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05 Oct 2020 09:21:56
Well a win is a win but we need to show some aggression in midfield we are getting overrun which is nullifying Neves. Perhaps Saiss and Dendonker need to play behind with Neves further forward. We seem to be giving the ball away too much, clearances are coming straight back at us and we are getting bullied in the midfield. Raul is coming deeper which is making him ineffective. Podence, Neto or Troare have got to link up defence to attack quicker. That's my theory anyway.

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05 Oct 2020 09:45:50
While I agree with most of your comments, our centre backs need to be more positive with there passing and take the ball forward when they have space in front of the instead of just passing it to Coady. Neves and Traore need get further forward has they are picking the ball up to deep.

05 Oct 2020 12:46:21
Hednesford and Baza - Agree with your comments.
Lord Thor commented previously that we are changing style slightly and that this is what is leading to the problems - he is of course correct.
Last year our number 1 tactic was to knock the ball long to the RWB standing near the half way line - he took it down and we played from there- normally via Traore or Jimenez.
This year - although Patricio in particular doesn't seem to have noticed - he is not there. Knocking the ball to Semedo isn't going to work as he can't win balls in the air or hold it under physical pressure. As yet though we have not evolved an alternative - not helped by our best midfield passer growing old!
Hence can't keep the ball, attack or control the game, (pretty hard to defend under those circumstances as well! )
For first 20 yesterday we had no one moving forwards and indeed Jimenez was so deep we couldn't even pass forwards.
Fortunately Dendonker and Neto showed some energy after that but against a v poor Fulham side this was a lethargic and lacklustre performance.
Worryingly when he came on Traore just didn't look interested!
We desperately need to buy a powerful energetic CM - Dendonker with pace and more quality on the ball - and have to pray that all these unproven and v young foreign players live up to their hyped reputations and large transfer fees (and fast! ) .
It was good to get 3 points - but 3 points at home to a team fairly nailed onto be bottom is surely a given - but the performance was still v worrying.

05 Oct 2020 12:52:15
Surely Kilman can have a run in the team now? Always looks fairly confident on the ball, and not made any mistakes yet.

05 Oct 2020 13:46:42
Boly lcb, coady cb, Killman rcb, Saiss did ok on lwb so can step in there is need be also he can cover cdm if needed too.

05 Oct 2020 18:32:10
Well I am one worried Wolves fan on our performances of late, because we are awful, hope all these wing backs we have paid millions for do the business because I have never heard of them, I now it's early days but the Fulham match was terrible again, the only thing good about the match was 3 points.
Nothing up front, no creativity and if we ever let a early goal in I don't now were we are going to score 2 goals to get back in game at present as we only create 2 or 3 chances a match if that.

05 Oct 2020 19:29:38
Pretty much after with all that you said.
Hopefully this new LWB can slot right in. This will allow Marcal to take the LCB position. That should hopefully improve our distribution out from the back. Agree with many that we need a midfielder with creativity, pace and a goal threat. We have zero pace in midfield so the gap between midfield and attack is too great. Nuno obviously does not think vitinha is ready yet. Also our forwards seem like strangers to each other. Hopefully that will improve.

05 Oct 2020 19:59:39
Big - understand your concerns as everything you say is currently correct.
As to if we have paid too much for these kids the jury is out. Although United have bought Telles - another one that was raved about on here for less than half the price we are paying for Semedo (indeed we could have Doherty and Telles for the price of Semedo! )
Others have also found first team ready quality - the chap at WH, Soucek, or Castagne at Leicester for example at a fraction of the price we are paying for kids with potential who might make the first team at some stage in the future or might not!
Although Nuno's record though surely allows us believe that there is a good chance that some if not all will?
HOWEVER regarding your point about creativity and goals, the system that has served us well for the last 3 years is not one that creates lots of chances. Normally though it does allow us to keep it tight and control games - leading to quality chances and enough goals to win games (sufficient indeed for us to finish 7th for the last two years! ) .
Sadly though at the moment the system isn't working and several other teams have significantly improved - while we have gone backwards in first 11 terms at least.
What we need is for the new guys to hit the ground running, (they haven't yet), and the whole squad, (particularly Moutinho, Neves, Jimenez and Traore), to become energised - at the moment they look exhausted and dispirited.
Nuno must sort this out and soon but to date he has met all challenges and I remain confident that he will meet this one - albeit I think we have made it harder for ourselves over the summer!
Agree re Fulham but surely that was all about stopping the rot and keeping a clean sheet - which we only just managed to do as a result of their awful finishing!
I think we have to accept that we are slowly evolving both in system and squad and today there are teething problems which are causing issues.
Given the record of the club over the last 3 years it seems harsh to say but being realistic maybe we haven't got everything right this summer - {you may not have noticed but I don't think we should have given Doherty away and spent vast sums on unproven young foreign players, (although Soucek and Castagne as stated have already done well), but taken a more balanced approach.
We are told there is a premium on British players - probably correct particularly in terms of their wages but maybe proven quality and experience - v hard to get - is expensive but lack of it is even more expensive - you lose games!



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