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31 Aug 2020 10:33:38
I agree that if doc wanted to go to ' a bigger club" don't stand in his way. 2 points.1 are Tottenham a bigger club? 2 who the bleedin hell set the fee so low? I would not sell my Ferrari for £20 (even if I had one) .

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31 Aug 2020 12:00:06
It would have been nice if Doherty had said it was the hardest decision of his life, instead of a "no brainer". Bit disrepctful that. As for the fee, what a joke! considering Bohemians' cut. Might as well have given him away. Clearly we must be loaded to have let that happen!

31 Aug 2020 12:15:17
He’s bein honest, he sees we’ve got as high as possible. Reminds me of Martin O’Neil when he got villa 6th for 3 seasons runnin, then when the cash dried up he realised it would be downhill so left the club. The same will happen with Nuno, if your to succeed in this league u need to keep spending and bringing quality in.

31 Aug 2020 12:36:23
And the money needed to do that should come straight from the Magic Money tree located in the middle of the nearest park. No need to worry about FFP.

31 Aug 2020 13:43:09
They're all Bed Wetters Jas, panicking about nothing.
God help us if we don't Spend over £100m on transfers in the next 24 hours, they'll be back on again tomorrow moaning again about Nothing.!

31 Aug 2020 14:31:06
Anybody watch the documentary on Liverpool last night? Great insight. 20 years of struggling with managers, players, styles, just to get the club to be competitive in the top 4.

Fenway sports group took 10 years to finally get it right, change tact, appoint the right manager in Klopp, spend over £250m on revamping the squad, of course sales helped, but still took Klopp 4 years.

We have been back in the premier league 2 seasons, done exceptionally well overall. If we sell assets to the tune of £200m great, reinvest in better players, continue to improve and compete. Seriously, many fans just don’t get how it works and who we are.

We are not a massive club with a global fanbase like Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal. We might be close to rivalling them on the pitch but off the pitch we’re a millions away and at the start of the journey.

31 Aug 2020 15:18:14
Haha and if proof were needed that the lunatics have taken over the building someone has now asked are Spurs are bigger club?! Are you for real with that question?! The same Spurs that have been the nearly team for the title just a few seasons back, have recently moved into the best stadium in Europe and were runners up in the last Champs League last season?! I mean I honestly don't even know where to start with some of the absolute trip being served up at the moment! Begs belief! 🤣🤣🤣.

31 Aug 2020 15:38:45
I watched it and everything you say is how it is MD1281.
I have posted my views several times and have got bored of the same old negative doubters saying opposite.
Bring on the start of the season.

31 Aug 2020 16:05:01
Of course Spurs are a bigger club and are long established premier league side which at present we aren't. But, and this is pertinent to Jas M's comment on money and MD1281's comment on reinvesting, you don't become a big club or an established premier league club by selling pound coins for 30p.
If you give your assets away you don't have money and can't re-invest - you are also punished for breaking FFP! .
I realise from reading various posters on here that I rate Doherty higher than many of you - who perhaps think £15m is a fair price. However I am reassured that the wider football world - obviously including Jose Mourinho - think he is a top player and that £15m is ridiculous. I suspect many are now laughing at us!
The proof in the pudding will be how he performs at Spurs and how much we have to pay, (including wages), for any replacement, (assuming we don't just promote from within and Sanderson did get good reviews from Cardiff) - and how well that replacement plays.
Not going to comment on Doherty anymore as I realise - as I said before - we don't get a vote - and its happened so move on!

31 Aug 2020 19:22:06
Some of you just don't get it. The reason there are so called big clubs is because biased media conglomerates such as BBC wasting air time broadcasting a documentary on Liverpool and there so called struggle to win Premier league. Therefore deliberately creating yet another cash cow for drip fed yoof of today. Do you think they would have done a documentary on Wolves if they had won the Europa league? No. The status quo just ain't going to change.

{Ed002's Note - The Liverpool supporters are also paranoid everything is a conspiracy against them.}

31 Aug 2020 19:57:30
SQ- Sky did a documentary on Wolves, it was shot soon after Nuno came in and believe was called (something like) Living with Wolves. You should watch it, was good. Which no doubt means like Ed002 is suggesting if you go onto Cardiffs Forum they are probs saying there is a conspiracy to show case Wolves! ;)
When we are talking in conspiracies its fair to say this page has taken a funny turn! Haha, good old bank holiday drinking eh ;-P.

31 Aug 2020 21:45:12
Sky I would agree with you there. My main criticism is BBC and national broadsheet and tabloids.

31 Aug 2020 23:56:42
Here in lies the problem with most Conspiracy theories SQ, cause you say not Sky just the tabloids but as I'm sure you know almost ALL of the tabloids are owned by the same man who also happens to own sky! I do actually agree that the big clubs get undue coverage but fear it's far more likely down to following the numbers rather than any grand plan to keep the smaller clubs down 👍.



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