wouldn't play still on board will have both a far higher net spend and a bloated wage bill.
Win tonight and all we be forgiven and I will return to optimism (hopefully! )

27 Dec 2020 20:15:04
Ouch - Patricio should have done a lot lot better for the goal - see comment about showing his age above.
Best half of season for Semedo though! .
Podence will be disappointed to not have tested Lloris more from 2 good chances - must do better and learn to use right foot and shoot sooner before defenders and gk are set
As with Burnley game Traore our best player - just need to get him on the ball more and for the others to finish the chances he makes.
Silva unlucky (should have done better? ) with his chance but needs to do more - embarrassing hearing commentators say how little he has done and then making the excuse the 2cbs are experienced - no other prem team plays children ( don't GET ME STARTED ON THE BENCH) and so they will always be "experienced"
Fingers crossed for 2nd half we are actually playing ok but is that because with Spurs 1-0 they are merely playing for FT?

27 Dec 2020 22:14:13
Patricio 4 - had absolutely nothing to do after Spurs decided to defend for 90 mins but goal should have been saved. Has been great for Wolves but 2nd bad game in a row
Semedo 7 - best game of year!
Coady 5 overplayed and got caught - lucky to only be booked and nothing came from free kick - could have been a goal or a red card
Saiss - 8 M of M goal and carbon copy well saved earlier. V solid defensively although Spurs offered nothing
Marcal 6 Solid enough but doesn't offer much going forwards
Neves 7 dominated midfield and seemed v energised.
Moutinho 7 calm and composed but under no pressure from a truly awful Spurs who clearly thought they could ride out the 90 mins without breaking sweat.
Podence 6 worked v v hard but seemed a yard slow and missed 2 good chances in first half. Needs to be careful re relations with ref - we aren't an establishment team and he won't get cut any slack
Neto 7 As with Podence works incredibly hard and was a real threat throughout
Traore 7 - doesn't work hard (enough) but is by far our most skilful and effective player opening teams up with ease - both Podence and Silva should have done better with chances created. Needs to be more involved and work harder to be so!
Silva 3 - showed glimpses but embarrassing dive and two v poor finishes ( last minute header and when he kicked Lloris rather than ball when unmarked with ball 6 yards out - v v poor touch) Also should have done better with chance Troare created and the one in the first half. But at least he got there to miss them. Probably his best game - although Spurs were awful but despite playing his best game yet it is clear that he is completely out of his depth and should be removed from team as soon as we can sign an adult to play CF.
Spurs insulted us by not even trying and paid the price but against a team going through the motions we still didn't look like scoring as commentators made clear.
Good attitude though as team really kept going and were trying hard. We just lack quality up front - Silva is no Jimenez and sadly he has to be (and his age is completely irrelevant) or be moved on. We can't afford to cut him slack as it will cost us points, money and in extremis maybe more!
Hard to comment on tactics, formations, selections etc as only one team was playing.
Lets hope Marcal isn't injured or we will have run out of players!
Shout for Owen - excellent cameo!



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