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07 Aug 2019 09:04:27
What happened to the rumours Peter Kenyon was comin in? Two days to go and I'm underwhelmed with the transfer activity to be honest. I thought we were lookin to go to the next level? With this squad and extra games we will be lucky to get 10th. Fosun seem to be buyin players with sell on value rather than getting players in who can get us in the top 6 now. Just my opinion.

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07 Aug 2019 09:20:06
Can't disagree PT but I still feel hopeful there's a couple more to arrive. We seem to have been linked all over the place with touted players. I hold with my trust in Nuno, but, I also worry that if he's not getting the support he needs he may become unsettled. That's very gloom laden of me to say when I'm honestly quite confident. Defender and midfielder to arrive by tomorrow night. 👍👍.

07 Aug 2019 09:55:43
Hope so abbywolf 🤞but I look upon Thellwell as Championship quality and needs upgrading and I believe Fosun will.

07 Aug 2019 10:01:11
Hi new on hear with a day to go for the transfer window to shut a bit concerned of our activities so far with Costa and Cav gone and with two coming in we still have a small squad with the extra game's that are coming but I can see two more coming in yet hopefully an attacking midfielder and another defender so I trust in Nuno to bring these in.
Come on you wolves 🐺.

07 Aug 2019 10:41:16
Must disagree with all the above. This transfer window has demonstrated a willingness to add to the first team squad, invest in the under23s and invest in the academy squad. This broad and forward looking approach strengthens the whole squad and looks to the future which is what Fosun are all about.
Nuno has been backed and also values the inclusion of youngsters.
Not many other prem teams have spent so much!

07 Aug 2019 11:22:50
We’ve lost Costa and Cav? Hopefully the positive is the new striker comin in? Apart from that we haven’t improved the startin 11? Unless we do business by 5pm Thursday the startin 11 for Sunday will be Patricio Jonny Bennett Coady Boly Doc Dendoncker Neves Moutinho Jota Jiminez? Nothing wrong with that team but no buys to improve it.

07 Aug 2019 11:55:16
I know what your saying Paul. I think the squad has been improved but not the 1st team which was strong enough. When you strip it down you've got to ask yourself: Hause or Vallejo and Mir or Cutrone. In relation to Cav and Costa, some fans were saying they weren't good enough last season especially Costa so now Nuno has listened and replaced him, the same fans are disgruntled about him being allowed to leave.

This is another win win season for us I think in that we are in Europe. If we get to the knockout stages of the Europa League and finish mid table in the PL Fosun will see where we need to add to push on to the next level. I can't see us fighting relegation like Burnley last season.

07 Aug 2019 12:23:12
We won’t be fighting relegation but we haven’t improved first 11? Still time? 🤞.

07 Aug 2019 13:00:29
Who would you buy Paul, that would improve the first team.

07 Aug 2019 13:19:24
Id of gone all out for Dias then either Rodriguez or Bruno Fernandes, they would def improve our startin 11 and make a statement to the rest of the league that we meant business.

07 Aug 2019 12:51:00
Agree with above callers. What are Fosun's ambitions?

07 Aug 2019 12:56:33
Pulled plug on Lemina-total penny pinching. Let's see what other option we can go for -then wait for Everton to sign them.

07 Aug 2019 13:45:40
We did well avoiding Lemina.

07 Aug 2019 13:55:26
Best way to break the spirit of the current squad and demoralise the youngsters is to buy expensive imports who have no investment in the club.
Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

07 Aug 2019 14:22:08
Fosuns ambitions.
Rui Patricio

07 Aug 2019 14:25:03
Paul Tamworth, keep in mind they couldn't win against bottom table teams with any consistency so getting different type players in may have improved the team against certain styles of play.

07 Aug 2019 15:24:45
We need a quality attackin mid who can break down defences. Obvious really.

07 Aug 2019 15:48:15
I’m sure that Nuno knows what positions he would like to strengthen and improve and I am happy to have confidence in his choices despite all the expert advice offered on here.

07 Aug 2019 16:28:04
Vallejo (once intergrated) is an improvement on Bennett. What we need is cover for Moutinho as he is the creative spark but coming up to 33. MGW is not up to that task just yet but given time will be. If possible, we should see if Adam Lallana would be available on a loan.

07 Aug 2019 17:28:39
He needs to get his arse into gear then lupinehowler as the window shuts tomorrow!

07 Aug 2019 18:37:50
Paul Tamworth, don't forget Nuno will be doing the negotiations from Armenia too.

07 Aug 2019 19:22:19
The attackin mid was the most important part to fill? Should of been done ages ago. Someone’s ballsed up unless Rodríguez or Fernandes turn up tomorrow.

07 Aug 2019 19:40:29
I’m sure that Nuno is taking heed of all your words of advice Paul and he will ignore his years of experience and advice from scouts etc. and change the way he addresses the transfer market in future.
Heaven knows how much more we could have achieved if we had someone different in charge.

07 Aug 2019 20:02:16
Ffs no one is sayin sack him! Just stating what most Wolves fans can see we’re missin! An ATTACKIN MIDFIELDER.

07 Aug 2019 20:22:11
And all that I am saying is that since Fosun and Nuno arrived we have been on a constant upward trajectory. I would understand frustration if we were failing but we are not. They have far better understanding of where the club is going and how quickly than anybody on this board. Just allow yourself to enjoy it.

07 Aug 2019 20:52:22
I do enjoy it but sometimes they need a little push in the right direction 👍.

07 Aug 2019 23:33:32
I think we can all agree we would of loved Dias and Fernandez, but realistically they were never going to come when they are both world class and will be looking at a top 4 team in the champions league. Nuno and the club know what they are doing and i'm sure they have been working night and day to get the right players in.

08 Aug 2019 06:42:24
Soumare and Olmo would be a perfect finish to the transfer business.



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