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16 Sep 2019 18:20:07
Jas m can you clarify the ffp please I'm assuming you know the ins and outs of it. only every time anyone mentions spending money you start panicking. I've done a quick work out profit last season 127.5m. spent this season 80 m . profit from selling players cav Costa hause 30m that's an income of 157m so there's 25m in fosuns pockets for there investments that leaves around 50m. correct me if I'm wrong tho jas your the expert.

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16 Sep 2019 20:19:41
Loans aren't selling players coven.

16 Sep 2019 20:25:27
Coven, I'm not an expert like you keep suggesting. All I've done is gone on the UEFA site and read it. Basically, you can't spend more than you earn.

16 Sep 2019 20:37:01
So this is an idiots guide to FFP just for Coven.

Prize money, ticket sales, TV revenue, merchandise sales and player sales = incoming money.

So if that totals just for arguments sake £200m, that's how much we have to spend.

Over 3 seasons we can spend up to £39m over our income but that money must come from the owner of the clubs own fortune. If not, the club get fined like AC Milan this season.

We've just spent £80m on Jimenez, Dendoncker, Neto, Jordao and Cutrone.

Coven, please don't insist I'm being bug headed or know e everything about FFP, I just happen to have read the guide and understand it.

16 Sep 2019 21:35:17
I maybe a moron too, but I would imagine that other outgoings from the club like salaries for medical facilities/ personnel insurances security etc promotional signage etc all have to be weighed up against overall profit. Which pushes things a little more to the wire. The potential wages of 'big money' outlay must also be taken in to account. Buy a rolls Royce yes but then running it can bankrupt you.

17 Sep 2019 06:44:44
Jas can I ask a question what is bug headed? It’s in your last post .

17 Sep 2019 10:53:12
It's a mis-spelt word. Auto correct and me don't always get along.

17 Sep 2019 11:09:48
Coven, just for you.

Financial Fair Play

I told you it was out there. Now read, understand and stop having a go at me all the time.

17 Sep 2019 16:33:31
Thanks Jas you make all answers to questions so Simple and easy to understand.

17 Sep 2019 18:09:02
We can talk about FFP all we like. It has nothing to with that, Fosun don't have the money. Just been on the radio we are going to do a Birmingham City. Supporters need answers now to the direction the club are heading.

17 Sep 2019 19:25:44
What has been said on radio? I thought Fosun were in it for the long term, at least that's the impression I got from watching the Wolves in China documentary on Sky a few weeks ago.

18 Sep 2019 08:12:19
I believe Fosun are in it for the long term, that seems to be their Modus Operandi. A short term outfit would be selling now and making a tasty return. They are however an 'Investment' firm and will look to protect their capital input by getting much of their original outlay back quickly. Hence the sale of a 20% share in Wolves. Once that is done they will look to add more value here and in China, and that does require the team to be a top club. Revenues from China could be massive.

18 Sep 2019 08:34:40
Fosun don't have the money, get real only few weeks ago they invested in Thomas cook.

18 Sep 2019 10:40:02
Yes they have the money, but for other organisations.

19 Sep 2019 06:49:01
Fosun do have money, check their balance sheet. They have been minority investors in Thomas for a long while but now taken a controlling interest.



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