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01 Aug 2020 16:25:42
Just voted to end the season in Scotland - apparently Rangers won the league and Aberdeen are relegated.

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01 Aug 2020 18:59:46
Europe over. Get some players in now!

01 Aug 2020 19:53:06
Win the europa league only chance now for Europe nxt season.
It's not over till the fat lady sings.
If we don't you would expect a bigger crack at getting top 6 nxt season.

01 Aug 2020 22:06:53
We don’t need new players SQ as some on here are happy that we got two points more than last season and see that as good progress. Two more points next season and we will only be 38 points behind Liverpool in only our third season back. In Nuno we trust. He has proven that he is the seventh best manager in the league.

01 Aug 2020 23:04:45
Strange sarcastic post E from Wombourn. Liverpool only took 30 years to rebuild their team, so I think 2 points better than last year plus a good run in Europa is progress.

02 Aug 2020 00:28:21
Last season, qualifying for the Europa League was a bonus and achieved not through our league position but due to a CL qualified team also winning the FA Cup. Thus season a team outside the top 4 won the Cup so we didn't qualify. Simple. But 2 more points than last season is clear progress albeit we finished in the same position.

02 Aug 2020 08:25:29
Short-term memory comes to mind . Personally I think we had a good season only a handful of seasons ago I would of given anything to have the premierships seventh best manager . People seem to forget dean saunders, solback what ever his name was . Yes agreed if we do want to go further we need the investment but just remember the bad times they weren’t that long ago . UTW.

02 Aug 2020 08:42:26
Totally ludicrous and brain dead post from E from Wombourn.
Get a grip and count your blessings where fosun have taken us.
Next season will start later for us so we will be playing catch up. if we don't get a good start we will be down the bottom of the league so E f W you will have something to make your day and come on here and ditch wolves and the fans.

02 Aug 2020 08:47:19
Just measuring our improvement in terms of two point improvement does not reflect reality. We were cheated out of two points at Burnley which would have achieved 6th place and Europe by right. Same as Villa maintained prem survival through cheating away a goal against Sheffield. Amazing to combine all those European games and still achieve that league position.

But losing out on Europe next season will cost us in ways that are difficult to measure.

If E from Wombourn thinks you measure a manager by their league position and ignore budget, number of games and cheating refs then they are either confused or bitter and twisted or both.

02 Aug 2020 13:22:02
Is EFW even a genuine Wolves fan?
Anyway fact is just a few years ago we was in league1 look how far we have come in that short space of time we are challenging the top 4 if VAR and MR Dean hadn't screwed us we would of finished 4th so yeah I think we have made huge progress.

02 Aug 2020 15:02:20
Camo. Liverpool took 30 years to win premier league. They have won countless number of trophies in that time.

02 Aug 2020 18:01:21
Oh dear the short memories move among us. Been a Wolves fan since circa 1958, and I have had 3 seasons of the best football, achievements beyond expectations, a club with spirit, a manager I respect, and hope of more to come. I will be eternally grateful that this great club is no longer wallowing in journeyman players, has-beens, and money chasers, who failed to deliver and did not deserve the shirt.

02 Aug 2020 19:18:05
Expectations for some are as usual too high.
No time in my lifetime have wolves been in such a good position. The best success was 1980 league Cup but being 7 years old a bit too young to appreciate fully but remember it well. Before fosun the handful of times being in the premier league was all about survival and now we have great chance of building success. If where we are is not good enough to anyone at the present I'm dumbfounded to see why.

02 Aug 2020 19:23:01
SQ, I was pointing out to EFW that his post was ridiculous, not to start a Liverpool debate. Ask any Liverpool fan what they wanted and they would have answered league. This is by far their best team for 3 decades.

02 Aug 2020 20:19:56
5 seasons ago the Wolves squad had players such as Nathan Byrne, James Henry, Jack Price, George Saville, Jed Wallace, Adam Le Fondre and Joe Mason.

Since Fosun took over, we've replaced these players with: Traore, Podence, Neves, Jota, Jimenez, Moutinho and Dendoncker. I'd say that's progress.

02 Aug 2020 23:28:59
Seems all the doom and I told you so gloomers are out, Wolves had another good season, much more than last.
You need to take In to account we are still in Europa, we finished seventh in league, if we took 50% of the balls decisions against us we would of finished in top 4.
Some people are only on here to annoy others, but us loyal fans know that this season again has been a big step forward in a bright looking future for Wolves and Nuno.

03 Aug 2020 00:35:58
Yes, Jas M. We have all those players and our squad is a match for any bar Liverpool and City but Nuno managed to get us down to seventh when we should have been third or fourth. Your post just clarifies the point that Nuno underachieved with the resources at his disposal and we know he won’t finish any higher next season.
Saying that, I believe we will be in the Champions League next season but it will be down to the support Nuno has around him rather than the man himself.

03 Aug 2020 09:29:11
E from Wombourn. I really think you need to complain directly to Fosun and emphasise how they are failing and broken their promise of european football and Premier League consistency within 10 years.

03 Aug 2020 12:37:05
EFW you do realise we did the double over City and we was screwed by VAR out of a win at Anfield too?

04 Aug 2020 00:34:07
That’s the whole point of my argument Rated. We are as good as anyone in the league and Nuno managed to get us into seventh when we should have been third or fourth.

04 Aug 2020 09:52:52
Good comment E from wombourn, we had a golden chance to get in champions league or even qualify for Europa again through League position, but like you say on our day we can beat anyone, with this in mind I wonder if we can get back to our best and with bit of luck for a change as in refereeing decisions win the Europa you never now.



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