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07 Oct 2020 10:21:21
I understand the concerns most fans have regarding the sale of Doherty and Jota. I personally think we have had an excellent transfer window. Towards the latter part of last season, we really struggled and had no way of altering our formation due to having such a small squad.

We have sold 2 regular 1st teamers and Vinagre who hardly ever played.
Now having looked at the incoming, I think Semedo is an upgrade on Doherty and Podence has proved to be more than an adequate replacement for Jota. Add to this, Hoever, Marcal and Ait-Nouri, this allows for Dendoncker and Saiss to play in their more natural position of midfield meaning Moutinho can be given a much needed break as he isn't able to play every game anymore.

Vitinha I can't comment on as I haven't seen him play for a sufficient amount of time, likewise Fabio Silva but I do know that although we have lost 2 regulars, squad wise we are actually stronger. Now we just need Nuno to work his magic.

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07 Oct 2020 10:59:39
Agreed Jas. This will take a little time to bed in, and we need to be patient for the improved squad to really show what they can do. It does bode well for future seasons, liked Kilman too and what little I saw of Hoever. Patience is required, which for some will be a challenge.

07 Oct 2020 12:16:39
I see mandzucic, is a free agent, could be our ibrahimovic,
If my spellings correct.

07 Oct 2020 12:30:27

07 Oct 2020 17:51:46
Tbf Jota wasn't exactly a regular in the team so a good bit of business.

07 Oct 2020 20:03:18
Have to say after the dust has settled, I'm happy with our transfer business, I did question the Jota sale at first, but when alls weighed up, we have done well, and with a bit of more training and sessions together we will start to gain some momentum.

08 Oct 2020 11:27:23
Jas, in hindsight Doc and Jota were destined to leave for the perceived lure of 'big clubs' and European football. I think this was inevitable, especially after we missed 6th place last season on goal difference. I don't begrudge them but the grass is not always greener on the other side, as they may well find out. Plus we've made stonking profits on them to push FFP worries down the road for a good while yet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I look forward to Nuno's babes turning into pure old gold!

08 Oct 2020 11:18:13
Am I happy with the transfer window?
I know its easy to knee jerk and be a happy clapper or a doom merchant and, (depending on the day and my mood - and the most recent performance), I realise that I fluctuate between the two.

Consequently I have tried to think about it more analytically in terms of 6 features: Finance, Future, Squad, Team, System and what others have done.
I accept that it is hard to view each of them independently as obviously many of them are correlated/ overlap but.

FINANCE - we made 3 major sales- Costa, Doherty and Jota (Vinagre is at the moment only a loan) and 5 signings Silva, Semedo, Marcal, Rayan and Hoover, (Vitnha is currently a loan) . Both in terms of transfer fees and wages we will be modestly down. Could we have done more within FFP - possibly but it seems pretty ok doesn't it?

FUTURE - we sold one older player Doherty and bought one older player Marcal. Otherwise it was 2 younger players - neither of whom appeared to be likely to play first 11 football in the foreseeable future, (harsh on Jota perhaps), for 5 young chaps, some of whom may be ready but all of whom come with stellar reputations so surely a big tick here!

SQUAD - in terms of bodies we are up three. We sold a RWB and bought two. We sold a LWB and bought two (Marcal also LCB) we added a CM and swapped a wide forward for a central one. All in all ok. We needed the CM and CF so tick and the WBs are 2 for 1 whilst we were long wide forwards - being picky maybe we could have added a RCB for a LCB given the balance in the squad.

However, and here future and squad surely overlap, we sold/ had a need for experienced first team ready players and largely bought young inexperienced players possibly not really ready yet?

Hence I will only say ok acknowledging Nuno's track record in developing players
FIRST TEAM - only real change is Semedo for Doherty and short term due to injury Marcal for Otto. {Should someone have been bought to replace Moutinho? } I know Semedo with 100 games for Barcelona and his pacier and possibly more skilful style is considered a step up from Doherty in some people's eyes (and presumably Nuno's! ) and maybe over the next few weeks it will become clearer but at the moment for me the jury is out.

Consequently with the Otto and Moutinho situations not ideally addressed and my concerns re Semedo (perhaps linked to finance - his fee was over double that received for Doherty - and more importantly system - see below) I will give first 11 a no!

SYSTEM - various people on here - Thor for one - have noted that we are changing system. Given the only real change to the first 11 is Semedo in and Doherty out you might argue that this is not a feature of the transfer window. But the system was heavily based on Doherty and his absence means we have to change system so the transfer window did impact system.

Doherty was essential to the system. He was (scarily! ) very often the 2nd goal threat in the team, one of the principal creative players, a major physical presence in both boxes and most importantly the conduit for virtually all of our play. Even today Patricio is looking for him!

With the new system patently not working yet - and with the absence of a pre season that is hardly surprising. The decision to sell Doherty and thus change system - which came first? - is brave at best.

Could we have done 1 without the other?
Well we could we have kept Doherty and changed system yes but vice versa no.
Hence the transfer market has forced a change of system that may as many hope be a benefit in the future but at the moment? Well the jury is out but far from convinced!

WHAT OTHER CLUBS HAVE DONE - irrefutably many teams have done very well in the transfer market taking advantage of the obvious buyers edge in the market. Admittedly most clubs have far higher net spends than us but even some of those that spent v little - WH for example - have clearly improved their first 11.

All in all I guess I am a little disappointed. We spent v little net of sales (presumably FFP constrained) and have broadened the squad and improved the long term prospects of the team. But in the short term the first 11 is weaker, we are going through a system change without a pre season and thus losing points from this seasons total. We have also not addressed adequately the issues within the squad (Moutinho's age, the lack of a RCB and the depth of ready to play players - notably cover for Jimenez) .
Consequently, particularly viewed against the light of the buyer's market we just witnessed, I think 4/ 10 is the best I can realistically offer.
If however the system beds down and several of the kids develop and we end the season well (6th or better? ) then I will have been harsh and the summer transfer market can be viewed a success.
I sincerely hope I am!

08 Oct 2020 12:35:25
Thefutureisoldgold. Hi, you've given that a lot of thought!
On a very simple level, last season 6 games 4 points. This season 4 games 6 points so as an optimist I take that as a positive. For me as with you the jury is still out!
We have not played well yet, getting rolled by WHU was a shock to everyone but as we've seen we are not alone in the unexpected.
I expected the Sheffield United win.
I didn't expect a win against City so I wasn't surprised. Probability, having beaten twice last year I thought three would be unlikely.
West Ham was a shock, never saw that coming neither did Leicester I guess.
Fulham, expected the win but a better performance.
I really think it's too early to tell where we are at. The young players that have been brought in have not really played. Other Prem clubs are fielding young players with success why not us!
Whilst I've said I'm an optimist but not blind. We should be a bit concerned and I'm sure we'll have more idea by the new year (not just football) .
Again the numbers don't lie we are better so far than last season. (tongue in cheek)

08 Oct 2020 13:31:10
Alright Thefutureisoldgold really good reading your post.
I think the same about Doherty but one thing I thought about Doherty the attacking positions he frequently got in to imo there should of been a lot more goals created.
But Doherty was like you say integregal to our system.
If Semedo is as good as Doherty defencively I think he will become a better player.
I can't post too much at present as at work but one thing I know I mentioned it before football is in an uncertain time with c. v.
These crammed in international games haven't helped the teams who were in europe last season like us.
Moutinho I think if his legs are going why is he still picked for Portugal (not sure if he played last night)
Just my thoughts pal straight from the heart.
Ps a boat load of work has come in for us all at my works hey thanks for crossing your fingers for me it worked 👍.

08 Oct 2020 13:48:03
Ken your post didn't appear on my screen when I posted nearly an hour after you.
This happens often and I'm not ignoring you or anybody else but the time on posts seems to suggest it could be me being ignorant I assure you I am not lol👍

08 Oct 2020 15:41:29
Phil, never thought that for one moment mate. The posts appear quicker some times and not others. I've done posts before when I've looked a couple of hours later and I've thought they've got lost! Then done it again and they both appear and make you look stupid! 😁

Personally I think it's just the Ed's pratting around to make us look daft!

{Ed001's Note - sometimes the filter will get them, sometimes they might be held for another editor (ie if there is something s/he would know about) or sometimes it is just one of us forgetting to tick one of the boxes when editing and so one, or more, out of a group of posts will not get posted just by mistake. Then it would have to wait until the next time an editor has a chance to edit.}

08 Oct 2020 16:02:15
Ken68 I think you are better off looking at it on a like for like basis eg

Team last season this season
Shef U 0 3
ManC 3 0
West Ham 3 0

Fulham can't be directly compared as we didn't play them but took 15 from 18 against the 3 relegated clubs so is probably as expected.

In all I would have hoped for 9 points based on last season so we're probably about 3 points down.

08 Oct 2020 18:51:41
Arddunby I was just trying to accentuate the positive. I think it's very difficult to be sure where we are tbh, C.V., new players and changing the system. I think the Nation's League should have been binned but as we know it's all about money. We would have had more time to prepare and look after our players. Though as ever what the fans want is at the bottom of the tree.

08 Oct 2020 19:30:04
Ed001, I worked in the computer business from the late 60's ( when you could smack them with a hammer) until the early 2000's. I understand how it works, plus it was just a bit of fun. Have a good day!

{Ed001's Note - don't worry I never took offence mate, I just know sometimes it can be frustrating.}

08 Oct 2020 19:36:52
Sound Ken 👍
On the go when at work thinking too deep without being clear in mind.
All is good though with coady starting. 😀.



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