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21 Aug 2020 23:05:08
Obviously we have progressed since the days of KJ, DSaunders, Lambert etc. but we gave ourselves a long hard season with nothing to show for it . At the moment we are in a worse situation than we were at the beginning of last season. If there were a prize for beating Man City twice, taking Liverpool to the wire and being knocked out of the Europa League to the eventual winners we could display it in our museum.

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22 Aug 2020 10:06:14
😂😂😂 your right E fromWombourn, but your bangin your head against a brick wall on here! Most on here are fitted with Nuno blinkers! 😂 fingers crossed the new contract doesn’t happen and he goes🤞 Lopetegui is the guy Fosun wanted from the start and still do. Congratulations Lopetegui and hopefully see u in charge at Wolves very soon 🙏.

22 Aug 2020 10:38:42
PT--really, can you honestly say that Nuno is not the best manager we've had for a very very long time
, With what he started with he's done wonders. And he's doing it to fosuns plan. , come back when the last piece of jigsaw is fitted, then say Nuno must go.

22 Aug 2020 11:23:20
He’s reached the peak of the mountain for him, it’s time to go, thank you Nuno but time for Wolves to move on to another chapter.

22 Aug 2020 11:53:50
Wheres the big news you promised PT?

22 Aug 2020 12:11:41
Whatever happens whatever the few think different the best outcome is to keep etching closer to success.
Being realistic if nuno is replaced would all the current nuno's team remain? A massive overhaul of backroom staff would that increase our progression or put is back?

22 Aug 2020 12:27:13
Has a new contract been signed or Jiminez stated he’s stayin? NO!

22 Aug 2020 12:33:55
Phil we need change or we stagnate and the only way is down. I thank Nuno but change needed ASAP 👍.

22 Aug 2020 12:35:56
Your correct the answer is No!
Has Nuno and Jimenez said they don't want to stay? No!
Lol tit 4 tat. Looking forward to the outcome.

22 Aug 2020 12:40:56
OK PT you have £100million which players would you bring in with that?

22 Aug 2020 12:45:05
I hope Paul nuno takes us where we want to be if he can't then so be it 👍.

22 Aug 2020 13:11:50
Can someone explain why Leeds are 150/ 1 to win Premier league along with Leicester and Wolves. Do the bookmakers know something we don't or is this the usual stupid they are a big club syndrome?

22 Aug 2020 13:23:50
OK PT, let's just put your theory into practice. We are signing Mbappe, Neymar and Van Dijk. None of them have said they are staying at their current club so that must mean they're leaving. Or maybe Nuno ain't signed his contract just yet because he's on holiday!

22 Aug 2020 13:36:41
SQ I would put Liverpool favourites above man city.
I can not get why Leeds are the same odds as us and Leicester the only thing I can think is they have a top experienced manager even though it puzzles me he still can't talk English.

{Ed002's Note - Odds are based on the amount of money placed as bets. If everyone were to bet on Aston Villa they would soon be favourites.}

22 Aug 2020 13:49:04
Cheers ed002.

22 Aug 2020 17:28:09
Getting seriously hacked off with the amount of business Villa are doing and we are just plodding along.

22 Aug 2020 17:31:11
Tamworth, give it a Rest.
Everyone one on here knows you're a Villa fan and not Wolves.
I'd rather have our 7th place Nuno as Manager than Your 17th place Clown you have at Vile park.

Either that or you and Wombel on E are taking something if you think times up for Wolves and Nuno already.

22 Aug 2020 17:52:01
Thanks Ed for the info on bookies odds.

22 Aug 2020 19:52:37
SQ, I might be missing something here but what business have Villa done that Wolves haven't. Last I knew was that we had signed their GK and they haven't signed anyone.

22 Aug 2020 21:12:43
If Nuno was to go I could see half the team wanting to go the back room staff going the continuity of the way we play through youth to first team being disrupted who do these fools want to replace Nuno that could do a better job than what Nuno has all we need to do is back Nuno by signing another 3/ 4 quality players and we will improve yet again PT is an absolute rain cloud so is his mate SQ.

23 Aug 2020 22:59:19
Blimey PT only took you 2 seasons to start criticizing the best manager you claimed we 'd ever have. He must be doing something right. Normally you start after 8 games!

24 Aug 2020 15:07:54
I love how transparent PT is! I asked him for months who he wanted as manager and he had not a clue, suddenly cause Lopetegui knocks us out then he's then chosen one (which begs the question why didn't he say him the MANY times I asked)?! Just priceless, thank goodness Kenny Jackett didn't knock us out of a cup else he'd be telling us all about how his best mate Jeff has told him Kenny is on his way! It's like asking a gold fish for an opinion, maybe have an original thought rather than just jumping on the latest manager we've lost too just to back ya moaning?! 😂.

24 Aug 2020 15:43:59
S. Q. What Business have the Vile done.?
Rumours on player's doesn't mean Sweet FA you plank, they haven't signed nobody yet.

24 Aug 2020 15:45:26
SQ, Villa are linked to loads of players as usual but have Brought nobody.
We've actually signed more than them when we signed their Keeper they released.

24 Aug 2020 16:38:52
C'mon Zulu, you don't need the plank line buddy. Ya better than that 👍.



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